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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Guess I'm Back!

Back in the saddle. I wanted to type up another blog post before the end of the month. I just haven't felt much like posting blogs lately. I need to get back to work on my stories. I've finished 3 stories, of course they were rather short stories. One is about farm dogs, which I started in 1990, and never finished. Then tried to rewrite the story again in 1991, and got a little farther in the story, but still never finished. I'm very bad at endings. I think I know why. When I got those books back from "Sam", I remembered, I left a lot of stories from that era unfinished. I never perfected the art of endings. Or did I mention that already? I may have mentioned this a couple of posts ago. In case you readers haven't noticed, I never look back at former posts. Only rarely. And usually when I do look back, it's from years before. I just got those books back from "Sam" recently. I did notice one thing about them, that I did leave a lot of stories unfinished. They consisted mostly of rough drafts, or clips inspired by other stories, or even my own take from TV shows. So, I am taking stories that were originally my own and putting them on the site. Right now, I am working on the story where Uncle Martin is impeached by his own gang, from 2007. I completed that story shortly after we moved to Ocean Shores.

I want to get all the stories I am ever going to put up on the site finished so that I can move on. I'm even working on some compilations. I want to do a compilation next of my INXS stories. I'm going to include the 2 stories I have up already as well as a story I am not going to release on it's own. It's titled "Jon's Nightmare" and it consists mostly of Jon Farriss asleep on the sofa, having a dream. The dream is the main portion of the story. It's a short story, but it's cute. But that's why I won't release it by it's self. Too short. I was thinking about how to finish that story. I have 2 ending scenarios. I was thinking of having the rest of the band wake him up from that dream, in which case all the guys will be involved, including Michael. Or I can have Jon wake up by himself by something in his dream. I remember my sis and I got this idea back in 1998, and I wrote it down on a neon green tablet. Well, I found that tablet while going through my plastic bins right after I moved here, and it was such a cute story idea, I decided to keep it and try it out. I've been putting those ideas in this sketchbook I found at the bottom of one of my boxes that hadn't been unpacked since the first time we moved. I must have just forgot I had that sketchbook. Well, I've been putting it to use, jotting down some story ideas from many years ago. There is one story I found from 1999 where Lisa and Davy are bored and decide to go for a walk. They catch up with a friend of Lisa's named Beth and all decide to spend the day at the zoo. Incidentally, its the same zoo Davy was sent to as a baby, after he was taken away from Gracie. It's just down the hill from Lisa's house. That turned out to be a cute story!

In Gracie's Odyssey, the first place Dave winds up at is the quarantine station. In this story, which I titled "A Day At The Zoo", it's the last place they visit, and quite by accident. The station is tucked behind a room Lisa and Beth think may be the bathroom. But it turns out it isn't. Davy strolls through the station, looking at the animals in their cages. Anyways, it's a cute story, one I do intend on putting on the site. He's even reunited with one of his old friends from his first night. For that reason alone, I thought this story would be cute, so that's why I redid it.

Well, on this one group I am on, there is a girl there who seems to think it is her public duty to defend Paula like she's a relative or something. She just cannot seem to accept the fact that there are people who just do not like Paula. I am one of those. She and I argue all the time. Well, she's never going to change my mind about Paula. Paula did something to Michael, I know she did! Exactly what I don't know, but she did do something. And for that reason, I don't like her. I never will. My mind is made up about that. Well, we play together on the forum almost as much as we argue, so she can be fun. Just that her constantly trying to change my mind about Paula is beginning to give me the ass. Its not so much how she goes about it, it's that she does go about it at all. She likes Aiden Turner, I don't try to change her mind about that. So I'm like "Leave me alone!!!!" when it comes to Paula. It's my choice not to like her. Not her's. If I want to like her, I will learn. But if I don't, no force in Heaven or Earth will make me like her if I don't want to. It's pointless to argue. This morning, when she answered a comment I left yesterday on a post, she got angry at me because someone said Michael's daughter Lily looks prettier than Helena. Lily is cute, but only because she takes mostly after Michael. She hardly looks like Paula at all. I said to that commenter "Imagine if Lily had been Helena's and Michael's child instead of Paula's. She could have been a knock-out!" Well, those Paula genes are still there, and none of Paula's other kids that she had with Geldof look as good as Lily. So, it was definitely Michael's genes that gave Lily her cuteness. Well, this other person did not like me saying that and said it was disrespectful. I almost said to her "Well, deal with it!" LOL!! I almost said that!!! I have a feeling I'm going to be sorry I didn't!

