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Monday, March 23, 2015

Mushmouth Or Davy?!

I was thinking and flipping back on some former posts of this blog, and I found an old post I made about Mushmouth. One of the reasons I thought about that is because I had a chat with Cairo last night on Skype. It made me look back to the stories we wrote together. I asked him if it's OK if I rework the story about INXS going to Mount St. Helens. He said it's OK. He doesn't write stories anymore, now he is deeply into poetry. Which is a shame, because some of the stories he wrote, and helped write, are some of the best of UMG Productions. Well, he put me in charge of the stories we wrote now.

Well, I am trying to bring Mushmouth back to UMG Productions. But I had to know one thing for sure. Are he and Davy the same individual? I always told everyone they are the same. They just look different. I always assumed (yeah, I know what they say about assuming anything) that Davy was basically Cairo's way of bringing Mushmouth back to UMG, in a different form. But he informed me last night that no, Davy and Mushmouth are NOT one in the same. They are two totally different individuals. Woa! Now that means I have to put an entry for Mushmouth on the Characters page of UMG Productions. I've been thinking of doing the characters section a little bit differently. I want an entire page devoted to each character, with more than one single pic of each character.

So, scratch all that I said about Mushmouth and Davy being the same character. Blast it! UGH! Oh well. Davy is in some ways based on me, and Michael Hutchence, and in a small way, T. Lily (Michael's daughter). Well, I thought a lot about her and what her feelings would be about her father's passing when I redid Gracie's Odyssey in 1999. Seems I was spot-on! Lily lost both her parents. Davy, well you never meet his father. But he is taken away from Gracie in the story. To be honest, I knew Paula would kill herself. She just always seemed that unstable. But big deal! The story is based on my feelings about Michael. I never had any feelings for Paula. Not even after she died. So this story has nothing to do with her.

The story could be interpreted this way; Gracie lives in a zoo, and she has a baby. She wants to keep that baby, but the zoo won't let her. Michael was trapped (the zoo) in London and he wanted to take Paula and the kids to live in Australia. Michael wanted kids very much, just like Gracie, but one thing stood in the way and that was Bob Geldof (represented at this point by the zookeeper in the story). Davy (Gracie's baby that she wants to keep) is taken away from Gracie when he is approximately a month old. Lily lost her father (Michael) when she was about 18 months old. When the baby is separated from his mother, he does not cry right away, he only starts crying after it sinks in that Gracie is no longer with him. Same as me the night I found out Michael died, I didn't cry right away. It wasn't until after I had a chance to think about him no longer being with us that I started. Then I cried all night and the next day too. Gracie went into a rage back at her zoo when she found her baby gone, which represents the frustration Michael must have been feeling when he found out Bob Geldof would not let Lily and the other kids spend the holidays with him. It could also represent the anger and rage I felt for Bob Geldof because he killed my beautiful Michael. Gracie and some friends set off to find the baby, which represents the struggles to cope that Michael went through that night after he got the distressing news. In the meantime, Davy was taken in by a father and daughter family. Lily was taken in by Geldof after her mom killed herself. Though at the time, that part was just speculation. Lily didn't have her father anymore, and Paula was unstable. No surprise when she killed herself.  Paula never was stable. She was always crazy, even when Michael was alive. I didn't even know about her when Michael was alive! But even what friends, family and other fans say about her makes her sound unstable.

In the end, Gracie had to let go of her baby, which could interpret the hopelessness Michael felt that last day. But Davy is happy. And say what you want about Geldof, and I just about choke when I say this too, but Lily was lucky in the end to have him, because he was all she had. Poor Michael, he should have had a little more patience, and that good-for-nothing mom of her's was not stable enough to stick around to raise her. So, Lily was indeed lucky Geldof was there to take her in. Looking and thinking back on this, I cannot even believe how many of my predictions was right. Of course we are talking about the revised version of this story, I completed that in 1999. Though it was perfected in 2012. But this was based on the story I did in 1999. At that time, Paula was still living, she hadn't killed herself yet. But as crazy as she was, I knew it would happen soon. So that's how that story goes. But Davy grows up in the story, and is happy living with Lisa and her father. I have many more stories with those two. They become like Timmy and Lassie. LOL! Gracie just moves on with her life. But that's where the similarities between Davy and Michael Hutchence end. LOL! Davy never becomes a poet or a singer. Though he does have the hair!! I love Michael's hair!

Here is a very condensed look at the story...
The proud mama, Gracie, with 2 of her babies born that night.

Davy, the littlest baby, has to be fed separately.

Gracie and Davy meet for the first time.

Davy has to be sold, but Gracie does not want him to be.

Finally he is sold to another zoo in Sydney. The keeper takes him away in the night.

Gracie discovers he's gone and runs to the front of her cage panicking. Note the pic of Michael on her wall.

Davy arrives at a quarantine station at the zoo in Sydney and is tired and hungry.

He opens his crate and climbs up a stool standing by the window and calls out the window to his mother.

When he discovers his mom is not there, he sits and cries deeply.

As he is sitting by the window, crying, the other animals in the room try to comfort him.

Meanwhile, back at the other zoo, Gracie goes crazy!

The keeper brings a tranquilizing gun to seduce Gracie with. She snarls and growls at him before he shoots her with a tranquilizing dart.

Having broken out of solitary confinement, Gracie's friends all agree to help her get her baby back.

The first idea to get to Sydney is to hitch a ride on a Megacollis.

Meanwhile, Davy is adopted by a family back in Sydney.

Lisa is happy with her birthday gift and Davy is happy to be loved by someone.

Gracie and her friends now have to cross the ocean.

Then she is reunited with Davy in Sydney. She tells Lisa she wants her baby back.

Lisa absolutely refuses to let Gracie have him!

Months later, Gracie is again back in Sydney, and sees her baby all grown up now.

She tries to take him back with her.

But now he refuses to go with her.

So Gracie is forced to give up this quest.
Catch the whole story here! Enjoy! http://www.umgproductions.com/2010/05/gracies-odyssey.html
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