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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Speaking Your Mind

UGH!! Some people! I'm all for speaking your mind, and freedom of speech too. I practice it a lot. I also prefer people speak their mind with me. That's how I am. Truth is never kind though. But today, someone was banned from this group I am a regular in for calling Paula a whore. Or something like that. I don't know, I didn't see this person's comments. Well, said person also claimed to be a friend of Michael's. Why is it everyone who claims to be a friend of Michael's has to act like they think their shit doesn't stink!? That I will never understand. I know people who actually did know Michael, and none of them boast so loudly about it. Well, this person I truly think was lying when he said that. He said after Michael died, he was so upset by it, that he had to go into therapy. Yet, just before he was booted from the group, he said "Michael hung himself....bite that!"

Now, I may not be a friend of Michael's, but I know enough to know not to make fun of something like that in a group of people who truly do love Michael. I would NEVER say anything like that out of spite. No matter how angry I was. There have been times I've had to remind some Hutch fans that Michael is gone, but I never said "he's dead" out of spite or anger. I'm very careful about that. Well, I love Michael. I never would mock him, ever!! Anyways, his posts do not reflect the actions of someone who claims to be a close friend of Michael's. I've known many people who were friends with him, and have pics and/or personal letters from him to prove it. I know how some of them act. Not all, but some. Most of them act like asses who take life WAY too seriously for me! I like people who are fun-loving and playful. People who know how to make me laugh and smile. Not a stick-in-the-mud like most of the people who claim they are friends of Michael's. But I have NEVER heard any of them say anything to the effect of "he hung himself...bite that". That is plain disrespectful.

I will also admit I don't like Paula, not even a little bit. But I try to be careful and keep everything I say about Paula on a speculative level. That's all I can do, speculate. I didn't know Paula, I never asked her anything. So all I could do is speculate. But from what I've heard and read from reliable sources, nothing Paula ever did seemed very good. Look at some of the things I've read about Paula and see for yourself:

1. She had a plan to get Michael that she's been trying to put into affect since 1986.

2. She was still married to Bob when she had sex with Michael (which resulted in Lily).

3. Everywhere Michael and Paula went, they were hounded by photographers and tabloid journalists.

4. Paula would not take Lily to Sydney because she didn't want to "split up the girls". Even though Michael wanted to see his baby girl!!

5. Paula once said in an interview that if Michael ever left her, she would kill herself and Lily.

#1 all I can say is, Paula had to have been stalking Michael all that time. She was married to Bob Geldof, if she didn't want him, and instead wanted Michael, she shouldn't have married Bob! This also is tied to #3. I truly, honestly believe that Paula tipped off the photographers and tabloid journalists, which is how they knew where they were both going at all times. No one can make me believe otherwise. And why would Paula do that?? I have no clue! The only idea I can come up with as to why she would do that is because she wanted to tout Michael around like a trophy. It's either that or Paula was critically insane! Actually, I would bank on both! Well, Michael was NOT a trophy!! He was a person. He had feelings, wants and desires of any other person. And all he wanted was to be left alone. There were times it seemed Paula did not consider Michael's feelings at all.

#4 makes me madder than anything! And it's plain stupid! Michael, all he wanted was to see his baby girl that he was so proud of! But Paula would not let him see Lily because she didn't want to split up the girls. What would it have taken to leave the older girls with Bob Geldof and just take Lily on a flight to Sydney to see her father for just a few days?? Lily was a baby, she wouldn't have cared if Paula's other children were not with them! My ma used to take me on trips without my sis all the time! There were times my sis just couldn't come with us. So who would have been harmed if Paula had just took Lily and flew to Australia to see Michael for just a few days? It may have been the boost Michael would have needed to go on. But no! Paula decided she was going to just be selfish and hold Lily back in England, and not go see her father. Who knows why again? Maybe she did it just to make sure Michael would have come home to her, instead of going out with another woman.

#5 I'd say is pretty positive proof that Paula was critically insane. It also shows that she did not have Lily because she loved Michael. She didn't love him. Anyone who would say something like this, it proves she only had Lily to trap Michael. No other reason. It's no different than the bullies on the playground saying "You do as I say or I'll break your neck!" The only innocent pawn in this scenario is Michael. Yes, he got a baby out of the deal with Paula. But ANYONE could have had that baby with him. It does not make Paula special. Poor Michael though paid the ultimate price to have that baby! Paula caused him a lot of stress, heartache, he lost his dignity, his pride, he was bashed, humiliated, and ultimately he lost his life. I can't help but wonder if Michael had gotten together with any other girl and had a baby, would things have been different? Would he have suffered such tremendous pressures? Apparently he was getting tired of INXS, as I heard. Again, I am only speculating. But this is all why I hate Paula so much!
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