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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Michael vs.....Michael?!

Lately, I've gotten to love Michael again, just as much now as I did in the 90s. I assume sooner or later this immense love will run it's course, but for now, I love Michael, as much as I do Timmy. That's how my life is, I love something and I can love it so immensely, it can seem like an obsession. The only real difference is that I have no desire to wait outside concert halls, or go to their homes and wait for them to come out, and approach them all kissy-faced. I'm not that kind of fan!! Though I would pay good money to see Timmy's boat! Just because I have a fascination for boats. The fact that Timmy owns it would make it worth more to me to see.

Well, I love Michael for just about everything. The way he looks, the way he sings, even the way he talks. He had a cute little lisp and it makes me smile every time I hear him. It only added to his sexiness. He's always swooned me when he sings. I remember when I lost Hutchess back in the early summer of 1998, she was my puppy that I had that died of parvovirus. I was so devastated, I stopped eating for 3 days. By the third day, I had gotten noticeably weak, so weak it took a lot out of me to pull myself out of bed. The only thing that made me feel better was to watch my INXS videos. Because of Michael and Timmy both, I was feeling 100% better by that afternoon. That strengthened my love for INXS. Though I do take periodic "breaks" from the band, I will always love these guys. They will forever be my favorite band. So far, no other band has ever come even as close to being in the same league as INXS. I don't like any of today's bands. They may seem to have talent, but I have no respect whatsoever for any bands that get their start on such programs as Xfactor or American Idol. IMO, nothing makes a good band like old fashioned seasoning from pubs, nightclubs and other small gigs.

Anyways, the reason for my title, Michael had 2 styles through the course of his career. I love Michael forever now, but I was so used to seeing Michael with long, curly hair, and that is how I made him look in my story, INXS Goes to Mount St. Helens:

The gang and their bus driver meets Gracie. Band members from L to R: Andrew, Garry, Kirk, Tim, Michael and Jon.
This story was supposed to have taken place in the summer of 1997, after the Johnston Ridge Observatory was completed. The funny thing is, I made Michael (and Tim) look like they did during the Full Moon, Dirty Hearts album era. That's because those were my favorite styles of those two.

Michael and Timmy during FMDH (1993).
But if this were a real and accurate story for the time period, Michael would have looked something like this:

Michael in 1997.
The reason I didn't make Michael look like this is because to me, that is not the Michael I always knew and fell in love with. I've heard several fans say that Michael switched to this style because Paula wanted him to. Now, I don't know how true that really is. Not saying these friends are lying. I'm just saying I don't know if that is true or not. So far, as much as I can tell, that could be a rumor. But it could also be true. I always thought if it is true, maybe Paula thought it makes him look more mature and less like a rockstar. But recently, I heard that Paula made Michael change his style to make himself look less attractive to other women. And if that is the case, it is proof positive that Paula was obsessed with Michael, and that she trapped him into her sick world. Baby or no baby! If I were Michael, I'd have left Paula. Just take the baby and leave!! I also heard Paula said if Michael ever left her, she'd kill herself and his baby. That is also messed-up! You wonder why I don't like Paula?!

OK, Michael was not perfect either, we've already established that! But did he make Paula change her style to make herself less attractive to other men? Did Michael threaten to kill Paula's other children if she ever left him? IMO, there is a line a person should not cross, and Paula crossed both those lines, IF indeed these things are true and she actually said them. So far, no one has proven these things yet. But also, no one has disproved whether or not they are true either. There is a big difference between being imperfect, and being outright, totally insane! Michael was imperfect. Paula was totally insane!

The saddest thing about Paula making Michael change his style to make himself less attractive to other women, is that it actually worked on me for a long time. For years, I hated that look on him. I used to joke (not in a good way) that it made him look like Marlo Thomas. But this was me! The same person who fell in love with Michael in 1990 on first sight. Love at first sight is supposed to be totally undying love. To this day, I feel bad I let all those years slip, hating Michael for coming up with that look. Well, I didn't "hate" him, per se. I hated that look on him. Because of that, I didn't love him as much as I used to. Well, that was 1998 to 2014. This is today, and for some reason lately, I've been finding myself more drawn to the straight-haired look. It looks a lot more attractive to me now than it did during those years right after he died. Maybe because it made him look more mature, and I am older and more mature myself.

Well, I still love the curly-haired look:

But I also think now there is nothing wrong with the straight-haired Hutch:

Well, now for the dramatic subject change, and I admit I don't like this kind of thinking. The other day, I got into a disagreement with someone on one of the facebook groups I am on, and something she said has bothered me since. Not so much the person who said it, it was what she said and how she said it. It made me mad. I'll tell you why. She posted a pic of Aiden Turner on a group about Michael Hutchence. I don't think it belongs there, but I said to her "Don't tell me we're going to bring this shit here too!" I did not say she couldn't bring it there, I just said "Don't tell me we're bringing this here". I don't go on a group about INXS to discuss Aiden Turner. But that's not what made me mad. What made me mad was when she said to me "You have no taste in men." Then she claimed of herself, "I have excellent taste in men."

Get what I am saying? I do NOT like people like that that think they're better than someone else. That's one thing I didn't do to her. I never talked back to her saying "I have great taste in men!" because what she said was just her own opinion. I just told her her taste in men sucks (a post which seems to have been deleted). This has been bothering me, because I should put someone like that on ignore. I used to like this person, and it bothers me that now, I don't like her anymore. It probably does not bother her (or no doubt she wouldn't admit it if it does), but I happen to remember she used to be a good person. I also have several mutual friends with her, but believe me, I've known her for a while, even had several private chats with her. As good as I am at spotting character, I never knew she was that kind of person! I have a few people on ignore on Facebook, but they are mostly the popular people, but one thing they all have in common, they think their shit doesn't stink. I just don't like people like that. So, I think I'm just going to have to put this person on ignore too. I hope I can!

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