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Thursday, November 27, 2014


Over the past few years I've been on Facebook, I've met several people who claim they were friends of Michael's. Now, I've met the band, including Michael, but I never claimed to be a friend of their's. We never exchanged email addresses, or physical addresses, or phone numbers. All we do is basically say hello to each other when we meet. But that may be partly my fault, I'm not a big talker. Whether half these people are telling the truth about their alleged friendship with Michael, I will never know and it's not for me to say. I have friends who have met Michael and were friends of his, and have shown me pics and personal letters they got from him to prove it. They usually don't tout it all over the internet though. Now I understand why. When Robin Williams died, I told a group of people about how he and my stepfather were friends before he became famous. They made fun of me and almost laughed at me because they didn't believe a word of it. Which is understandable really. It's hard for the average person to believe another almost average person could make friends with such a big-name person as Robin Williams. Or Michael Hutchence for that matter. Well, one of my friends who knew Michael, is also a singer and performer from Japan. She met the band there and became friends of their's.

Well, one person said she was a friend of Michael's, and she was on the ***By My Side Forever*** group. LOL! Apparently she is not on any other group because she said the only mod she trusts is Roberta, the woman from Italy who said I was "trash" because I am not a fan of Princess Diana's and I told her the truth about her going crazy. LOL!! OK, so I'll be "trash". Roberta is loony. That's the woman who goes all over Facebook acting like a cat. I feel sorry for that person who said that she is the only mod she trusts. Very sorry. The By My Side Forever group was no fun. Friend of Michael's or not, it would not stop me from wanting to have fun! That's why I stay on the Michael Hutchence and His Life group. It's fun. The mods are fun, the people are fun. What can I say? I go and stay where the fun is! That's what my life is all about, having fun. I love the pics of INXS that get posted. Though some jackass posted a pic of INXS where the biggest thing in the picture was a fucking leopard! UGH!! I asked what the fuck has a leopard got to do with INXS??? Another person stated she thought it was a tiger. Of course a tiger would not have been any better to look at. I hate panthers of all kinds!! Tigers have no more to do with INXS, except maybe it could represent INXS's extinction. But I don't want to think of INXS going extinct. I love the fact that INXS are gaining new fans because of the movie.

There was one person who was on the MH and his Life group, I don't see her there anymore. I remember one person went to the By My Side group and complained because that person posted photoshopped pics of herself with Michael. I hope this person's feelings were not hurt by that. Though when I first saw one of her works, I have to say it bothered me she did that too. Because I thought they were real, legit pics of her with Michael. Had me fooled! LOL! But it's her way of having fun. Who am I to say someone can't have some harmless fun? She's not plagiarizing other fan's pics. So, no harm in what she's doing. I haven't seen this person on the group in a while, which is why I wonder if her feelings were hurt. I hope not. And I can't say much, I used to fantasize about photoshopping my picture into pics of Timmy. LOL! But since I've had a couple taken with him, I don't need to. I never had one taken with Michael though. For some reason though, that does not bother me. Not at all. I swear to GOD. It's enough for me that I got to kiss him. Don't even need to make peace or come to terms with it. It just never bothered me that I never got a pic taken with Michael. Really. LOL!! OK enough of that speech.

Another thing, people think just because I love and admire Michael, that I must be interested in his daughter Lily. Lily is a beautiful girl, and I am sure she's a nice person, and Michael is up in Heaven feeling very proud of her. But just because I love Michael does not mean I have to be a fan of Lily's. I don't pretend to. It's Michael I love. Not Lily. I don't know her. No reason I should love her or be interested in her in any way. LOL That's also why it did not hurt my feelings at all when Tina deleted me (and many other Hutch fans) from her Facebook friends. I don't care about Michael's family. It's him I was interested in. Not saying they may not be nice people. I'm just saying Michael is the focus of my attention. Not his family.

OK that was sheer honesty. Something I am famous for! LOL! But it's the truth. A lot of people abandoned ship from the MH and His Life group when Roberta started spreading her usual bullshit. Seemed every time I turned around she was saying someone was doing some kind of shit to her personally. What is she? 12 years old? She has to lash out at someone who has the same name as her, or has a better MH fan page than her? I think it's those 3 cats she has. I think they're destroying her brain. One person who I am almost positive that left, is that Marie Gonzales. I'm almost positive she left. She strikes me as being the kind of person who would abandon someone that everyone else turns against. A follower basically. She's a cat fag, in the truest sense of the phrase. Seems I had a run-in with her before. Trying to remember where though, and it was because I don't like cats. I had a run-in with her on this group as well because I don't like cats. That's what a cat-fag is, someone who argues with people who don't like cats. They think everyone has to like cats, like it's mandatory. Gary Beers I heard doesn't like cats. He likes birds. And I LOVE him for it!! I used to not think I would like Gary, but I do. I took to him right away when I met him. It was almost like love at first sight.
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