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Friday, February 27, 2015

RIP Maggie Hill

You won't ever believe this. Remember back in Port Angeles, I wrote about Seattle Pets? Well, I recently found out Maggie Hill, who was the owner of Seattle Pets in Shoreline, WA has now passed away. Well, sorry as I am for her husband (after all, he never did anything to us), I cannot say I truly feel bad for what happened to Maggie. She was an evil person! I know I haven't seen ads for Seattle Pets in a couple years, but I have no idea when Maggie really passed away. Not sure what to think really! She was old and she was a cruel person, pushy and bossy and just plain mean. Well, she is burning in Hell now. Now she will know what true evil and fire feels like. The pet shop has been closed since January this year, so she must have passed away around then. Or pretty close to then. Well, like I said, my heart doesn't bleed purple peanut butter for her. She's in hell now, where she belongs.

Well, upon looking for her obituary, I noticed a site that also spoke of another puppymiller I met around the same time, whose name was Renee Roske. She ran a puppy breeding operation from her home that she called Wags n' Wiggles. I almost bought a puppy from her once, back in 2001. But something about her made me very uneasy. I did NOT like Renee when I met her! She barely talked, and seemed to have a forced smile on her face. She just did not seem to be very friendly at all. And being near her made me feel so uncomfortable. But she brought out a puppy and it was a nice puppy, at 2 weeks old. It wasn't ready to come home with me, but I thought it still looked like a nice pup. Renee also showed me the parents of the pup and they looked nice too. So, I put a $150 deposit down. But ever since the money went from my hands to her's, I completely felt like I was going to regret it! Call it an intuition, but I just felt so uneasy. I never went back. Forget about the pup, and I didn't care that I lost money. I just didn't want to go back there.

While I was there, I tried to hold a conversation with Renee, but it was not easy. Every sentence from her mouth just seemed to be forced. Like she didn't really want to say anything. To this day, I wonder if she was bipolar? And it wasn't just that she seemed so unfriendly that raised the red flags. She would not let us into her house. She also had a friend visiting that evening while we were there, and even that friend was not allowed in her house. That has always made me suspicious! Ever since I was a kid! I remember I had a couple friends after we moved to this one neighborhood, whose parents would not let me come into their house, not even for a minute. I always thought that was suspicious. But I come to find out later on the reason they would not let me come into their house was because my ma was friends with a woman named Mrs. Jones. And those parents hated Mrs. Jones! I liked her though! She was always nice to me and my family, and I was good friends with her grandsons. Those parents most likely just hated Mrs. Jones because she was African-American. I am the last to ever play the race card, but we're talking about deep woods rednecks here!! The most bigoted people there is on the planet! And that is what these parents were.

Anyways, another thing about Renee that made me uneasy was she was letting her dogs breed randomly to other breeds. While I was there, in fact as I was just leaving her place, I witnessed a pom mating with a schnauzer, and Renee didn't seem to care. So, that could mean the pup I was getting would not be the breed she was promising me. It could have been a mutt that just looked like the breed I thought it was. Not good!! Then tonight, I found these comments, all about Renee's business. Check out this site! http://www.citysearch.com/profile/37537077/snohomish_wa/wags_wiggles_teacups.html

These people say she is a confirmed puppymiller, that her dogs are kept in wire cages, stacked on top of one another, that they are drugged, that she hires small children to work for her and mentally and verbally abuses them, and that she barely feeds her animals, and when the animals are too old, or worn out, to breed she kills them and stores their bodies in a freezer in her home, and more! I saw that and I was like "Wow!!" One person even went so far as to say she's a sociopath. Now that one I would believe! I thought she was odd when I met her!

The funny thing about this, back in early 2005, just before Sara Weiler went crazy, she and I got into a little disagreement about Renee Roske. It was one of the reasons Sara went crazy on me. I told her Renee was a puppymiller and that soon she will be figured out, exposed, and will no longer have anymore customers to sell to. Well, Sara didn't want to believe me. She totally believed Renee was a good breeder and on the level and I told her "You just wait and see!" My instincts are very rarely wrong! Sure enough, reading some of the comments made on that page, looks like I was right, and Sara was once again WRONG!! LOL! Sara's problem was she did not handle criticism very well, and didn't listen when anyone told her something she was doing was wrong. So, she just kept doing the wrong thing anyways. That is why she'll never succeed in anything. With her ears and eyes closed, and not willing to get educated in any ways, she's going to be a failure in everything she does. She probably still buys from puppymills and backyard breeders. I wouldn't be surprised if she does! She probably would even refuse to read the comments on this site I linked here. But that is OK! As long as I know I am right. That's all I care about now! LOL!
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