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Sunday, March 15, 2015

An Apology to Michael

I love Michael, I would never do anything to hurt or offend him. I know he's not in this world and cannot read this, but I feel compelled to write out an apology to him, as well as to Lily (no, I don't think she's looking in either). I'm basically just doing this because I want to go on with a clean conscience. The other day I read something someone posted in a group I am in. It was an excerpt from a book by a woman named Belinda, who wrote about Paula and Michael. Now, don't get me wrong, I still don't like Paula, and still feel she was not right for Michael. But for years, on here and elsewhere, I've been saying that Paula had Lily to trap Michael. Sometimes sluts do that, and Paula was obsessed with Michael, everyone around her knew that. Apparently even Paula herself admitted that.

Well, according to Belinda, Michael signed an affidavit that stated it was not Paula's idea to have Lily, and he did not want the press to write things like that and have Lily growing up believing them. Michael stated in his testimony that NOBODY wanted that baby more than he did! This made me think of something that Christina (Michael's sister) wrote on another website where she said something to the effect of he used to watch her kids growing up and he had a look in his eye that showed he really wanted to have kids of his own. Even though his mouth would say different. LOL! Michael was a complex person, I always knew that. But I thought for years Paula had Lily just to trap Michael. I have a hard time believing Paula had fertility issues, and had to see a fertility expert before having Lily. But if it is indeed true that nobody wanted Lily more than Michael did, then I owe him an apology. Sorry Michael! Luv ya baby!

I still don't like Paula. I truly believe she did something to Michael. Michael was miserable the whole time he was with Paula. I know the tabloids may have had a hand in pushing Michael over the edge, but from what I heard from reliable sources, Paula would tip off the press to where they were going and what they would be doing. She loved drama, and I think she just liked parading Michael around like a trophy. I truly believe that! I could also blame the accident he had in 1992 for his downward spiral. But he was with Helena for several years after that accident and even then he still looked happier than he ever did with Paula! So that is why I will always hate Paula.

I'm not saying Paula is stupid!! I'm not mcgillicutty! I don't say someone is stupid just because I don't like them, or I don't agree with them. No, I think Paula was very intelligent! Like a fox!! She was smart enough to trap Michael in her web!
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