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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Is It Art?

I am an artist. That's an exclamation, not an excuse. What is art? Art is different types of media. It is anything a person can take from their mind and make it tangible. My media as an artist is mostly line-drawing, and story-writing. My drawings are of the simplest form, but it is my style. Some people may love my art work. Some people don't. That's fine too. Every artist has their style. I do simple drawing. Others may look at my pictures and be able to add more detail to them. Others still may take those drawings and put even more detail to them. But either way, every artist has their own style. My drawings are simple because I mostly do my drawings for kids stories. Or that's how I started out. I've been progressing to doing more drawings for adult-type stories. Mostly women. I've had much more practice drawing women, and I guess I am more comfortable drawing women. Not that I couldn't draw men if I want to. When I was starting out, I couldn't afford a model, so I became my own. Fortunately when I started, I was thinner and prettier. I used to pose nude in front of a mirror in my room just to get an idea of how to draw women in different poses. It could also be applied to men too. But it took me a bit of research to figure out where all the bones and muscles in men are. I didn't have the gumption back then to ask my boyfriends to pose nude for me. LOL! So, I had to guess. To this day, I still think I make my men's bodies look too feminine!!

Another fact about artists, they are known for being crazy. Acting all loony sometimes. Well, I certainly have a reputation for that! LOL!! Everybody who gets to know me knows I am loony. But I love it! I always tell them I am supposed to be loony. If you want a fine artist or writer who is not loony, you're going to be hard-pressed to find that someone. ALL artists are loony. Especially people who are natural-born artists. My ma told me I was even drawing pictures when I was a year old. But the first pic I really remember drawing was when I was about 4 or 5 years old. I drew a picture of a kangaroo made from a simple teardrop form. Probably why I love kangaroos now, it's the first animal I remember drawing. I mostly do animals in my drawings, but I can do people too. What I don't like doing is scenery, landscapes, things like that. Not very much! I can do it if I have to, but I don't normally like to.

A lot of artists also have a bad temper. Or they are insecure. I remember in an interview, Bono from U2 said that Michael was always so insecure about his singing. I personally cannot understand why, because the man sings like a bird! Or a gibbon! Both animals hit all frequencies so well, just like Michael. I once heard a fan wrote Michael sings like a cat! Another cat-fag I'd wager made that remark! Cats cannot sing. They try, but what comes out of their mouths would be an insult to compare to a true artist like Michael. Maybe that's why Michael felt insecure about his singing! Too many cat-fags telling him that he sings like the most tone-deaf creatures on the planet! I know too, a lot of artists are like that. They are insecure about their art work. I used to be when I was a kid. It made me sad when someone would look at my drawings and say they don't like them. But as I got older, and learned more about art, I began to realize as different artists have different styles, different people have many different tastes. I thought Michael was a great singer! But Michael didn't think so, and there are many people who would say they don't like INXS's music.

Natural born artists are always very insecure about their work, because we were born with the talent, so often we are not aware of how good, or bad, we are. My work has been criticized many times by different people. Some love my drawings and stories, some hate it. Those that love it, I thank them for their compliments. Those who don't like it, well, I just figure their style is not my style and leave it at that. That is usually the case anyways. Especially today with people getting into this anime-style crap. I personally don't like anime-style drawings, and I think any drawings made in this style is ugly and repulsive. But that's me. Anime-fanatics no doubt think my drawings are ugly too. But I am beyond trying to impress anyone. I just do what I do, and figure only the proper people will appreciate what I am putting out there. And just for those who read that last sentence wrong, by "proper", I don't mean "good" or "upstanding". I mean like-minded people who enjoy simple-type drawings and appreciate them just for what they are. I came to terms long ago with the fact there are people who are not going to like my work. I remember when mcgillicutty went on one of her daily rampages with me on the Pluba forum, she asked me what I have against artists that I'd compare myself to them. My answer was simple, "My teachers, neighbors, friends and the general public all have compared me to artists." Of course mcgillicutty had never seen my drawings. And even if she did, no doubt she still wouldn't like them just because she doesn't like me. Which I don't think is honest, but hey! That's her prerogative. But just because one person doesn't like the other person's work, does not mean the other person is not an artist. Just the fact that mcgillicutty thought I was crazy was enough of a compliment to me and my work. hehehe!

Actually, the finest artists in history were always called crazy. Picasso was crazy, and had a bad temper too. Mozart was crazy, he had a fascination for butts and defecating. Van Gogh cut off his ear for his lover, you have to be crazy to do that!! DiVinci was considered crazy by the people of his time. He imagined flying machines and steamboats, none of which existed in his time. People called him crazy for that. But he was still a good artist. Most artists, like me, love it when people call us crazy. Some of my best drawings and writings were made when I just let my mind run loose, thus can be interpreted as "crazy".
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