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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me!

LOL!! OK, so I am 41 today, and like when I was a kid and lost a tooth, I couldn't wait to wake up and see if the tooth fairy left the usual quarter under my pillow. I couldn't wait to see who else left messages for me on my Facebook page. Thank you friends!! Love you all!! Well, I also woke up to seeing one of my Facebook friends was gone. Usually this kind of thing does not bother me, but I figured out who it was. It was someone who had been my loyal friend almost ever since I first created that page. Or so I thought she was loyal. I'd always been a good friend to her. I thought all my friends knew I was a bit eccentric, and they accepted that when they accepted me as their friend. Why she deleted herself from my Facebook friends would sure make the vegans happy! LOL!

Yesterday she told of a rattlesnake showing up at her husband's work place and bit someone in their boot. Fortunately the fangs didn't penetrate. But apparently the snake hitched a ride from Texas, trying to get away from the flooding and it wound up at her husband's workplace. She said they killed the snake, and I just thought that was wrong! They could have had it humanely removed and taken to a wildlife facility, but no, they chose to kill the poor animal, that had already been through too much! More than anyone should endure. And I just thought that was wrong. I said on her post "Poor snake!" and I guess that is when she deleted herself from my friends. Was I wrong to feel bad for the snake? I don't think so. It kinda makes me laugh because the dumbass vegans are always accusing me of having no compassion for animals. Well, this is positive proof that I do! I'm even willing to let go of an old friend as opposed to not feeling compassion for an animal that I don't even like very much. I'm scared of rattlesnakes myself, but I just think it's wrong when people just kill them for pleasure because they are there. When it comes to venomous snakes, I always think "What would Steve Irwin had done in a case like this?" Probably the same thing I would think should have been done.

Well, I am sorry this person decided she doesn't like me anymore, but I am not going to feel bad about showing compassion for an animal. Especially when I think they could have used better methods to remove the snake without taking an axe and killing it, or however they did it. Makes me sad she decided to delete herself, but ehhh I'll get over it! Probably before I even finish typing this post. hehehe! Like I've said many times before, it's MUCH easier on me when the other person deletes themselves. I don't feel nearly as bad. Would I accept her back? Probably not. Sometimes I do, like if they delete themselves by accident, I'll take them back. But I don't want anyone on my friends list who decides they don't like me for being me. I've tried being like other people, and I just can't. I always revert back to being me. I'm the only me I have and I like the way I am. Incidentally, that is why I never sent this one person a friend request, the woman who blows her top anytime someone on the group slams Paula. She's an OK chick, but I don't really want her on my friends list. I don't like the way she argues with everyone who doesn't like Paula Yates like some kind of flaming homosexual. Hopefully when she gets older, and has had more experience with people, she'll get over doing that. But for now, I try not to get too close to her. Maybe when she reaches my age, she'll discover it's pointless to argue with people about their likes and dislikes. I learned that. Took me years, but I learned it.

But I just had a scary thought. What if she is my age? Or perhaps older? OMG!! Then I'd feel sorry for her. You know she NEVER posts in the group unless someone bashes Paula. I think only once or twice I've seen her post on a thread that had nothing to do with Paula, and no one had even talked about Paula. I don't even think she's a Hutch fan. I think she's just a Paula fan. Sometimes I want to say "a Paula fag", LOL!
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