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Monday, March 30, 2015

What I Hate Most

Yesterday I felt the need to delete someone from my Facebook friends and I've felt bad about it ever since. This person, she was not the best friend I had on my Facebook, but she never did me any harm. When we used to communicate, she was very nice. Although for some odd reason, I don't know what, she hasn't said anything at all to me for about a year now. I shouldn't feel bad about deleting her from my friends. But I do. She was saying how she's going to block people who do not like Casey Nunez. I don't even know who he is. And if he's one of these young pop hopefuls getting a start on American Idol, I don't want to know him! I've said this before, I have NO respect for rockstar wannabe's who get their start on shows like American Idol, X-Factor or America's Got Talent, or any other show like that. I don't care how good they think they are, or how good my friends think they are. I have one friend on Facebook that seems to be hooked on Matt Cardle. She and her friends keep talking about how "handsome" he is! YUK!!! I've seen him before, and I don't think he's the least bit handsome.

Now, I have nothing personal against this friend, she can think he's handsome all she wants to. It's her choice. But I happen to think Matt Cardle is UGLY!!! To me, he looks like he should have one of those fire-proof suits on with the metal hood that covers your eyes, and holding a welding torch. Then I found out he got his start on X-Factor, and that did it for me. I have NO respect for him! To me, nothing beats good old fashioned pub and bar seasoning. After all, those potential fans are the ones who are going to buy the tickets to your concert. Who cares what the "experts" say?! It's like if Salvadore Dali taught me about art. I'm sure I could learn something from him. But in the long run, all I'd be doing is copying his style. Not developing a style of my own.

Anyways, back to the subject. I told this friend on Facebook goodbye. I have nothing personal against her either, but no one is going to tell me who I can and cannot like. I don't know who Casey Nunez is. But I won't have a friend on my list who is going to can me just because I don't like the same person she likes. So, I let her go without prejudice. But I have felt bad about it ever since. I just hate deleting people from my Facebook friends! It's not for me. Its a LOT less hard on me when they delete themselves from my friends list. Believe me it is! Some of the people I've had in the past that have deleted themselves, I actually cheered when I found out they were gone. One example was a woman from the Netherlands, whose name was Niki. Nothing ever seemed to satisfy her. She criticized everything I did. There have been a few times I've actually come very close to deleting her myself from my friends. So, when she did it herself, I was so happy! I actually cheered! She apparently didn't like me doing the cinnamon challenge. LOL! If I'd have known that was the way to get rid of her, I'd have done that long ago! That proved she had no sense of humor either. I should have deleted her after the first time she griped about a post I put up. My problem is I'm too kind for my own good.

Well, rather than even trying to deal with another "Niki" again, I just deleted this other friend from my Facebook friends. But I just felt bad about doing it, and I had to vent. I did not tell her she cannot be a fan of this Casey Nunez, but I just didn't like her saying she's going to delete and block people who don't like the same things she does. I had her on my Facebook friends for quite some time. I have quite a few friends who don't like the same things I do. I even have a few who are not INXS fans. Not many admittedly, but I do have a few. If they don't like INXS, then that is fine with me. I won't delete or block them for that. I didn't block this person. I just deleted her. Nothing personal.
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