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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Something I've Never Done!

LOL! Oh boy! I've been on a surge of going around Facebook asking people to become my Facebook friends. I normally don't do that. It is very rare usually for me to ask anyone to become my friend on Facebook. But this past week, I've been doing it much more than usual. Well, earlier last week, I got another request from someone, and that someone only spoke Spanish. That's all I ever seem to get, as friend requests go. They are INXS fans who only speak Spanish. Now, don't misunderstand me, I love ALL my friends. I love my Spanish-speaking friends as much as anyone else on my friends list. They are all very sweet people! But the problem is I can never read their posts!! I cannot interact with them because they only speak Spanish. I can't like their posts, or comment because they're posts are all in Spanish, and all their friends speak Spanish too. I don't know where they got the idea I speak Spanish! I only get by reading their posts because of Google Translate. But I regularly use Internet Explorer. Google Translate is not available on IE. It only works on Google Chrome, and I do not like using Google Chrome regularly! It takes forever to start!

Well, it's been very rare that the English speaking people I also like have asked me to become their Facebook friends. So this past week, I changed that. I went around and asked them. I normally hate doing that, because I almost feel like I am forcing myself on these people. I don't know why I always feel that way. But I do. I don't feel that way when someone asks me to become their facebook friend. I always welcome new friends with open arms. I tell them "Welcome to my world!" But for some odd reason, when I ask someone to be my friend on Facebook, I feel like I am forcing them into my world. I guess it stems back to when I was in 3rd grade and tried to make friends upon going to this new school. Sometimes those people would accept and be nice about it. But sometimes I got the occasional asshole who wouldn't let me become their friend. Or sometimes they would, and then betray my trust in some way down the road. I've had some people I thought were my friends, and I liked them very well, but after giving them all my loyalty and friendship, they did something horrible to me at one point or another. That I think is what has made me the person I am today. Not good!! LOL!!

Well, I've put in several friend requests. I just ask. I never expect anything. I don't beg, I can't force someone to accept, I just find people I like and ask them to become my Facebook friend. I put in the request saying they can accept it or reject it, that's fine. I had one person reject it today. But that is OK. I only have a few mutual friends with her. None of which are average INXS fans. But that's OK. I can expect that. Some people are fussy about who they allow onto their Facebook page. I have an aunt who is exactly the same. Still love her though! But she accepted my friend request and then realized she made a mistake. She has a thing where she only allows her immediate family (the family still living in Louisiana) to be one of her facebook friends. My ma is also somewhat fussy about who she accepts as a friend on Facebook. But she is a lot more open to it than my aunt. Well, I hope to add more people. I don't know how many more. It depends. If I find someone I like, I'll ask. Again, they can accept my request or reject it, it's fine. I hold no hard feelings towards those who reject. I just hope I remember down the road who they are, so I'll know not to ask them again. LOL! That would be kindof embarrassing! hehehe!
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