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Friday, May 22, 2015

What Everyone Loves

I remember when ma and I were on our trip, we started talking about what we like and dislike about each other. I could not believe it. She actually wanted to know what it was I disliked about her! Usually she shuts conversations like that off. But this time, she actually wanted to know. I threw up my arms and shouted "At last! My chance!" Just like Michael did in this one interview. LOL! Well, it looked cuter when he did it, but I was actually happy, and a bit stunned, that ma wanted to hear what was wrong with her. One of the big things I always disliked about ma is that whenever I love something, she always tries to make that thing I like look bad in some way. Like, I love lemurs. But I hate tigers. Well, when ma found out I hate tigers, and that lemurs were my favorite animals, she was like "Lemurs are ugly". And I know the only reason she said that was because I said I hate tigers and she likes them. She also said Siamese cats are ugly, and again, it was only because I said I loved them. She had a Siamese once before, I know she does not really think that. She was just being cynical. That's the one thing I always disliked about her. Then she pulls at straws to find things wrong with lemurs.

The reason she always was like that is because she always had some kind of strange notion that everything she likes, I decide I don't like. Well, I've hated tigers now for almost 30 years. It was lemurs though that saved me from falling into this panther craze. I thank GOD for that! I've seen how panther fanatics are, and I would hate to become like them! I would hate myself because of it. I would feel like I was a panther lover more for them than for myself, and that would make me lose all the respect I have in myself. I always prided myself on being an individual, not going with the crowd. I want to be able to keep that up. Well, ma apologized for being vindictive. I don't mind if she really does not like lemurs. But I would hope it would be for a much better, and more sensible, reason than the fact that I like them instead of tigers. I expect logic like that from youtube trolls, but my ma has always been so grown-up, mature and intelligent. That just makes her seem immature, childish and stupid.

We also talked a lot about Celtic Thunder. She really likes Damien and Ryan. I've seen their pics. Damien has the bluest eyes!! Ryan isn't bad looking either. But I told her I could never fall in love with them. They're both so much younger than I am. I have this strict, personal rule that I never fall in love with someone younger than me. Especially someone I could have possibly babysat with. I told ma it's like my friends being madly in love with Aiden Turner. She asked me "What's an Aiden Turner?" I told her "It's a thing that a lot of my friends are fawning over now, under some delusion that he resembles Michael Hutchence." I still say he does not resemble Michael. Not MY Michael! Michael Jackson, maybe. My Michael, No way! One of my friends posted something about Michael Hutchence and Cochita Wurst are Jon Snow's real parents. LOL! Jon Snow is a character Kit Harington plays. I definitely see the resemblance to Michael, but not Cochita. And Cochita is gay! He couldn't be anyone's father. Or mother. Well, I always said Kit Harington could be Michael's twin. When I saw him for the first time, I'd have swore I was looking at a pic of my Michael. I had to do a double-take!!

Surprisingly, a lot of my friends are my age, and fawning like teenagers over an ugly dude like Aiden Turner!! Well, let's face it. People today LOVE ugly! What was once considered ugly to the populace long ago, is today considered handsome. And what was once handsome long ago, would today be considered ugly. Me, I am an old fashioned girl. I know what is gorgeous, and what isn't. And Aiden Turner isn't it!! Well, I no longer can say I hate the guy. I have a little bit of respect for him, as a fellow dog-lover. He's just lucky he owns a dog! If he didn't, like say if he had a cat instead, I would have no respect for him at all. But dog-lovers are a dying breed. Cat-lovers are a dime a dozen today. I can afford to look at them in disgust. And most men who prefer cats over dogs, they are the meekest, mousiest men you'll ever meet! I wouldn't have been surprised if the green river killer was a cat-person! When I used to hear about him, and the fact some people believed he was a truck driver, I expected to see a big, burly man, broad-shouldered and heavily-muscled, athletic, even somewhat handsome. Somewhat! LOL! But no, when he was finally revealed, and I saw him for the first time, he was a shy, mousey, hunched-back, bald-headed, pudgy, mild-mannered nerd with glasses, the kind of man I almost expect to be a cat-person more than a dog-person.

