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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Woa! This is Eerie!!!

And I thought Kit Harington looked most like Michael!! I was wrong!!! I think I found someone else who looks more like Michael than he does!! His name is Daniel O'Leary. But who the heck is he?? I cannot find anything about him nor any more pics of him!! There's only one pic in existence and I found it on the official MH website:

My Gosh!! If that is really not Michael, he sure does look like him!! Much more than Kit Harington!! And I thought Kit Harington was IT! Almost makes me want to kiss him!! Almost, but not quite! LOL! I think even the hardcore Aiden Turner fans would be impressed with how much this guy looks like Michael! Of course I never thought Aiden Turner looks anything like Michael. A serial killer, yes. Michael Hutchence, no! I'll tell you, I look more like Michael Hutchence than Aiden Turner does!! Aiden Turner looks far too mean! But this guy, he has that perfect blend of badboy with a hint of innocence in his eyes. Just like Michael had! I can tell that just from looking at this pic!!

But the thing that gets me about this guy is I cannot find anything more about him. I'd like to look at other pics of him, get a good idea of what I am looking at. I cannot even see his lips in this pic! I want to see more of him. I want to know more about him. Can he sing? Can he dance like Michael? Does he have the right moves? How old is he? I don't think Michael should be played by anyone older than 30. A 30 year old can pull off playing a 20-year old nicely. Much better than say a 40-year old, or even a 35-year old. Michael was 18 when they began performing. He was 37 when he died. A 30 year old person could do the part nicely. No older. It's easier to make a younger person look older than to make an older person look younger and still be convincing.

When someone mentions the name of someone who they want to play Michael, one of the first things I always do is google more pics of that person. But I tried that with this guy, and there is nothing! When I googled his name, all I get is a lot of info about some old dude who was an author born in the 1930s, which I know cannot be this guy, or some other dude that was a military general in the 1800s. Good grief!! There is also a Dan O'Leary in football, but I know this isn't him!! That guy weighs 240 pounds! This guy is small framed, like Michael was. If you ask me, he's perfect to play the part of Michael!! If he can muster the moves, he's won my heart!!! 
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