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Saturday, March 28, 2015

What If It's True?

I was watching some of My Favorite Martian yesterday. I used to love that show when I was a teenager. I still laugh when I see it! It's corny, but it's a cute series. But I was thinking, what if there really is life on Mars? It is possible. Of course we've sent robots to take photographs of the planet and they show there is no life on Mars. But really, how can we be positive of that? What if life on Mars is made up of tiny bacteria-like forms? Or perhaps it is more sophisticated than that of bacteria? What if they are life forms like we have here, we just cannot see them? I have a theory that perhaps there are creatures on Mars and we cannot see them because their molecules rotate at a different direction than what our eyes and photographic equipment can capture. Maybe we cannot see them because they are of a different dimension than we are able to see. Maybe there is a 5th or 6th dimension there, and we just cannot see it or capture it on film. Kindof like our 4th dimension here.

I totally believe when we die, we don't just lie in the ground and rot and do nothing. I believe our spirit leaves our body and we step into this 4th dimension. I like to believe my grandma and grandpa is there. Michael too. That is the "Heaven" the Bible speaks of. Now, I have no idea about Hell. I just have the feeling that Hell is basically this world, and when we are bad, we don't enter this 4th dimension. Our spirits just stay in this world forever. I don't think GOD banishes us to this firey pit for eternity. I don't think anything that we do in this life is worth being put into a burning pit of fire forever and ever. I just have a hard time believing that. GOD is supposed to be forgiving. And believe me, if the WBC doesn't think they're bad, then what is "bad" in the eyes of GOD? The WBC have become a bunch of cowards. They don't even answer their phones anymore. They're scared of people because of all the bad shit they've been doing. And if they think they're going to Heaven when they die, then there is a problem there. They treat people like crap and they think it's funny. I don't think GOD is half as bad as they portray.

Or maybe "Heaven" is Mars? And we all go there when we die and live as martians? Maybe that is the case. Who knows for sure? Maybe when I was born I was not born, per se. Maybe I was someone else before and I died and this is the afterlife. I was just "born again" into this afterlife. Maybe when we die, we just go on and on and on. When I go, maybe I will still be me again, just born again to someone else. I hope it won't be a vegan!! Or a nasty show breeder! Actually, I would rather be born to a show breeder than a vegan. Just not a hateful, nasty show breeder. I'd hope it would be a nice one (which is rare, but I have seen them before) that has morals and values and knows how to treat people with respect and dignity, and not like they are slugs that need to be squashed. And by "people", I don't mean just other show breeders either! I mean ALL people. The problem with show breeders is they think they are GOD. And us "mere mortals" (non-show breeders, or beginning breeders) must bow down and kiss their butt.

Well, those are just some ideas I figured I'd put out there at the risk of being thought of as crazy. LOL!! Well heck! People already think I am crazy, and I am anyways, so what's the difference? LOL! My sis is going to Phillipsburg this weekend. I cannot wait!! There is a chocolate shop there that makes the most awesome chocolate truffles!! I've never tasted anything like them, they are AWESOME!!! Anyway she is getting me a box of it and having it sent here. I love it!! That was one of the things I hated to leave behind there in Montana! I loved going to that shop and getting chocolates. They have some of the best outside of the Swiss Colony! Which I also used to love! hehehe! I have a weakness for chocolate.
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