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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Timmy Needs Prayers

In the midst of everything in my household looking up, I just got a new easy chair and a bed, and I was finally happy there for a while, with hopes of getting more furniture soon. But tonight I got struck with some very sad news. Timmy is in the hospital! Basically he is OK, but he had a bad accident that nearly tore off one of his hands. He's been stitched up, but may have to go through lots of physical therapy in order to regain the use of his hand again. He was involved in a boating accident. I love that man so much! More than life it's self. He means the world to me! This news just breaks my heart to pieces! The doctors are now saying he will never play guitar again. I know that is his passion. I hope this doesn't get him down. I want Timmy to know I am saying many prayers for him through my own tears. I sure hope he will be OK. I hope after his physical therapy he will be able to learn to pluck at his guitar again. I would so hate for him to lose that ability!

The band has been having some bad luck lately. I wonder if Michael is offended by what they did with the INXS movie last year? But first Timmy's father dies, then the bad publicity Garry got from his daughter, and now Timmy almost loses his hand in a boating accident. Is Michael up there angry at the band? I wonder. INXS should be celebrating their "reemergence". They should be rejoicing at their new found popularity. Instead, they've been having a run of bad luck. I can't imagine what is going to be next. I hope these guys will be OK.
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