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Tuesday, November 4, 2014


So I have decided to just go for it and change my nickname on Facebook! I now call myself "Dee TimmyHutchFan", because lately I have been eyeing Michael more than I have over the past 10 years. That'll give the dirty dozen mob something to talk about! LOL!!! Or, in their case, something to gripe about. LOL!!! Remember folks, I'm supposed to be "hiding" behind the nickname Dee Timmyfan. LOL! Personally, I barely call it "hiding" seeing as everyone by now knows who Timmyfan is. But that's the dirty dozen mob for you. Now, everyone will know who TimmyHutchFan is. I thought it was only fair to add Michael to my nickname, I am still very much a Timmy fan. But lately I have been looking at Michael like I did back in my early days as an INXS fan. Back in the early 90s I didn't even know Timmy's name. I only learned Michael's name. He was the only one really back then that I cared about. Though I always thought Timmy had the best set of buns in the band!! Him and his AWESOME ass!!! LOL!!! I love you Timmy!! But I didn't learn the names of the rest of the men until Michael died. Even though I did go see them live back in 1991. And I kissed Michael then too (LOL! Always have to add that!)

Well, this month is Michael's month. This is the month I celebrate his life. I love him so much!! Even when I wasn't a huge fan of his, I never did let this month go without celebrating Michael's life. Michael did so much in his life that I am so grateful I was there to enjoy it!! Some people were not so lucky. I mean really! Look at the role models around today. Nothing but a bunch of talentless nudniks like Justin Bieber and Jonas Brothers. IF the Jonas Brothers are still around. But all of today's musicians seemed to have done nothing but got their start on reality tv shows like X Factor and American Idol, or childish channels like the Disney Channel. And I am sorry, but I have ZERO respect for musicians who got their start that way. INXS got their start the way any good musicians should; seasoned and flavored by years of performing in front of real drunken music lovers in a bar who demanded good entertainment!

I am still miffed because someone said Michael was a cat!! YUK!!!! I can compare Michael to a lot of animals, but cats are NOT one of them!! I mean really! What have cats got? Saggy bellies. No buns. They can't sing. They can't dance. All they got is this dumb look constantly on their faces. When panthers do try to sing, they sound like a toilet flushing. So it kinda irks me that some people out there think Michael had a saggy belly, no buns, a stoned look constantly on his face, and could not sing. And they think when he did sing, he sounded like a toilet flushing. That's not how I see MY Michael. Michael had beautiful eyes, more like a lemur.

Michael had a cute smile, much like a dolphin.

Michael had cute buns, like a puppy dog.

And I LOVE his monkey-like poses!!!!

And Michael could sing very well, just like a bird.

And his moves were sexy, sensual, and graceful, like a slithering snake.

Ohh baby!!! That is how I see MY Michael. The Michael Hutchence we all know and love so well. He definitely does NOT have a saggy belly like a cat. He doesn't sing like a toilet flushing like a panther. And he definitely had buns. Unlike a cat or panther. Cat butts are UGLY!! Next to their saggy bellies, their butts are their ugliest features!! I know I said I love Siamese cats, but I would not have one unless I was absolutely desperate for a pet. So far, I've not been THAT desperate!! And even if I did have one, I would NEVER touch it's belly!! YUK!!!! IMO, that would be as gross and disgusting as someone sticking their bare hand in a pile of cat shit. Unlike Michael. If Michael Hutchence was alive and standing here right in front of me now, I would LOVE to touch his belly!!! And several other places too. hehehehe!!

Well anyways, this is his month. I've been thinking of offering the INXS Goes to Mount St. Helens story again for free to friends. I am working on the story now, trying to make it better, and make the drawings better too. I also want to offer my other INXS story "One Day In November..." to friends as well for free. But only on the 22nd. I am not trying to make money off these books, so I don't mind offering them for free. Not really fair of me to make money off of INXS. Even though I did do the drawings, and usually I would be compensated for that. But that is why I often offer these stories for free. Because I am not trying to make money off the backs of INXS. That is not right to me. I love these guys, I would NEVER do anything that is unfair to them. I just have to charge something on the site, because the platform I use charges me each time someone downloads a story. But for my INXS stories, my profit is very small.
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