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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Most and Least Favorite INXS Song

I have a lot of most favorites among INXS songs, for many different reasons. I think I would have to say Kick would be my most favorite INXS song. Mostly because I used to consider it my life's theme song. When I used to go into the old INXS web chat room, I called myself Kick87 regularly. Unless I was feeling sad, or ashamed, then I would call myself KickMe. Or if I was pissed off, I called myself KickAss. LOL!! But in the lyrics, Michael sang "sometimes you kick--sometimes you get kicked", and that is so true!!! I am living proof of that! LOL! But the times I have gotten kicked have made me stronger. Today, I am proud of the person I am. Believe it or not. And I love Michael for writing those words!! I added that song to the story INXS Goes to Mount St. Helens, mostly because of when Michael sings "When the mountain moves away" while he is singing in front of the mountain, I think of him pointing back at it as he says that line.

Now, I love INXS, but there are a couple songs they wrote that makes me ask "Why did you write that?" I really do not like Never Tear Us Apart that much, because I think the music could have been better. But it's supposed to be a ballad. Some lines in the song I love, like when Michael sings "Don't have to tell you--- I love your precious heart." I always find myself answering him back saying something to the effect of "I love your precious heart too baby!" LOL!!! Another INXS song I don't care too much for is Baby Don't Cry. I dunno, it's so long and drawn out, the words are. Makes the song kinda suck! In the video, Michael has this python wrapped around him, and I don't think I ever seen him look so sexy as he does there!!! He even sings to the snake at one point!! The only animal in that video they should never have got was that stupid panther!! Ugly-ass thing!! It was a total eyesore!!! Ruined the video for me! Other than that, the rest of the animals were awesome!

One song by INXS that I used to not like, but now cannot get enough of, is This Time. I used to not like that song at all, and I would fast forward through it on the Greatest Hits video I have. Now, I love it! How I got to love the song is quite a story. It happened after I lost my cattle dog puppy, Hutchess. I was so distraught after losing her that I did not eat for 3 days! Well, the third day, I was feeling weak and so I needed to do something to cheer up. The one thing I knew I could count on to make me feel better was my INXS videos. So what I would do is just pop them into the VCR, rewind them all the way to the beginning and just let them run. I didn't want to forward through anything, no songs, no scenes, nothing. I just put the videos in and let them run all the way through. Well, when I got to the song This Time, I actually got to hear how cool it sounded, it actually made me head bop and my heart flutter. I loved the song after that day was over. Now, I even have it on my MP3 player. This whole story is mentioned in the story Hutchess: A Picture Diary, from 1998. And every time now that I hear that song, I think of this and it makes me smile.

Well, those are the stories of my best loved songs by INXS.
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