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Saturday, June 13, 2015

No Shows For Vegas!

Last week, the news had filtered that a bus with show breeders/handlers and their dogs crashed, killing everyone and every dog onboard. That's sad! I don't feel much for the breeders or handlers, but I am sad the dogs died. And I remember when Vegas was little, I was trying to decide whether to show him or not. When I went to my last specialty show was when I made up my mind. I decided I did not want to show Vegas. I could have! LORD knows he's good enough! But I didn't want to! Partly because one show breeder I saw there gave me and my sister dirty looks after talking with Rio Bellon. It showed me that show breeders are despicable people. It's odd how I didn't learn that in the beginning. I could have handed Vegas over to a handler, but after hearing news like this, I am so glad I didn't!

At the time of that specialty show, I had just lost Groucho and I was still agonizing over that. Someone I spoke to told me that I could give Vegas to a handler and that handler could take him and show him. I thought about it, but then I realized Vegas would be out of my sight. My Groucho had just died and I was holding on to Vegas like he was my security blanket. My lifeline. I just couldn't stand the thought of him being taken away from me. He was, in the truest sense, all I had then. And if anything like this crash had happened to him, I'd have really been distraught! No telling what would have become of me if Vegas had died while he was out of my sight. So that is why I never showed Vegas, and never became a show breeder.

I should have learned show breeders are dumbasses when Bischi went behind my back and brought up my name in a forum I am not a member of. Typical show breeder morale. They LOVE to do that to other people. They HATE it when it is done to them, but they LOVE doing it to other people. Particularly if you're just beginning in the show world. Personally, I don't care. My name is already out there with my books and stories and videos. It's more the principle of the thing. Like, if you're going to talk about me, at least say what you have to say to my face, or at least on a public forum so I can have a chance to read or respond if I want to. Most of the time, I wouldn't do either anyways. But still! I write about people here all the time, and the comments are open if anyone wants to respond. If they don't want to respond, that's fine too. I don't usually respond either to negative things said about me. But my point is, my blog is open to all, and they have a chance to respond if I say something they don't like about them on here. But Bischi went into a private forum and said things about me for everyone there to read. I'd rather she did it out in the open like I do here.

Well, that was my first bad encounter with evil show breeders. That is why I am prejudice against them. I usually don't like bigots. But show breeders deserve nothing but bigotry. They should be hated and despised. They treat others like dirt. They look down on other people. They do evil things to other people, and then turn around and gripe when the same thing is done to them. They usually don't converse with anyone unless it's another established show breeder. It's like my grandma described people of different races back in her day. They never associated interracially then. If they did, it was extremely rare, just like show breeders don't associate with the average person. If they do, it's very rare. And that would be a special kind of show breeder. The kind I actually like because they are a diamond in the rough.


mikessa said...

We never should got into show breeding at all. I knew Odessa was a lost cause after her first showing.
You have just explained in 30 words or less what a libtard is like in the last paragraph:
"They should be hated and despised. They treat others like dirt. They look down on other people. They do evil things to other people, and then turn around and gripe when the same thing is done to them."

TimGal said...

LOL! So that is what a libtard is!

mikessa said...

especially the part about they turn around and gripe when the same thing is done to them. The thing is show breeders...and libtards refuse to be accountable for their actions and when defeated, they whine and cry like babies when they don't get their way.

TimGal said...

Oh yeah! That's one thing I can tell you show breeders are infamous for! Been like that for as long as I've been dealing with them.