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Friday, May 29, 2015

The Banana Chick

GAWD I've heard about her!! She's a fucking lunatic! But then again, what vegan Nazi isn't a lunatic? Well, evidently she has started attacking Someguy827 on YouTube. He made a video response to her too. Well you just know the damn vegans are going to side with her, and then use arguments like "Look at her and look at you! She's thin and healthy and you're fat and sickly and ugly!--and blahblahblahbullshit!" Give me a break!! That chick does not look healthy to me. Just because a person is thin does not mean they are healthy. She probably eats her weight in vitamins every day just to have enough energy to step out her door. But enough of that BS. The reason I don't like this chick is not just because she hounded Someguy827, but also because she said she would kill her own family--her mother, father, siblings--just because they are not vegan. This is why if I were to ever have a child that decided they wanted to go vegan, I would disown him or her! I won't have no damn vegan Nazis in my house!! Even if the kid is 4 years old and makes that choice, if he, or she, is old enough to make a choice like that, they're old enough to live out on the streets on their own away from society! That's just where vegan Nazis belong; AWAY from society!!! That would be the one and only decision I would not support my child on.

This is one reason I didn't want to have kids. My stepmom, one of her grandchildren, decided she wanted to go vegetarian because PETA came to her school and forced their beliefs on the kids there, telling them why they should not eat meat. So next thing she knows, Madison is a vegetarian. I'd have told her to get out of the house at that point! Next thing I bet will happen is Madison is going to tell everyone how to live their lives, and probably will threaten her whole family if they don't go vegetarian. I hope that doesn't happen, but it probably will. Vegetarians/vegans are most obnoxious when they are teenagers. Teenagers have a thing anyways where if you don't agree with them, they think you are automatically against them and they want you dead because of it. Can you imagine what teenagers who are vegans/vegetarians would be like? I can! I've come across them many times. Sometimes I just want to strangle them they make me so mad!! Well, ALL vegans make me mad anyways! Mostly because they think prey animals should have the same rights as humans have.

Well, this banana chick only eats nothing but bananas. While I love bananas myself, I couldn't eat nothing but bananas. I'd be dying to get some real sustenance! I'd want some savory flavors before too long. I'd want a nice, fat cheeseburger! LOL! Or some crunchy bacon. Or both at once! To me, eating bananas for every meal would be like eating cake for every meal. It's more of a dessert item than a 3-meals a day item. Or sometimes I've been known to have bananas for breakfast. I couple them with yogurt usually, NON-vegan yogurt. hehehe! I wonder if PETA told Madison about the thousands of healthy, adoptable pets they kill every year, and the many times they have hired terrorists to bomb schools and research labs, often with people in them, and the fact PETA doesn't want to do anything to help the millions of dogs and cats that are killed for the meat industry in China because they call it "sweet justice for cows, pigs and chickens". Most likely not! PETA wants everyone to think they do nothing but good stuff. Teenagers are especially gullible. But if I were Jennifer, I would sit Madison's little butt down and inform her of these things, so that hopefully she does not grow up to believe PETA is anything but laughable hypocrites!

So are vegans. I mean this banana chick says all people who eat meat should be killed. She thinks they don't deserve to live, and that is PETA's mentality too. I heard my Michael supported the Sea Shepherd in their battle against the slaughter of whales. I said "I just hope he didn't support PETA" if he did, and I ever found out about it, I'd lose ALL my respect for Michael. Believe me, I would be in that room right that second, tossing away all my pics of him. This time, for GOOD! But I do hope he did not support PETA. I once heard some INXS fans who were also PETArds forced their beliefs on JD Fortune. JD wore their shirts and shit, probably to please those fans just that second. But I hope he threw the shirts away when he got home. And he probably did! If so, GOOD FOR YOU, JD!!!! If not, I'd be very disappointed in him! He had a dog! Out of respect for that dog, I hope he's not a PETA supporter! I have dogs too, I'd never support PETA!! I respect my babies FAR more than that!!

Anyway, I've said this before, this is why so many vegans get threatened by non-vegans. Because they say things like "If you eat meat, you don't deserve to live!" then they turn around and whine because some non-vegan threatened them. That banana chick believes going vegan should not be a dietary choice, it should be forced on all of us. I like how Someguy827 described how he felt about that kind of logic. He said "How about I put a gun to your head and told you to eat a roast beef sandwich and threaten to blow your brains out if you don't?" I often wondered how the vegans would think that felt if we actually did sit them in a chair, put sandwiches in front of them with real turkey, roast beef and chicken meat in them, put a rifle to their heads, and told them they have to eat those sandwiches, and if they refused, we'd blow their brains out. How would they like that? They'll probably tell you "I wouldn't care!" but deep inside, I wouldn't believe they wouldn't really care, because that would be a violation of their rights to choose. And I'm sure they'd want to live. Well, Gary Yourofsky wouldn't, he was the idiot that laid himself in front of a car, and wanted to be run over for the sake of the animals. But Gary Yourofsky is a psychopath! Secretly, I wish someone would run over him! Get him, and others like him, out of this world for good! Well, maybe not so secretly. LOL!! But if we were to kill all the vegan Nazis, the world would be a better place, that's for sure!

Ya know, I've got a lot of royalty in my background. If I were queen, I'd bring back public beheadings. Along with the dirty dozen mob, I'd love to see the vegan Nazis join that fate! No more vegan Nazis!! I'd spare my friends though. Gosh! I wonder if this banana chick has done a video stating her feelings about me? LOL! If she hasn't yet, I'm sure she will after reading this post!
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