Well, for the sake of the mods there, I don't go bashing Paula anymore. But I still just don't like her, and I will say it. That's not bashing. That's being honest. Bashing would be saying how I really feel about Paula and why. She's an ugly, despicable, mean-spirited whore who is burning in Hell now. That is bashing. I can do it here, but I promised the mods I would no longer do it on the group. Actually my ma once knew a woman exactly like Paula. It was a woman named Donna. Well, Donna was exactly how I just described Paula. Donna once said to my ma "I'm going to take your ex husband and I'm going to take John away from you too." In the same respect, I heard Paula used to say the exact same thing about Michael. Michael however was weaker than my pa and John. John is the man my ma is now married to. Donna is still single. Kindof funny really. But Donna was a hateful, mean-spirited person. I remember I was once forced to spend a weekend with her and I was uncomfortable the whole time! I just didn't know how to tell ma. She did sleep with my dad one night, and never came back. I told dad NOT to hook up with her, because if he did, I'd leave and never see him again. Well, he had no intention of staying with Donna. Thank GOD!! I hated Donna!!! Donna said she was a bitch. Well, she wasn't a bitch. She was an asshole. There's a difference. A bitch is just a girl with some spark. Donna had more than spark, she had unmitigated gall! And she wasn't even the least bit attractive. No way would someone like my dad go for her. But I wonder if she did something to him that night she spent with him. His personality seemed to change after that night.

Anyways, the way Paula was, sounds just like Donna. Donna forced herself on my father, and tried to force herself on me and my sis too. And John. But neither one of us would let her go too far, and I was going to say good bye to dad and never come back again if he had taken up with Donna. I was perfectly willing to do that! I had the means. My then boyfriend was being transferred to another part of the country, he asked me to go with him, and I could have changed my mind and went. The only reason I didn't is because I didn't know anyone where he was moving to. I had no family there. My sis also still needed firm, loving care too, and I felt like it was up to me to give that to her. But anyways, notice how the story of Michael and Paula and Donna and my dad are almost alike. Donna went for my father and got him, had sex with him one night, shortly after he and ma separated, and Donna did something to alter my father's personality that night. The only differences are Donna never had a baby with my pa (that I know of) and my pa knew to kick her out of the house like an old, smelly shoe before it went too far. Michael didn't. I guess because he was desperate for a baby.

Well, I said to this poster that I did not say Lily wasn't cute. But that's only because she takes mostly after Michael. Well!! It's true!!! Michael had good genes. Paula evidently didn't. Her other kids are not as cute as Lily. Bless their hearts! Pixie I have some respect for as a Chihuahua owner, but that's it.

And speaking of Michael, I had this dream last night that had me convulsing in orgasms! I dreamed that Michael and Timmy chased me down, Michael caught me first. Next thing I know he and I are doing it doggy-style! I actually saw his penis in full erection in the dream!! Ohhh!!! I think I was even shouting in my sleep "Oh yes baby!! Yes! Yes! YESSS!" LOL!! That was all I remember about the dream. Good to know at least I am still able to have orgasms!! Even though I think I am going through menopause now.

****************************************NEW DEVELOPMENT***********************************

I heard from this girl again who always argues with people who do not like Paula. She said "If I was (Lily) and I came in here and saw the comments you made, I would hate you! I mean literally hate you, for insulting my mom." My response to her was "She can hate me if she wants to, it does not bother me. But it does not change how I feel about her mom. Still love her father though." LOL! Actually, when you reach my age, and have had as many experiences with people as I have, the people who like you become much more important than the people who don't like you. That's one thing I've learned over the years, especially keeping blogs. Believe me, Lily would not be the first person to hate me for speaking my mind and standing my ground, and she sure wouldn't be the last!

*************************************LATEST DEVELOPMENT 6/1************************************

I think Jannah has put me on ignore. LOL!!! I say GOOD!! I was going to suggest it anyways next time I saw her. Probably best for both of us. Because I am always going to be me, and she can't stop me from being who I am, and I don't like Paula, and her blood pressure is going to keep going up every time I say that, or even imply it. So, yes. Please keep me on ignore Jannah. I'm glad one of us did it first.
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