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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How The Dirty Dozen Mob Attacks!

LOL!! I thought this would be an interesting post for anyone who has ever been attacked by the dirty dozen mob, which could be just about anyone who has been on any pet breeder forums and has disagreed with anything they do. Or has said they didn't like any of the members of their little clique. I've done both in my lifetime, and have never regretted any of it! No matter how hard they've hit me. LOL! I've proven to be the stronger person. And that just pisses them off!! LOL! Believe me, they have tried HARD to bring me down as much as they could! They mostly attack me with my own blog. They do so by telling people who I've mentioned on this blog, that I've been "slandering" them, hoping to get those people to come after me with lawsuits, or harm me in some way, or to try and shut me up. None of which has worked! People have threatened me with lawsuits many times. But I have seen enough of Judge Judy and People's Court to know lawsuits like that NEVER win!! They're just a waste of the judge's time. I used to be the same way a LONG time ago. I used to hear you could sue someone who has called you names and shit. But whenever someone presents a "slander" case in court, it's usually gotten thrown out. So, if someone "slanders" me, I just grin and bear it. Can't sue someone just for having an opinion. Not in my home country anyways. Not positive where the dirty dozen mob is from though.

Jupiter maybe? *shrugs* LOL!!

OK that was a joke! But anyways, I thought this would be good for anyone to know who inhabits pet forums that are frequented also by any of the dirty dozen mob. They should know anyways. So they know not to take any of these people seriously.

Now, I have no idea what they are calling themselves now, but most of them will never give out their real names. They don't mind shouting out the names of other people that they disrespect, but for them to give out the name of anyone from their little clique is sheer taboo. They do this for their own cowardice. They don't want you to know who they really are because they know everything they do, they can actually get sued for. Like posting another person's physical address and social security number (which I have heard they do), which is an invasion of privacy. They probably also have criminal backgrounds they don't want you to know about. I remember one time mcgillicutty said what I do is worse than what she does, then she posted my home address (at that time). I had to laugh at her statement, as I have never in my life posted ANYONE'S home address. I once posted that her name is really Sara Weiler, and she is from Everett, WA. But I never posted her house number, street she lives on or anything like that. Nor would I have wanted to do that. That's never been how I operate. I don't believe in attacking people I don't like by posting private information like that.

Mcgillicutty never told me who she was. I figured it out by process of elimination. I remember having several ideas of who she was. She kept saying she was a 50 something year old man, but none of her actions pointed to anything any 50-something year old man would do. Her actions did however reflect something a very disturbed teenager would do. Or a 20-something year old. She also said I gave her my address, which is something I rarely do with anyone. I even thought at one point mcgillicutty could be DonnaG. But as bad as DonnaG was, I don't think she was the type to post someone else's home address out of sheer spite. So eliminating her from the idea, and eliminating people I truly trusted from the list, the only person left was Sara. As I did give her a business card that had my name and address and phone number on it before she got pissed off at me. LOL! And she got angry at me because I said she was breeding poor quality Chihuahuas, and she was enabling a friend of her's to crossbreed Pomeranians with Chihuahuas to create more shelter-bound puppies. Sara bought from known backyard breeders and puppymillers, she only did health testing on her dogs after I told her it was the proper thing to do before breeding her dogs, and she was more interested in color than quality. She also poo-pooed the advice of show breeders.

First thing, before the dirty dozen mob attacks, they want to build up your confidence. This is how they work. They will be friendly to you. Don't fall for it! It's a smoke-screen. They want to make you feel good so they can manipulate you to turn against people they don't like. They want you to believe the person speaking against them is the evil one, and they are the innocent victims of that person's attack. Don't believe it! Chances are good the person attacking them has a damn good reason to do so.

Next they call the person attacking them a liar. Or they do all they can to point out mistakes that person makes, making it look like that person has no credibility. This is an old method! They're playing on the notion that most people will not get to know someone that everyone else is deeming a "liar" or a "hypocrite". Don't believe them. They are lousy judges of character. The dirty dozen mob themselves make fun of people who are disabled, and they are also racist bigots.

Next, they gang up on the person. One of their clique will attack someone about one thing, then another from their clique will attack the same person about something else. And this can go on and on for days!! They never tire! They started attacking me because I said I don't trust them, and I don't like them. And that was back in 2006. To my understanding, they are still attacking me, as I've seen their post about me on the Complaints Board.

That brings me to another method the dirty dozen mob uses. When they lose, they cry and weep. And instead of admitting defeat, they attack harder. Maybe even get more people to side with them. When this happens, don't let them get to you. I know that sounds corny, but this will help develop that strong skin you will need to work against them. They hate it when they are ignored and hated. So, use that as your weapon. I do! And it's worked!!

Believe me, they have pulled out the big guns against me! They have tried HARD to work against me. But I keep going, doing what I've always done. I don't let them run my internet existence. They will never shut me up. I'm a Google partner, I get paid every time anyone views this blog. I don't care if they direct people to this blog! So, they can kiss my cyber ass!!
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