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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dreams of INXS

I know INXS are retired now, but sometimes I still have dreams about them. Just because. I've never been shy about sharing my dreams about Michael and INXS, even though some people may interpret them as being psycho ramblings-on from an obsessed fan. LOL! Nah really! Who sees fan dreams as being anything leading to obsession? The only people I know who have ever taken these dreams so seriously is the delusional mods. Thus also the dirty dozen mob, since they decided to copy the shit the delusional mods did. I remember once I wrote about my story INXS Goes to Mount St. Helens I think it was on the old INXS.com blogs. Well, Catsredrum caught wind of that and said she counted about 5 "distinct personalities" in that post. Then she added "WTF is up with the storyline?" The thing about that is this is a fictional story. It's always been a fictional story. It's not meant to portray the true personalities of the original guys of INXS. And I added some characters of my own to the story. Those could be the 5 "distinct personalities" Catsredrum thought she saw. I couldn't just build a story only around the guys of INXS. It had to contain some characters of my own. But only Catsredrum and her dipshit friends would think something like that. I think the 5 personalities she thought she saw in my description of the story were 5 distinct personalities she has in her own head. If indeed her brain is big enough to house 5 different people.

Anyways, Catsredrum must be the absolute stupidest person on the face of the planet! She read some excerpts from my old MSN blog about some dreams I had about INXS and said pretty much the same thing (no wonder her banter got so old so fast!) I remember after her gripe about my INXS/St. Helens story, I replied on my Myspace blog to her saying something like "Hold on to your patooties, it's just a story! It's not supposed to be based on their real personalities!" Actually, I have no idea what made Catsredrum think my story represented 5 different personalities! Like I said though, must have been frustration on her part because she has them in her own head. I never take fictional stories seriously. I sure never take dreams about INXS seriously. To me, they are just sources of harmless fun. Anybody who would take any dreams someone describes about these guys seriously has got to be stupid! I understand all dreams have hidden messages, and could very well represent an inner desire we may not know about in the outside world, but most INXS dreams I've had at least have been nothing but harmless fun.

I have rarely dreamed about Michael. Really! Until quite recently, after I saw the movie Never Tear Us Apart. But I have had him pop up in dreams I've had over the years. Back in 2002, one dream I had with the guys inspired the home repair scene in the INXS/St. Helens story. And back in 2008, Duran Duran did a home repair show that aired on the DIY Network. How eerie is that??? Duran Duran is often associated with INXS, and were good friends of the band. In 2005, after I came home from the taping of Rockstar: INXS in LA, I was so elated with seeing Timmy so close to me, that I had a dream I was lying naked in my bed and he was lying next to me. We began kissing. In the background, throughout the dream, I heard light piano music. In 2005, I rarely dreamed of Michael. Only once. It was close to Christmas time, and I dreamed INXS were on stage singing. The one song I clearly remember Michael singing was Feliz Navidad. In Michael's voice, it sounded so good! Timmy and Kirk were playing guitars, Jon was playing the conga drums, Andrew was playing maracas, Gary had this huge bass fiddle he was plucking, and there was a mariachi band in the background playing the rhythm. To this day, every time I hear that song at Christmas time, I think of that dream I had with INXS doing that song!

The funny thing about that, I recently heard Michael is half Spanish. Just like me! I wonder what kind of Spanish though. Is it Basque? Mexican? Puerto Rican? Portuguese? I recently found out my father's mother (my grandma on his side) is Basque. Michael also had Irish and English in his background, just like me. LOL! His mama was a Kennedy. There's quite a few Kennedys in my background too, all of whom lived in Ireland. Not that I think Michael and I are related, my ma has no Spanish whatsoever in her background. Just a coincidence I think. I think I kinda always knew Michael was a Hispanic. When someone has lived with Hispanics all their life, as I have, you can spot another without coaxing! I also always heard that most women usually fall in love with men who remind them of their fathers. Such was the case with Michael. I fell in love with him on first sight. That could have also been attributed to the Spanish influence. I also have a lot of pictures where you can actually see Hispanic features in Michael's face! I should post some of those on here. Plus the fact he has curly hair. A lot of basque people do.

Anyways, my most recent dream with Michael was just less than a week ago. I dreamed I was in a field, and just sitting in the grass. The grass was lush and green. I was just sitting there, and suddenly I look up and Michael is standing over me. He doesn't say anything, neither one of us speak in this dream. But when I looked at him, he looked down at me and smiled. I tried to get up to give him a kiss, but when I tried, I found I could not move my legs. It was like I was pinned to the ground! When I finally was able to get up, Michael was walking away from me, and that is where I woke up. Now, I wish I had stayed asleep long enough to have caught him. Perhaps I could have kissed him (again). But would my dream let me kiss him? You know the funny thing about dreams is that when you go to kiss someone, especially if it is someone who has passed away, usually you wake up before it can happen. That SUCKS!!!! I always wondered why that happens!

Well, those are some of my dreams about INXS.
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