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Sunday, January 18, 2015


Damn!! Will people ever learn to take a hint??? I DON'T like cats!!!! I don't want to see them posted on my Facebook timeline!!! I'm not playing around when I say that either! I think people think I am! I only like a handful of breeds of cats, it does not mean I am a cat person! I like Siamese, ragdolls, Burmese, tonkinese, exotic shorthairs, oriental shorthairs, british shorthairs, Persians (though I would never own one), devon rex, sphinx, and that is it. And I can't stand tabbies!! I am NOT a cat person!! People, stop thinking I am!! If you are going to post pics of animals on my Facebook timeline, post pics of animals I enjoy! Which is most animals, just NOT CATS!!!! I swear I am going to delete the next fool that posts another fat cat on my Facebook timeline!!

This morning one of my Facebook buddies posted 2 pics of damn cats on my timeline. This person rarely comments on anything. Most of the time, all she posts is these stickers that are now all the rage on Facebook. Usually I ignore any time I see she has posted a comment, because I know if I go to that thread and look, all I am going to see under her name is one of these stickers. But sometimes she posts pics of INXS, and usually they are pics I haven't seen before. But it's impossible to know when she does that. But today, she's posted 2 pics of cats on my Facebook timeline! I think she thinks I like cats. She was somehow misinformed! I don't know how! Probably because one time, and I do mean ONE time, I told someone her cats were cute! But they were Himalayan cats! Not just a random-bred gray tabby mongrel!!

I recently deleted someone, who I did like, from my Facebook buds, because she was boasting about how she felt so good seeing some sickly stray cats using some warm shelters she put up for them. I said "Thanks a lot for contributing to the extinction of birds and other small animals I like more than those diseased strays!" then I deleted her. That's the way I saw what she was doing. I'm a bird lover. Stray cats kill a lot of birds and small animals. If someone does something to help stray cats, I do get upset. I don't want nothing to do with those people! I think they are sick individuals who need to grow up and open their eyes to the damage stray cats are having on our environment. Strays don't need to be helped! They need to be eradicated! I was sick of her posts anyways. She claimed to be an INXS fan, but all she ever posted was some kind of shit regarding cats. She wasn't an INXS fan! She was a cat-fag! I'm not one to tell anyone what they can and cannot post on their own Facebook page, so I just deleted her, assuming we had nothing in common at all.

Speaking of cats, Roberta seems to be at it again! I swear that woman worries me!! When someone is crazy and admits it, it doesn't bother me. Its the people who are crazy and can't admit it (or don't seem to know it) that I begin to worry!! And Roberta won't admit it! I'm a crazy-ass bitch! I admit it! And I love it!! I'm supposed to be crazy, being an artist and a writer! But Roberta, she's like the dirty dozen mob! She's crazy, and either she doesn't know it, or she won't admit it. She created the By My Side page on Facebook, which is supposed to be devoted to INXS. Most of the time though, she runs it like it's her own personal war field. It's her page though. I just think she should change the subject from being about INXS to being more about her own personal vendettas. Every time she has a problem with someone on Facebook, she tells the people on her group to gang up on said person and tell them off, or join their page, don't post anything, and then leave their page.

The problem with people like Roberta, she's crazy and she doesn't know it. Most other people see it though that has had dealings with her. People with sense see it. But she doesn't see it, and her followers don't see it. It's very sad! She needs to grow up. I mean really! The woman goes all over Facebook acting like a cat!! You don't think that's strange?? If you don't then you must be crazy yourself! And I mean crazy on a level that is beyond me! What's even sadder is that she is not only an INXS fan, but also a Roxette fan. I used to be a Roxette fan too! She banned me from the By My Side group because I said I did not cry when I heard the news about Princess Di being killed in a car wreck. Well, I didn't! I'm not going to lie about that to please anyone. I just didn't! She was nothing to me! Well, possibly a distant cousin, but I didn't know her! I never followed any news stories about her when she was alive. I felt nothing when she had her 2 boys. I never felt anything when she and Charles were married, or when they broke up. Why should I feel anything for her when she died?? That wouldn't make sense. Michael was a fan of her's, but I never claimed to be. And just because INXS liked her a lot does not mean I have to! But I don't feel bad about being blocked from the By My Side group. Because it seems Roberta has made that group more about herself than about INXS. I'd have left eventually anyways. Things like that do get old awful fast!

I do have a lot of royal bloodlines from Europe, so it is possible Princess Di and I are related in some way. I just never met her. So she was nothing to me. Sometimes I wish our relatives never left Europe, I could be queen now!! If I was, I know who the first person would be that I would have executed by way of guillotine. The dirty dozen mob, beginning with that asshole mcgillicutty!! LOL! I'd love to see her head chopped off!! Not that there are any brains to be lost! LOL! Surprisingly, I'd spare Rhonda's life. She called me a stalking whale. To me, that is a compliment. Despite the fact I don't like her, she must love me an awful lot to give me a nickname like that! hehehe! Stalking whales RULE!!

Well, I know I've said this before many times, but I don't like cats!! Please people, DO NOT post anymore cat pics on my Facebook timeline, unless you WANT to get deleted!!

I deleted this person this afternoon. She did it again. Despite repeated requests to her NOT to post ANY cat pics on my Facebook wall. It's like everything I say to her goes in one ear and out the other. So I finally just deleted her. I promised the next person to post any cat pics on my wall will get deleted, and I will continue to keep this policy. There are too many other INXS fans out there that are cat fags. I am NOT one of them!! Post that shit on their wall. NOT mine!!! Any other animals I don't mind. But NO FELINES OF ANY KIND ARE ALLOWED ON MY WALL!!!
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