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Monday, March 16, 2015

Average Day on the Internet

Yep, just an average day on the internet! LOL! I woke up, looked at my emails, went to Facebook and that is where it got started. The manager of the MH Fan page is not happy about the things said by a person that I am still friends with, but because I am still friends with her and "liked" the post she wrote about the page, now the manager thinks I shouldn't be on that page. Let me start off the rest of this by saying I have nothing against the manager or this friend. I am still friends with this person, and still on the fan page (as far as I know, LOL!) I did a little playing devil's advocate though. This friend's complaint was mostly that the page seems to have become more about Paula than Michael. Well, I admit the page is supposed to be about Michael's LIFE. That's what the title of the page is. And yes, Paula was a part of Michael's life. But there seems to be an imbalance. At least for a while there was. More posts were going up about Paula than Michael. Even I was beginning to question whether I was on the right page or not. I am still on the group, for now anyways. Anyway, I can honestly say I have nothing against the group myself.

Well, then the manager was angry because I clicked "like" on that person's post about the group. I told the manager it's not my job to tell someone they have to stay when they are just not happy on the group. That's not my business. My duty as a friend is to stand by this friend, in whatever choice they make. Even if I don't agree with it, I am still her friend. I'm not saying I don't agree with this person's choice to leave the group, but I have a lot of friends that I don't agree 100% with. I'm still their friend. When I like someone, I am very loyal! As long as they are not bringing harm to any person or any animal. So far none of my friends have done that. Not that I know of. hehehe!

Then this other member of the group, Karin, posts a pic of Aiden Turner on the MH fan group. I'm sick of seeing that guy!! I can't stand him! And he has NOTHING to do with Michael!!! He should not be posted on a group that is supposed to be only about Michael Hutchence and HIS life! Yes, I feel people who like him are putting him in my face! Like I said, Aiden has nothing to do with Michael. He was not part of Michael's life. So in a sense it feels like she's putting him in my face!! What she doesn't understand is that the more people try to put something in my face that I've already stated I don't like, the more I'm going to hate that thing!! Karin, ironically is the same person who takes pics of Michael and photoshops her own face in them. Well, I remember on another group, someone stated they hated it when she did that. I admit I did in the beginning. But that's how she has her fun! Who am I to say she cannot? As long as she hasn't plagiarized another fan's pic, and so far she hasn't.

Well, over the past week, I've had friends tagging me in posts showing off Aiden Turner, and trying to get me to see him the same way I see Michael and Timmy. I just got sick of him!! I think he's ugly. I groaned "Don't tell me we're going to bring this shit here again!" Well, Karin said that I have bad taste in men, that my comment was overstated, and she claimed her right to post "that shit" anywhere she wants to. I say, that's what her Facebook wall is for. Not a group about Michael and HIS LIFE. There must be a group somewhere on Facebook devoted to Aiden Turner. Go there and post his pic! I don't go to this group to see Aiden Turner!! I go to see Michael and INXS!! Karin also stated she doesn't care what I say. I told her maybe she is the one with bad taste in men as far as I'm concerned. Then I added, "If you're going to post his pic, I'm going to comment!" She argued "That's a shame for you Dee. I have excellent taste in men." Bullshit! How old is she? 45? She's ogling a man half her age? Sounds messed up to me. Well, she doesn't need to agree with me, or even care what I say, just know that if she's going to post a pic of someone on a group about Michael that has nothing to do with him, I'm going to comment. I also reminded her that I think her taste in men still sucks! At least when it comes to Aiden Turner.

Well, at least she likes Michael. I may have even been in something of a bad mood. Looking at Aiden Turner always puts me in a bad mood! And the fact it's finally sunny out and I can't go walking makes the mood worse for me! UGH!! I shouldn't care what Karin says either, and really, I don't. She and I haven't been getting along lately. LOL! I think it's either jealousy on her part because I actually got to kiss Michael in real life and all she has is photoshopped pictures she makes of herself kissing him. Some fans are like that! Or perhaps she found out I am not as big a cat-lover as she hoped I was. But that's OK. We were never friends outside the group. And if she's like this, then I say she needs to grow up. Perhaps she is just not the kind of person I should have for a friend. I'm loyal to my friends, but I can also take a person or leave them, doesn't matter. But I swear if I see another post about Aiden Turner on that group, I will leave!!

Then on YouTube, someone named Brent Lowe is making love to the sight of lions killing hyenas. Personally, I don't like hyenas or lions. Though I hate lions even more. I like the reply this guy AlexDraco gave him. He said "Let's have a blood orgy and get all orgasmic to the sight of animals killing one another shall we?" hehehehe!! He gave it to him!! That's one of the best replies I've ever seen!! Of course I know he was being sarcastic to a stupid person who wants to make love to a lion. I would not normally think getting all orgasmic to the sight of animals killing one another is funny. But the way AlexDraco put it, just made me chuckle!! I loved that reply!! It's one of the funniest I've ever seen on YouTube!! WTG Alex!!!

Yup, just another typical day on the internet.

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