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Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Last Rehearsal

Well, today is Michael's day, the day we celebrate his life. I tell many tales about Michael, this time, I want to tell the truth. I loved that man! I spent many years as an INXS fan. My book reveals all! I am offering it for free to friends again, as a way of celebrating Michael's life. The story it's self has nothing to do with talking about Michael's life. It's all about how I became a fan of INXS and rock music. There is some speculation of my own in the story at the end, when I discuss what I think Michael was thinking the night he died. Of course no one really knows what went through his mind the night he died. All one can do is speculate. I gave my best guess about what I think might have happened. But keep in mind, all it is is a guess. Nothing more. I do not claim to know Michael personally. I am not his medium. All I can give is my personal guess. But I won't give the story away here.

I've also been hearing about insensitive people who have been posting vulgar pics of themselves making fun of Michael. I even heard today that Family Guy character, Stewie made fun of Michael by putting a belt around his neck and pretending to hang himself, and there was reference to Michael in that episode. What gives with that?? Why make fun of someone's misfortune??? I wish Michael had never done what he done! I wish that he was still here today. Because people are now associating suicide by hanging with Michael, even to the point of making fun of something like that. Now, I never liked Family Guy! Ever! I watched it once, and the first 5 minutes was too much for me! I thought the display of humor in that show was in very poor taste! I don't give a shit if it is meant to be just a comedy!! There are places the creators should draw the line!! Making a mockery of something as serious as depression and suicide should represent those boundaries that should never be crossed. Both these things are serious things!!

Well, today is his day, and unlike the day he was found dead in a hotel room in Sydney, it is dark and rainy. I've even seen some thunder and lightening. Almost as if Michael is saying to me "Yoo-hoo!! Here I am!!!" Well, I sees ya baby!! First thing I did when I opened my eyes this morning was to give him 54 big kisses. One for each year he would have been here. I could have given him 17, one for each year he's been gone, but I love him so much!! I'd choose kissing him more if I could! Plus I gave him a bonus smootch because I miss him so much! And for the past 10 years that I haven't thought much of him. I have to make up for that! I won't feel like a complete INXS fan without that! OK, everyone has their own ideas about what makes an INXS fan a "good" fan. Well, that's my own idea!

The most maddening thing about Michael being gone is his biggest fear came true. His own sister said Michael would have hated for Bob Geldof to get his baby girl, Lily. Several band members of INXS confirmed Michael had that fear too. Well guess what Michael! Bob got her!! Paula was unstable, but Michael thought she was Mother Teresa!! I guess he thought she would stick around and take care of Lily. If he could have only seen Paula for what she really was; a jackass, he maybe would not have done what he did. And Bob Geldof would not even let Michael's mother and sister see Lily. According to Tina, all Michael's mother wanted on her death bed was to see Lily one last time. I shook my head when she said that Bob said no. Doesn't surprise me at all!! Well, Bob got what he deserved for that!! He lost his own daughter this past year! That's the ultimate curse on him! And if he doesn't make peace with the remaining members of Michael's family, including INXS, Bob will continue to be cursed!! I just want him to know that!! That is why I predict his "Band Aid" deal will flop. Because he is cursed! You can't piss off an angel like Michael and expect to get off the hook that easily!!

Well anyway, here is what the title of this blog post refers to. This video was taken the day before Michael died. Its his last rehearsal, shot at ABC Studios in Sydney on November 21, 1997. Watching him on here brings tears to my eyes, because he actually looks so happy. Though there is one part of the rehearsal that is not in this video. But I have seen it. It's where Michael and Timmy have an exchange of angry words. It's almost funny because Michael storms off his chair shouting at Timmy, "Alright!! Whatever!!!" like an angry teenager. Then he gets right up in the camera and says "for Heaven's SAKE!!!!" LOL!! Its funny, but also sad at the same time, because for years Timmy couldn't shake off that he never got to reconcile with Michael. But Timmy is not at fault for what happened to Michael. It was Paula and Bob's doings completely!! Anyway, here's the video of the rehearsal:

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