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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Why I Love INXS Videos

Of course by now everyone knows INXS is my most favorite rock group out there. I don't like today's music hardly at all. I've heard a few good songs come out this day and age, but none are by Lady Gaga or Justin Timberlake, or any of today's most popular groups. And I have absolutely NO respect for any bands or singers that got their start on shows like X Factor or American Idol. I am the kind of person who says let bands grow the old fashioned way. The only reason I accepted JD is because of INXS, and they were already a seasoned band before Rockstar aired. Now, JD is all on his own, and I'm thinking "who's JD?" LOL! OK I do think JD is a great singer. And he was a nice guy when I met him. But face it, he had NONE of the sexual appeal Michael had. Michael was perfection.

Well, I was watching a video I got a long time ago on ebay, and it's Full Moon, Dirty Hearts, the Album Visual. I like it. I like that album. It's one of my favorites INXS ever made. And all the guys look good. Even Kirk. But don't ever tell him I said that!! But one thing I notice that is different between videos that INXS have done and other bands. Most other bands. When most other bands do videos, the videos center mostly around the lead singer. The only real time you ever see any other band members participating in the videos is when they are standing there playing their instruments. But in an INXS video, Timmy could be either playing the guitar, or tying Michael up to a chair, or sitting and messing around with a checkerboard. LOL! Either way, in the video he could be doing anything other than just his part in the band. He could also be acting in the video, doing a different part. That is what I love about INXS videos. Their videos give tasks for all the guys, not just Michael acting or singing. Makes them really seem like they are more than just a rock group. Makes them seem a lot like they are a whole band of brothers.

I love all my favorite guys in my favorite band! Well, I am working on Kirk. I mean, I don't hate him. But anyways, I love the guys in their own special way. I love Timmy because he is the best looking band member to me! He definitely has the best buns in the band!! Plus he is a funny guy. He does things in every interview that always makes me laugh!! Kirk is funny too, if nothing else, I gotta hand him that. He has made me laugh on occasion. Michael sings beautifully, and next to Timmy, is also a very handsome member of the band. Or he was. The trouble is Michael is no longer there. But Timmy is. I love Jon too, he's also very handsome! Not to mention when I met him he was a very kind, soulful, gentle man. He was a real pleasure to meet. I love Gary too. I didn't used to, because he was the plain member of the band. He's cute, but he was plain. But after meeting him, I gotta tell you, I took to him right away! There was something about him that I just shined up to instantly. I cannot put my finger on it. And Andrew, of all the band members of INXS, it was him that I loved meeting the most! He was very sweet and gentle. Definitely a big, cuddly teddy bear!! He did seem shy, but I can't say anything about that, as I am a very shy person myself.

I'd have to say, most of the band members of INXS are all very handsome in one way or another. The ugliest member in fact I would have to say is Kirk. Eh! He was OK during the FMDH era, but that's it. Not at any other time. Why I ever counted him as being anywhere near the top of my list of favorite band members I may never again understand!! But oh well! I was younger and stupid.

Ya know, I think Hobofart is back on YouTube, LOL! Except now, instead of attacking juggalos, he's going full time for INXSaries. And instead of calling himself anything like Hoboczarandco, now he calls himself Ficus Benjamina. I don't know. If this isn't him, it sure is someone who sounds exactly like him!! He keeps urging me to go kill myself, which I would never do, I wouldn't give him the satisfaction!! LOL!! Not to mention, he seems to get obsessed with harassing INXS fans. A lot like Hobofart with the juggalos, or like Catsredrum and the other delusional mods. I asked him last time he said I should go kill myself "because I want to", so he said, I asked him if he was Hobofart, because he sure sounded like him. It was the way he worded his sentence, made me think so much of Hobofart, it's not even funny! He has no videos or pics of himself. Of course one thing Hobofart always did that this Ficus Benjamina person hasn't done (yet) is call me fat names. Ya know, that's the difference between INXS fans and fans of other music, or anything else. I have NEVER heard or seen any INXSaries use that level of name-calling. Not even the not-so-friendly ones. Of course, most INXS fans now are over 25 years old. That could be why. But you sure don't see that kind of classiness in other groups of followers. For example, some of the worst people I've ever met were anime fanatics and video gamers. They ALWAYS call fat people names! And a lot of vegans and vegetarians, not all of them, but quite a large number of them always call fat people names. But I have yet to meet any INXSaries that are like that. That's good. Even from not-so-friendly INXS fans. Makes me very happy to be among other INXS fans. But me, I'm kindof the black sheep of INXS fanhood. LOL! Just the way I am!
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