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Friday, January 30, 2015


LOL! I still do that, because I still love Timmy. Some people love it, some may not. Well to those who may not, tough nookies!! This is who I am. Lately every time anyone posts a pic of Timmy on Facebook I do this. I admit I get excited when I see Timmy and that makes me type his name like this. LOL! I remember when I was a "member" of that delusional mods forum, for the short time that I was in there, I typed Timmy's name with the multiple letters, and they HATED it!!! LOL!! But I only did it on there because I wanted to be banned. I didn't want my name even associated with their forum! I didn't even want it on the member's list! Some time later, I heard Catsredrum had wished I didn't go berserk. LOL! She would have wanted me to stick around in there. I saw that post and I thought "No way! I value my self-respect too much to allow them to use me as their punching bag!" The short time I was in there, I hated every second of it! They were so hateful and nasty! If I had stayed in there, I eventually would have become like them and I wouldn't like that. I would rather be friendly and give people a chance than be so quick to judge someone and hate them onsite because of any bad experiences I may have had with other fans.

Actually I really had no idea what their personal problems were. All I can do is speculate. Their forum went up immediately after I announced I wasn't friends with DonnaG anymore. DonnaG is a master manipulator. Vicki was one of those Donna had wrapped around her finger. Vicki announced that Catsredrum and Netrage were friends of her's. Catsredrum and Netrage were also the administrators of the delusional mods forum, and I was their main "prey". Vicki (I believe) also went in there the same time I did under the moniker "incognito" to tease and harass me as an INXS fan. She had never had a problem with me before I announced I didn't like DonnaG anymore. Put 2 and 2 together, and it all comes together. Their forum was only propped up because I announced I didn't like DonnaG. This led me to the notion that she was behind the creation of that forum. Who knows why? I believe to get back at me for being so pissed off at her for kissing Jon and Timmy when she had a cold and making them sick for the rest of their tour. It even spread to JD too.

Well, DonnaG is a disrespectful fan. She's one of those kinds of fans I don't like because she gives decent fans a bad name! She kissed Jon. I never kissed Timmy! I never wanted to! As much as I love Timmy, that's a line you just don't cross!! If I were prettier and had fans I wouldn't want someone I never met grabbing me and kissing me in the mouth! I tell everyone I kissed Michael, but I didn't do it in his mouth! And I was a teenager then. Teenagers are often crazy with their favorite celebs. Though I admit I did feel like a teenager when I saw Timmy in Seattle in 2006, but I maintained my dignity, and his too. I respected his space. I didn't kiss him or touch him in a way that was inappropriate (which is what Catsredrum claims I did, even though she wasn't there).

I admit I wasn't with DonnaG when she kissed Timmy and Jon, and I never once claimed to be. Everything I know, I got from her own story, which she told in her own words. And I know DonnaG too, which she seems to have forgotten when she griped to my sis "She wasn't even there!!" I know Donna had been trying to get her hands in Jon's pants since we went to LA together (again, those were her words, not mine). That was her goal then. If I retold her story wrong, then there was something wrong in the way Donna told her story. So if the delusional mods were pissed because I didn't like DonnaG anymore, they were attacking the wrong person. They should have attacked DonnaG for telling her story the wrong way. But Donna was about the only fan I've never seen the delusional fans forum attack. This is another clear indication that they set up that forum for her. And everything they were against is everything DonnaG is. Not me. I may be crazy, but I know what the boundaries are with Timmy and the rest of the guys of INXS. And I have never crossed those boundaries. And NO ONE can ever honestly say I have!

The reason this still makes me mad is because I recently heard that rockstars do not let their fans come near them anymore, and security is tighter now than it was before. I remember how approachable INXS always was! They used to love their fans. It was always easy for the fans to meet the guys, even if there wasn't an official meet and greet. This was a good thing for me, because being near Timmy, he just oozed awesomeness!! I'm positive Michael did too, if I'd only remember what it was like being near him!! But I was a teenager then, and already Roxette was jousting ahead of INXS as my most favorite rock band! So you might say I wasted that concert the whole time I was there, wishing it was Roxette I was seeing instead of INXS. Being young, na├»ve and stupid, I had no idea back then how much of an impact Michael would have on my life! I also did not think that soon I would throw away my life as a fan of Roxette. I dunno. I still like their songs though. I've even heard Per Gessle has gone solo, and I've heard some of his music.

Anyway I heard the reason rockstars do not let fans get near them anymore is because of the fanatics. The radicals! I hate radicals! Even INXS, toward the end of their career, became unapproachable. And I truly believe it is because of the delusional mods forum! I happen to know some of the people who were on their member's list were close friends with the band, and may have told them some of the bullshit that the delusional mods were saying, and the guys actually believed it! I know there are some totally loony fans out there, and it is better to be paranoid than dead, but none of the people they attacked on the delusional mods forum were like that! Most INXS fans I've met have been good people. I've never had an INXS fan make fun of me, calling me fat names. Not yet anyways. Well, Catsredrum did once, but I don't think she was a true INXS fan. I think she was more a JD fan. I've met many more dog show breeders in their 40s, 50s and 60s who were much more disrespectful than any INXS fans I've ever met, and had NONE of the finesse INXS fans have! I think that's because Michael was always all about peace and love. Show breeders are all about who has the best lines and who can win the most purple ribbons, and who shows their dogs and who doesn't, and they want to shit on those who haven't been showing their dogs as long as they have!

I know I would never harm any of the band members of INXS. But I can understand the concern, because of what happened to John Lennon. Nobody wants something like that to happen again. I am not the kind of fan though that would seek out Timmy's house and stand outside it, waiting for him to come out! I may not like Kirk very much anymore, but I would NEVER do anything to hurt him! In fact, I am still working on forgiving him. I hope to have that completed by spring time. He doesn't even have to be present for me to do that. I will work on it, and I intend to fully forgive him before my own time on this Earth is over. I want to be able to say I love all my guys, and actually mean it! though some would say 5 out of 6 isn't bad, but not for me. I want to be able to say I love 6 out of 6 of these guys. I'll just have to try and remember next time I meet Kirk to not even try to be nice to him. That is, don't say hello, don't smile at him, don't even look at him.
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