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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What About Luke Arnold?

Some of my friends invited me to like a page this morning about Aiden Turner. Very funny you assholes!! You guys know I can't stand that guy!! LOL!! Nah, just kidding. They're my friends and I love them. But I am right in saying I cannot stand Aiden Turner. He's not my type! To me, he still looks like a serial killer. And I don't think he looks anything like Michael Hutchence. Of course I said the same thing about Luke Arnold in the beginning, and he pulled it off so well. Never Tear Us Apart is still my favorite movie, and I still cry (though sometimes I try not to) at the end. Shoot! If I start crying, then I can't enjoy the very last scene, where Michael sings the song Never Tear Us Apart at Wembley. It's beautiful!! It's a great ending to that movie. But if I am crying I can't enjoy it. So, I try to stop myself, as difficult as that sometimes is.

Well, some of the people who were fans of Luke Arnold are starting not to like him, because they say he never responds to his fans, and has even blocked some of them on Twitter. Not good! He's not going to keep many fans that way! I'd hate to see that happen to such a promising young actor! And he is indeed promising, like him or not, one has to admit that. But that is why I don't converse with celebrities. Some do interact well with their fans. I like Ciaran Gribbin, who was INXS's lead singer for their last world tour. He does converse with his fans on Facebook, and has even liked some of my statuses on Facebook as well. He is the kind of celebrity that all of them should be like. On the other hand, I have tried on Twitter to converse with Jim Carrey, who I used to like in the early 90s, and he never responds, doesn't even acknowledge me or any of his fans. I guess Luke Arnold is the same. But to ban someone from your Twitter page?? Come on!! That's ridiculous!! Unless a person threatens you with bodily harm, or just generally being a bother, there is no reason to banish anyone from your Twitter page! Luke should learn this!

A great number of fans have said similar things about Luke Arnold. I haven't even tried to converse with him myself, but I hear what his fans are saying. Sometimes though, I think fans expect too much from celebrities. I've never been one of those kind of fans. But if all they are doing with Luke Arnold is saying a simple "hello" and then he banishes them from his Twitter page, then that is not good! No one deserves to be treated that unkindly. I don't know if Luke will ever read this, but he should know what his former fans are saying about him, and it can be spread around and taken the wrong way. I don't think his former fans are going to gather a lynch mob, but Luke won't stay popular for long if he keeps things like that up! No popularity would also lead to no jobs in his field.

I like Luke Arnold myself. He's got a cute ass! LOL! I loved his nude scenes in Never Tear Us Apart! I've never met the guy, but I do like him. For one simple reason; he brought Michael Hutchence back to life for me. Before I saw the movie, I was rather indifferent toward Michael. I did so well in getting him out of my mind, there was actually a time I didn't like Michael. I have proof. In my tour book for the Dirty Honeymoon tour, there is a picture of Michael that actually has what looks like claw marks all over his face! I think I did that with my own claws (fingernails). Must have been around 2009 or 2010 that I did that. I look at that page now, and I feel so terrible I did that!! But that's how I was for a while. Well, I am not like that anymore. My love for Michael has been renewed, and it is because of this movie. When I saw it for the first time, and I cried at the end, it told me I still love this guy. I still have feelings for him. Luke Arnold, I thank him for his portrayal of my gorgeous Michael. I thank him for bringing back that love I always felt for him before. I'm going to spend the rest of my life making up for that period in which I did horrible things like that to his pics and his memory. But I can promise right now to the world, those will never happen again!!!

Well, I like Luke Arnold, but I can never be "in love" with him. He's too young for me!! If I were 20 years younger, I might have fallen in love with him. I may have even fell in love with Aiden Turner if I were 20 years younger! But I am not. I don't know about Aiden Turner. He'd still remind me of a serial killer! And without the "Hutch hair", he's nothing!

I don't even think he looks good dressed up! UGH!! He still has those eyes that say "Don't trust me!" I'm not saying he is a serial killer. I'm just saying he looks like one to me. Surely not like Michael.

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