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Thursday, February 12, 2015

I Want to See Michael!!

Well, yesterday on this group I am in I got into a little bit of a battle. Well, sort of! I gave my opinion on Paula. That's all I ever seem to see on that group anymore. Now, I have nothing personal against most of the people in there, but this new person, who keeps posting pics of nothing but Paula, I'm not so sure! I looked on her page, and she even likes Bob Geldof. I think this is a she! For the sake of this story, I'll say it is. Then on the group, she says how much she hates Bob Geldof. When I saw she wrote that, I wanted to say "You have him among your likes! How can you say you hate him?" If I can't stand someone, I wouldn't have them in my likes on Facebook! I can't even stand the sight of Bob Geldof! I don't want him in my likes!!! When I saw she liked him, I said "uh-uh! No way! This person is not my type!" Personally, I don't care if she likes him or hates him, but if she does like him, she's not someone I should be associating with. So, I don't really care to make friends with this person. She also seems to be one of Paula's little fags. Definitely not my kind of friend. She rarely, if ever, posts any pics of Michael or INXS. When she does, it's always a pic of Michael with Paula. I don't go in this group to see blown-up pictures of Paula's ugly mug!! I go there to see INXS!! If I wanted to see Paula, I'd join the Paula page! But I am not because I don't even like Paula. Not even the slightest bit! I'm thinking of starting to post pics of Timmy on the group to kindof counterbalance the outpouring of Paula pics.

Well, yesterday it got kindof heated. It happens with me! Well, I didn't lose my temper, the others lost it with me because I said Paula is ugly. Even as a kid, she was ugly!! I just don't like Paula at all! It's not even just because she's ugly. That's just extra gravy. Shoot! I can't hate someone just because they are ugly, I'm not very attractive myself! I hate Paula because she ruined Michael. According to what Christina said in that interview that I posted on my last post in this blog, Paula loved drama. I realize everyone loves drama, to a certain degree. But Paula would tip off the press where she and Michael would be going and what they would be doing, then she would cry fowl because they would go into a restaurant and be surrounded and hounded by photographers and journalists. Its almost like she seemed to enjoy getting Michael riled up. That's what I got out of that story. And it broke Michael as a person. Well, the mods asked me to tone down the insults on Paula. It's their group, so I have to respect that!! I said if they want me to tone it down then I will. But I may need to bite my tongue every now and then! Maybe posting the Timmy pics will aid in that. LOL! I've never been known for keeping my mouth shut about my opinions, but I also respect the fact that this is not my group. It's their's. So, I have to behave when I am in there. But they cannot stop me from posting about Paula on this blog! I'll keep my mouth shut on the group, but not on here. Sorry guys!!

As for what Lily would feel about my comments about Paula. I really don't care! I say, let her hear the truth about what her mom did to her dad!! It'll be good for her! Who knows what kind of malarkey Bob Geldof fed her all those years about her father!? Bob hated Michael, which is fine! Makes me love Michael all the more! Well hell, I love Michael anyways! With him, it was love at first sight with me! I couldn't love him any more or less than that!! But that is why I join these groups, to see Michael. Not Paula. I don't give two shits about Paula!! Never did, never will. But I am a woman of my word, and I will keep my mouth shut about it from now on in the group, with a little help from Timmy!! You all know how I am.
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