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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

RIP Dennis Farriss

Such sad news I've gotten tonight about Dennis Farriss, who is the father of Timmy, Jon and Andrew Farriss of INXS. I opened up my Facebook and the first thing I saw in my feed was someone who said "Such sad news tonight about Tim", and, believing I knew what was going to come next, I damn nearly had a heart attack and fell off this bed!! It was the way that person worded her announcement. It nearly scared me to death!! I thought she was going to say something terrible happened to my Timmy! I almost started crying!! I had tears already forming in my eyes! Then I read further in her sentence. I was relieved to learn nothing happened to my Timmy, but very sad to hear that his father has passed away. I still feel terrible. I can only imagine how Timmy, Andrew and Jon are now feeling. I want to take this opportunity to send my condolences to the three of them and their sister.

I always thank GOD that my parents are still alive and kicking. I know several people who are my age, or close to my age, whose parents are both dead. It's terrible. I cannot say I know how those people feel, but it must be terrible. Tim, Jon and Andrew are also very lucky they got to enjoy the company of their father this long as well. That's a good thing. May he rest in peace in Heaven now. And to his family left behind, Remember the good times you had with him. That's all I can say. Love you guys! My heart and my prayers are with you all.

Gee, and this is all happening so close to when the anniversary of Michael's death is about to happen. I can only imagine how these guys feel today. I want to send hugs to my favorite guys. Wish I could offer more comfort than that.
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