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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Old INXS Web Buddies

I miss the old INXS Web chatroom!! I really do! Some of my best and worst moments as an INXS fan were created in that chat room. Of course back then, I was a young, innocent, cute chick. Now, I'm a fucking ugly, bitchy old hag who hates people! LOL!! Although my partner, Jack, says I am still innocent. I just go through life leaving my footsteps in the sand. Nothing else. I may seem ignorant to some people, but I have fun! LOL!! It was a love for INXS, and my just learning a bit about the band, that made me want to join. I gotta tell you all, I miss all my old buds!! I also learned a lot while I was in there. Some people who came in were nice, some were not so nice. Some were just plain annoying! But looking back on it now, I gotta say the people who were just annoying, I'd look at them now and admire them! They spoke their mind, under no uncertain terms, even if what they had to say was not what other people wanted to hear. Shoot! I AM those people now!! LOL!! I speak my mind. I'm brutally honest too! I may have to step on some people's toes, but if the truth has to be told, I tell it. And another thing about me, at least I don't intentionally target one person just to be malicious. I'm not mcgillicutty!! LOL! I'm not being honest to hurt anyone's feelings or get someone in trouble. I'm doing it because I feel the truth needs to be told.

I remember the first time I went into that chat room, the first friend I made was someone who called herself ScarlettSlash, or sometimes Spider69. LOL! She had actually made friends with INXS back in their early rockstar days. Timmy gave her the nickname ScarlettSlash. Timmy never gave me a nickname! If he did, it'd probably be "the crazy one!" LOL!!!! Or something to that effect. But ScarlettSlash made friends with INXS mostly because of her little boy, which she named after Timmy. She was a devoted Timmy fan too! LOL! I used to have her among my Myspace friends for a while, then she deleted her account and went missing for a while. I remember she used to always get so angry with me in the chat room, but strangely, I never stopped liking her. She was just a likable person! And she was funny too. She always made me laugh every night. It was no wonder she had a lot of friends, even the men of INXS. She even told me Michael and Timmy would send her and her boy Christmas cards every year.

ScarlettSlash also had her own personal stalker, a guy who called himself BallsUp. BallsUp was in the chatroom, always bad-mouthing Michael. ScarlettSlash told me he was angry at Michael for killing himself. Back then I didn't understand that, and hated BallsUp for it! I hated hearing him say such horrible things about Michael. Now, it wouldn't make any difference to me. If you look back far enough in this blog, I was not a Michael fan back then myself. For more or less the same reason BallsUp was angry at him. But I was not angry at Michael. I just forced myself not to become a fan again, because remembering him was just too painful! Timmy to me, is just as good. I never had a pic taken with Michael, my friend wouldn't let me!! But I had one taken with Timmy, and to me, that is just wonderful!!! Doesn't even bother me that I never had one taken with Michael. Because it wasn't my fault!! LOL!!! At least I got to kiss him! hehehe!! But anyways, since seeing Never Tear Us Apart, I am a Michael fan again. To be perfectly honest, I think in a small way I always was, even in that period between 2005 and 2013. I mean, how could I not like Michael? He was a big part of my world. He made me feel good, at times when nothing else did. Just that remembering him was painful as heck!

So many interesting people went into that chat room every day, which is why I went in every day I could. I remember there was even a woman who came in named Jan. Incidentally, she was the one Michael wrote the song Jan's Song for. Good song, BTW!! But Jan would never talk to anyone else, but a very few people. ScarlettSlash was one of them. Then there was Kerry, who was her best friend. There was a story behind my meeting Kerry. I remember when I first met Kerry in the chatroom, I didn't like her because I thought she had a bad attitude. I asked her how long she'd been a fan of INXS, and her words were "I've been a fan since the beginning, simple simon". This is where I slipped. I did not know at that time, INXS had a song titled Simple Simon, so I thought Kerry was calling me Simple Simon. LOL!!! Yeah, I admit it!! I was na├»ve!! Again, I was just learning more about INXS at that time, so I didn't know! And I thought Kerry came into the chat room with an attitude. I messed up. Well, I remember one night after I had had a very bad day with my ma, I could not sleep, so I went into the chat room. Jan and Kerry were frolicking with each other in there. When Kerry left, before Jan, I said "thank GOD she's gone" and Jan turned on me like an angry Rottweiler!! LOL!

After Jan had words for me, and threw in some name-calling too, she left. Everyone was telling me I got Kerry all wrong, that she was really a nice person. Then I started to feel bad. Not just because I got Kerry wrong and Jan pissed off, but also because I was taking the anger I felt for my ma that day out on those people in the chat room, and I had no right to do that. Taught me a valuable lesson! From that night on, I never again would target other people just because I was mad at someone else. Not even on the internet. Well, I remember that night I had a long private chat with a woman who called herself Brat, and she told me how she'd met Jan and Kerry and both were wonderful people. Then I really felt bad!! It's one thing when I am brutally honest with people, and they hate me for it, I can handle that. But it's very different when I am hateful towards someone and it's just due to a misunderstanding on my part. I didn't like Kerry back then and it was all my own fault. And Jan hated my guts and it was all my own fault too. Well, the next time I saw Kerry and Jan, I apologized to them both for my mistake. My friends were right, Kerry was a VERY sweet person! She was a very good sport about it all. Jan, well, I could never tell anything with her. When she got pissed off at me, that was the most action I'd ever seen out of her in that chat room. But I did apologize for disrespecting her, and I meant it too!

I often wondered over the years if Kerry was the same person that Jon married? If so, I'd say Jon got a fine catch! hehehe!

Then there was the time I lost Hutchess. I went into that chat room, and all my friends were comforting me. I mean really, I was literally in tears that night after I lost Hutchess, going into that chat room. It was my friends there who were partially responsible for pulling me through that tough time in my life. Especially the woman who called herself JonsToy and her boyfriend, who called himself GeorgiaKnight. Let me tell you, after their hours of consoling me, I had a higher respect for them! Another friend, who called herself Winnie, also called me on the phone after Hutchess died. I was practically in tears when she called, but I was laughing again by the time our conversation was done. Some people during that time disappointed me, because I thought they were my friends, but it turned out they weren't. They were the ones who knew I was feeling down, but gave me no words of comfort. But they were few in numbers really, and I don't even really remember them. More than anything though, it was INXS and my friends in that chat room that pulled me through.

Strangely, after that night, Winnie changed. She was no longer very friendly. She seemed to have gone crazy. Soon after, she and another guy in the chatroom she had a crush on, whose name was Marcel, got into a fight. Marcel was a nice guy, and he actually made guitars for a living. He made the swordfish guitar that Timmy owns. That's a cool guitar too!!! I don't know what happened between him and Winnie!

Anyways, that was my life in the chatroom at INXS Web. I miss those days. Been years since I've been back to that chatroom, and now every time I go in, nobody is there. I do wish I could go in there and see those people one more time. It'd be so good!!
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