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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Talk Of Delusional!

LOL!!! Oh my GOD! And Catsredrum and her dipshit friends thought I was delusional! LOL! The dumbass dirty dozen mob too! But have they ever seen me say anything even similar to what this woman is saying?? Have they ever seen this woman's blog? I don't think I was EVER this bad! I mean really, I get embarrassed for this woman just reading some of the things she's written on her blog!! This woman, who calls herself Amy Lee (after the lead singer of Evanescence), claims to be the founder of the band Evanescence, and that the lead singer named herself after her! Where do these people come from??? I don't want to make fun, mind you, but I think this Amy Lee girl actually believes this shit she writes!

Here are some other excerpts from her blog, these are HER words! Not mine! And they don't appear to be real claims by the celebrities she is talking about.

"In 1988, someone I know gave me an ugly black sweater vest for Christmas. Not unlike many things I owned, the ugly sweater vest disappeared only to reappear on Kurt…"

"In the past, I have written about where Kurt came up with the idea for the artwork for the Nirvana album “In Utero”.  This being a fresco from the ruins of Pompeii, Italy in the Villa of Mysteries.  A picture of the fresco  graced the cover of a booklet I purchased at a Pompeii exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, Texas, in 1978 which Kurt found in my closet after we met."

"When I started working with Michael Jackson, he told me about Elvis being discovered by Alabama native Sam Phillips who founded Sun Records."

She's even attacked my Timmy, basically calling my favorite man a liar:

"This wasn’t lost on others, such as Michael Hutchence of INXS who decided to say the band was born on the day Elvis died and Tim Farriss using the same day as his public birthday."

"While working on ideas for the Stephen King book to film “The Dark Half”, naming a character George “STARK” using my last name for the character.  "

"Kurt Cobain often talked about The Stooges and Iggy Pop went on to record songs I wrote. This includes “The Passenger” which Michael Hutchence was not only present when I wrote it, but went on to record a fabulous version for the 1995 Batman Forever soundtrack."
 "The character name “Black Widow” was suggested for the title to a new song which I would write.  The song would be recorded with the artist I named Iggy and another artist I gave the stage name Rita Ora."

"This is when I started writing the song “White Wedding” with lyrics inspired by the song Little Sister written by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman and recorded by Elvis (1961).
It was during this time  I also made up the song “Girls, Girls, Girls”  recorded by  Mötley Crüe, borrowing the title from the 1962 Elvis film Girls! Girls! Girls!, named after the Coasters’ song."

"This is where I got the idea to name a group “WHAM!” who would record songs I made up."

"Hutch had already told me he was giving part of my writing credit for the INXS songs to Andrew Farriss, so I named another singer Andrew."

Listen to her! She claims all these famous groups sang songs that she made up, she claimed Michael Hutchence does not have a child named T. Lily, and he never had sex with Paula Yates. She claims she gave the stage names to these celebrities, she claims Steve Clark faked his death, She claims that Joe Elliott of Def Leppard even raped her when she was 15!! She makes all these claims that she is the inspiration to all these famous people and mega-hit movies, and she hides behind the phrase quoted by Napoleon "History is a set of lies that people have agreed upon". Oh great! Next thing you know little miss Amy Lee will be telling you in her blog that she gave that line to Napoleon herself! LOL!

Nah, I really shouldn't make fun. This isn't funny, it's sad! And a lot of these things she can get sued for! I would definitely look into that if I were Joe Elliott!! She accused him of raping a child! That is definitely grounds for getting sued! That is why I am embarrassed for her. She obviously thinks she is doing nothing wrong and that everything she says is right.

Now, I may have said that I love INXS, but I never claimed to be friends of theirs in any way. I may have called them "friends", but not to this degree. I've met INXS, but I don't claim to do the writing for them. I never said I had their email addresses (Catsredrum's claim). I never said I have their home addresses (again, Catsredrum's claim), I never said I had sex with the men of INXS (again, Catsredrum's claim), I never even said that I am the inspiration for any of their songs. The problem with Catsredrum, and people like her making claims about me, is she didn't know the kind of person she is talking about. And she got all her information from a much more delusional nit-wit! Namely DonnaG. But I am not the kind of person DonnaG made me out to be. It was a lot for me to even ask Timmy for a photo-op. I'm usually very shy and reserved. But I felt Timmy was harmless enough not to harm me, or make fun of me.

And yes, I listen to my instincts! Even when it comes to celebrities. If anything had even felt wrong with Timmy, I'd have stayed away from him. Every time I have ever let my guard down, whether the person I was seeing was famous or not, I've been hurt in the end. So, I listen to my instincts. But I would be lying if I said I wouldn't desire to have sex with Timmy. LOL! I just would not really do it. Or I wouldn't force it on him. It would also be nice if I inspired a song from INXS, but that is not likely to happen either. And I won't pretend it has! I am not like this Amy Lee person. If you want to check out her loony blog, here is the link: http://michaelhutchenceandme.wordpress.com/ But I must advise wearing hip boots before going in!
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