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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I Feel Like Teasing Show Breeders

I remember back when I was a kid, I would say the best people in the world were animal lovers. I would never make a friend with anyone who didn't like animals. In fact, when I was a teenager, and did Bible studies every week, there was this one girl that used to conduct the study and I found out one day that she didn't like animals because she would have cats that would take a dump in her closet and she would not find out about it until weeks, or even months, later. Pretty much the same reason why I don't like cats now! LOL! But back then I wouldn't hear of anyone who did not like animals. I asked my friend, who also performed the Bible studies, not to bring that girl back to my house. I didn't want anyone there that did not like animals. ALL animals! So she never brought her back again. She got another girl to come with her, a girl who did like animals.

Well, that was then. This is now. I don't like animals as much as I used to. A lot of it does have to do with having some bad experiences with animals. Especially cats. I raised Persians for a while, and all they did when they lived in my house was tear everything up, bring in fleas, take a shit on the carpet, and wipe their asses on the carpet, and cough up hairballs every day! I had to get rid of the carpet because no matter how often I shampooed it, it still STUNK!!! And it always felt soiled. I hated having cats after that. I haven't had one of my own since getting rid of those Persians. That was in 1998. I never caught on to this internet cat craze, I HATE that grumpy cat!! I've deleted friends on Facebook because all they ever talked about was cats. I HATE that thing!! I think it's stupid that dumb cat has a movie out now. UGH!! All it is is a dumb cat with a birth defect! Not cute at all! I won't watch the movie. Never!! If I'm a fan of anything that has to do with that grumpy cat, it's the guy who created the first "grumpy cat" meme. (S)He must be creative to have come up with that. If you ask me, that person, whoever he or she was, is the one who should be profiting off of that cat's fame, and (s)he's not the owner of the beast. It was just some random person on Reddit.

Well, I still like dogs. I miss my babies every day. Well, I gave Minnie to my sis because of how much she was missing Odessa. And I remembered how after Groucho died, she let me borrow Odessa (for a couple days!) And Vegas, I cannot have him back because he has a bad shoulder that gets worse in wet climates. He was fine when I lived in Bozeman though, so I let my sis have him there. Since she likes the desert and I like to stay on the coast. I mostly agreed to move to Reno because of Vegas's shoulder. But I myself was not happy there. I don't like the desert. I like the ocean. I'm happiest on the coast. So I cannot have Vegas with me anymore. Giving him up hurt more than anything. Giving both of them up cut me deeply!! But I did it for Vegas's own good. And another consolation; at least they are still in the family, so I will be seeing them again. But I've found I am clingy to every dog I see now! I go on my walks on the pier, and I cannot pass a dog without looking and smiling! They are stark reminders of how much I miss my babies.

Funny thing, when I had dogs, I would go walking with them and other passers-by would look at them and smile, especially other dog owners, and they would say hello to me. Of course I go to the pier to walk, not talk or make friends, but still, I notice without my dogs, other dog owners seem a bit anti-social. But I know its because they just don't understand what I am going through. They can't know. I don't tell anybody these things unless they happen to ask. They can't know the reason I look at their dogs is because I miss my own so much. They have no way of knowing how much I want to pet their sweet baby, but I don't because it's not mine. They have no idea how I look at them and think "what a lucky person to have such a gorgeous dog!" They'll never know how much I wish I had my own babies walking with me on their leashes. So far, no one has asked me these things. So I never mention it. I even find myself looking at Labradors! When I've gone that far, I know I am really missing my babies! I usually don't give labs a second glance! LOL! There was one instance a few days ago, there was a guy walking a big yellow Labrador and they came quite close to me. The dog seemed friendly enough, it came up to me and I reached down to pet it. Well, before I could pet the dog, the man jerked the dog away from me, almost like he thought I was going to hit the dog or something. But anyway, it was a good encounter. Felt good almost touching a dog again. But that's how I've noticed dog owners here are. Was I supposed to be this way too with my dogs? I always liked it when people would want to pet my dogs, whether they were dog owners themselves or not, and it was good for my dogs too. They need socialization.

Ya know, after remembering all this stuff, and looking at the picture I have on the wall of Minnie and Vegas, all of a sudden, teasing show breeders has lost it's appeal. At least for today. Now, I just miss my babies. I remember one time I went to the pier to walk, there was a woman walking a maltese dog, and she did let me pet the dog. It was so adorable and sweet! But when I got back to the car, I started bawling like a baby!! Because I missed my babies so much. And now, I've got tears running from my eyes again because I keep looking at that picture on my wall. Maybe I should take that picture with me on walks. I remember I was this same way when Patti told me her brother said I had to move out. Not because I was being kicked out! Believe me! If that was all I had to deal with, I'd have been so happy!! But the thought of having to give my babies up once again just made me miserable. I just should never have taken them to Patti's! But I was so anxious to have them back again, I did, and it was the stupidest thing I did that year!

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