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Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Bible Code

Ya know, I always wondered something. Why is it only when a political figure is murdered, it's called "assassinated", and the killer is known as an "assassin"? Murder is never called "assassinated" when it is just an ordinary celebrity, or when it is just an average person. You notice it's only called "assassinated" if the victim is a political figure, like the president, or vice president, or some UN leader. Like this guy, Yitzhak Rabin. Today is his birthday apparently, and he was "assassinated" in 1995. I guess that is just one of those many mysteries of political lingo.

Anyways, the reason this is being brought up now by me, I remember a segment on Unsolved Mysteries that profiled this guy's assassination. A few days before he was killed, he received an anonymous message from someone who warned him that every time his name is mentioned in the Bible, the words "assassin will assassinate" crosses his name like a crossword puzzle. Well, Rabin dismissed that completely and even destroyed the message. Well, as the story goes, he was asked to speak at a rally for world peace, and after Rabin had finished his speech and stepped off the podium, he was shot dead. It was scary to think he had been warned and there could have been a way to stop that from happening, and he ignored it. I think if it were me, at the very least, some red flags would have gone up.

I know I don't always believe everything mentioned in the Bible, but this is interesting. There is a book about this even. I always believed that GOD has a plan written out for each one of us. It may be inscrolled in the Bible, or it may not be. Makes me wonder, I would like to know if my name is in there? If so, what purpose does GOD have for me? Am I here to educate or alert people with my blogs, as I have been doing for a long time now? Well, I always heard that people who are out to do blatant favors for the public are often hated. I guess I can honestly say I have achieved that status. Hey! At least I am not like the WBC. They take random swings at everyone. I just take swings at people I think everyone should be warned about. And really, I don't mind being hated. I look at it as a status symbol. If you're not hated, then that means you've never taken a stand. I'm a fighter now. I stand up for what I believe in. Some people may not like it. In fact, I can put my finger on a lot of people I know who hate it! LOL! But that's the way I am. I would rather leave this Earth knowing I stood up for what I believed in, and never backed down, and made enemies at every turn, than to die without my self-respect and have lots of friends.

That is why I can come across as being so hateful sometimes, because I say what I feel. But I don't do it out of hate. In the end, I do it out of love. Well, if you stripped the negativity out of what I say, and look deep into why I say these things, you'd see that it is for love. I love it when what I say pisses someone off. It makes them think. Whether they admit it or not, I'm sure in some way or another, it makes them think where they never thought before. And I like that. Believe me, it hurts me when I don't stand up for what I believe in. Like that incident I always talk about on the old AcmePet forums! I still, to this day, feel terrible that I felt I had to lie to those people just to get them to like me again, after I took a stand. I should have just said the hell with them, laughed and continued doing what I always did. I've always regretted that! But I've come to terms with it now. I swore I would never bring myself to do that again, and I haven't. Not everything I say on the internet may be the whole truth, some of it may even be lying. But who cares? This is the internet! Unless I like someone and have every intention of meeting them face to face, I'm going to keep them from knowing some things about me as long as I can. I made the mistake once of revealing more than I should have to someone I barely trusted on the internet. I'm not going to make that same mistake again.

So, I wonder what the Bible has in store for me? Maybe I will live a long, happy life by myself? Maybe I will meet someone? Maybe I will be assassinated by a raging madman? Who knows? Do I really want to know? No. I'm quite happy waking up to thinking "I wonder what this day will bring to me?" Perhaps a new story idea will come? I have a spare room to work in now. I can use that to it's fullest advantage.

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