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Sunday, April 19, 2015


Well, I have finally been able to purchase some of my books. I got one book that I've always wanted to see in print. I got Gracie's Odyssey, Let's Play Ball and Futuristic Fight-Club. I always wanted to see Gracie and her baby in print. It looks good, I must say! I was so thrilled when I got it, I made a video about it. The publisher had a bit of a problem with Futuristic Fight-Club, so I had to do that one all over again. Though I cannot imagine what kind of problem they had with it! It looks just as good as Gracie's Odyssey does! And I was not satisfied with how Let's Play Ball came out. So, I resubmitted that one. I should be getting it here in a few days so I can look it over once again and approve it for national distribution.

More good news is I finally finished INXS Goes to Mount St. Helens!! I finally got it perfected. I had to redo the pics for the story, and I even improved the story so that there is more action. I passed out freebie copies of this story on the old INXS Fan Forum back in 2005, when I first completed the story. But there was a reason I passed that out for free. The story that I passed out back then was nothing more than just a rough, experimental draft version of that story. I didn't even have the UMG Productions website back then. What I now have on the site is the completed story, all the rough parts taken out, I improved the drawings, I worked and re-worked everything in the story. I don't want to really make money off the backs of INXS, but I have to charge something, because the platform I use for ebooks charges me each time someone purchases a story. I try to keep anything I make off any INXS stories down to a barebones minimum. For this story, I only charge $3.99. The reason for that is I put a lot of work into those drawings!! So that is mostly what the people are paying for with that story. Though I have to confess, a lot of work went into writing the story too. I just didn't know how to end the story! Well, we all know how the story of INXS ends. Michael is gone. But after that, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the story. I just ended telling how influential INXS is to me.

Well a funny thing happened on this group I am a member of on Facebook. Today, the admin asked if Michael pulled up beside me on his motorcycle, and asked me to get on and where I would like to go, where would I have him take me. Well, my answer was of course, to Mount St. Helens. Just because I would LOVE to see his real reaction to seeing that mountain up close. Of course, I would want all the guys there as well to see it. I'd want to see all of their faces if they ever see the mountain. It is an awesome sight. Especially from the Johnston Ridge Observatory. In my story, I have the men looking at the mountain in awe when they first see it. I think it would be interesting to see their reaction to it in person and up close. When you see the mountain in pictures and videos, it's one thing. But to see it in person is quite another! It's impossible to describe! Pictures, no matter how close the photographer gets, do not do the mountain justice. There is just something about standing right in front of the mountain! You can stand there, and actually feel the power of nature. I grew up near the mountain, and seeing it still sends shivers up my spine!!! It's one of those things you just never get over. It's hypnotic. It's magnificent! It's awesome!! It's more than charisma! There is nothing in the world like it!

Well anyways. The story is finally finished, perfected and put up on the website! Download it here: http://www.umgproductions.com/2010/05/inxs-goes-to-mount-st-helens.html

Or, if you would rather wait for a printed version, I am going to offer this story, along with One Day in November and an unreleased INXS story I am currently working on in one big compilation book. I am now working on a story with just Jon Farriss. It starts with him being asleep on the sofa, and a dream he is having. I titled it "Jon's Nightmare", and it will be out soon, but only in this compilation book. I am starting to do that. I figure that's the best way to present some of these shorter stories that are too short to release on their own in printed form. A lot of people still like printed books, so that is why I want to offer stories like this in a compilation book. I have one compilation already out now, I call it Kooky Kritters. It's a compilation of the Dynamic Dogs, the Kooky Cagebirds, and a previously unreleased comic from 1992 called Marvelous Mammals. This compilation is available as an ebook as well as a printed book. It can be found here: http://www.umgproductions.com/2015/04/kooky-kritters.html
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