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Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Next INXS

One of my Facebook friends told me about Chris Murphy's newest project. Chris Murphy was INXS's manager from 1980 to 1996, and then managed them again in 2009. He's every bit a part of the band as Timmy is. Or Jon, or Andrew, or any of the men in fact. He was the one who brought INXS to the utmost fame. He was the one that took them to international heights. Well, now Chris Murphy has a new project. He found another band that is similar to INXS, and it is an Australian band. It's a band called Lepers and Crooks. The lead singer is a young man by the name of Sam Baker, and I've seen some pics of him where he looks just like my Michael! He's a rather cute looking young man. Check these pics out:

Lepers and Crooks performing.
A look at the band it's self.
Yes, the lead singer does look a little bit like Michael, and this friend of mine, who is a close friend of this band's, says Sam Baker's moves are like Michael's too. I can certainly see the resemblance!! But for me to see him the same way I see Michael, it'll never happen. He's young enough to be my child!!! He's only 23 years old!! As cute as he may be, he's too young for me. But if Chris Murphy sees potential in them, then I will keep my eyes open with them! After all, look what Chris Murphy did for INXS!! They became international celebrities! He'll no doubt do the same thing for these guys! I don't doubt it! I haven't heard these guys yet, but I do trust Chris Murphy! If he believes they will be big, then they will be big!!

Sam Baker may not be much to look at now, but he is cute. And I'll tell you, at 23, Michael wasn't much better looking. He had a certain amount of boyish charm, but he wasn't spectacular. Same with this Sam Baker. He's cute and I can see potential for a handsome man, as long as he doesn't change his style too drastically, by the time he is 30 years old, he could be drop-dead gorgeous!!!

Sam Baker (left) with Chris Murphy (right).
Not too sure though I like their group name. It's too corny. But in a way, so was INXS. It was the uniqueness that first attracted me to INXS's name. Thus later on, to the group. I just did a video the other day saying how I look for another band to take INXS's place as my favorite band, since they are now retired. It kills me, but that's the reality of the situation. Who knows? Perhaps this band will be it. But again, I have to remember the lead singer's age. He's too young for me. And really, his eyes are the wrong color. LOL! I have a tendency to only fall in love with men with darker features. Most of the time, that's how it's been. But my mind is not closed to the idea. Falling in love with Michael was mostly what kept my interest in INXS alive.

Well, Lepers and Crooks are not trying to be like INXS. They actually admit their inspiration is from Ella Fitzgerald. But the fact that they hooked up with Chris Murphy is good enough for me. Whomever their inspiration is. I am sure they'll do good. But to achieve the heights that INXS had, it takes a LOT of work and effort. I just hope these guys are willing to pull it off. Maybe I will see them here in OR at a concert. And who knows? Maybe meet them.
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