I remember I once had someone, named Adam, among my Facebook friends, and he preferred cats over dogs. In fact, he said he'd never had a dog in his life. I remember one day he asked why he could never find a woman to love him. Well, I got a good look at his pic, and I must tell you, he was not very attractive. Sadly, most women go for men who are attractive more than someone who simply has a good heart. And Adam was not attractive at all. Since he'd never had a dog in his life, he had a pudgy belly. He also had eyes that made him look like a serial killer, and a fat face with thick eyebrows that slanted downward and made him look mean. But again, he is the type I almost expect to prefer cats over dogs. He was probably lazy too, as most cat people are. That's why we have more fat people around today than we ever did in the past. Most people today prefer cats over dogs. But you cannot take a cat for a walk. Some people try, but most people get a cat because they don't have to walk it like they would a dog. Thus people today are lazy and fat.

Now, that's not to say all men who own cats instead of dogs are fat and unattractive. Just saying that is the norm. Cats alter peoples' brains. I think they also affect a woman's reproductive organs to produce fat, lazy, unattractive kids too. Such was the case with Adam I think. Since he said he's never had a dog in his life. His mama probably owned cats when she was pregnant with him, and the parasites those cats carried affected him during his development, and made it so he was born unattractive. That's a possibility. But that's also been the case with a lot of men I've seen who preferred cats over dogs. Someone once told me on YouTube that owning a particular animal does not affect how a person looks. But in some ways, it does. Or at least, I'm comparing it to what I've mostly seen in such cases. Not all, but most. It'd be kindof funny if I found out Luke Arnold was a cat-person, where Aiden Turner is a dog-person, and I've been saying all these months that if I were 20 years younger, I would have fallen madly in love with Luke Arnold, and I said I would never fall in love with Aiden Turner! LOL! Boy! That would be putting my foot in my mouth!!!

Well, I like Luke Arnold for one main reason, and that is because he was the first to help renew my love for Michael Hutchence. Before I saw the movie, I had given up on Michael I thought for good. I thought NOTHING could ever make me love Michael again the way I used to back in the early days. I thought any feelings I had for him were ancient history, never to surface again. But I was wrong. When I saw that movie for the first time, and I cried at the end, it told me I still had feelings for Michael. Strong feelings! Since then, my love for Michael has grown steady, and stronger than it ever was before. Now, I love him to pieces! And sometimes I still weep over him. That is something Aiden Turner will never inspire. No matter if he plays the part of Michael in the next movie, or at all. Even if the next movie turns out to be better than that last one. What was once broken has already been repaired, and it cannot be rebroken again. At least I hope not. But this is how my life normally plays out.

Well, speaking of which, I remember about a month or so ago, one of my friends on this group I am on said that her house is haunted with Michael. She seems level-headed and I always believe when people tell me about spirits in their house, because I've lived in a haunted house before myself, and the paranormal fascinates me now. But a few things bothered me about this person's claim. If Michael were going to haunt a person or place, don't you think the place he would go would be a place he loved as opposed to a house he never lived in, didn't know existed, and he had absolutely no connection with? And if he was going to visit anyone, wouldn't he be visiting Lily, as opposed to a fan? I know Michael looks after and does things for his fans from beyond the grave, I've felt it myself. But my experience with spirits has always been if they are going to stay in a place in this world, it's usually some place they loved in their lives. And if they are going to visit a person, it'd be someone they knew and loved.

Well, I remember I half-jokingly said to this fan that if Michael is in her house to send him to my house, I had some things I wanted to say to him. Ya know, I think she did!! I have this old cut on my side that occasionally gets infected and puffs up, and it hasn't bothered me since long before I left Bozeman. Well, one night, I was thinking about it, and I said to myself that I was so grateful that that sore has not got infected in a long time! I figured whatever was wrong with it, it was completely over doing that. Well, no sooner had I said that, the exact area where I have that cut got a little irritated and began to itch, burn and turn red. The next morning, there was a huge lump there and it hurt like hell!! I wondered if that was Michael sarcastically saying to me "Here I am, as you wanted! Now I will make your life miserable for scratching up my picture!" I said to myself "This is either GOD, or Michael! If it's GOD, then HE has a sick sense of humor! If this is Michael, then he must be pissed at me for scratching up his picture!" That was the first thought that came into my mind. I said to Michael "I said I was sorry for doing that! What more do you want man?!" Well, I cannot doubt this person anymore. As soon as I said that, the sore on my side began to get better and heal. It was the weirdest thing! Next to that time when I was 7 years old, and I was sleeping in my bed and I felt 2 fingers jolt out from under my pillow and rub the back of my neck!
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