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Monday, June 22, 2015

The Goodness of Forums

Well, I don't go into online forums anymore, like Pluba or the Switch forum, I go into groups on Facebook. I've been more active lately on them, and I notice it's turning me into a more social person. Before I started going to these groups, I'd completely ignore friends of friends who were not on my own friends list. But lately that has been changing. I'm no longer that distant and anti-social. I've been finding myself conversing with complete strangers now. That's one thing I've learned by going into these groups. Though when I join a group, I feel I have to converse with others. Otherwise, what's the point in joining in the first place? Doesn't make sense to not speak when you are spoken to. So, in groups I've always been far more social than when I am just conversing with friends on Facebook. The only time I don't respond when I am spoken to in a group is after I completely feel I've had my say. One thing I learned is that people don't like it when you go on and on, they think you're getting irrational. I don't want to present that kind of picture, so after I have said everything I felt I need to say, I leave the conversation.

That was how the dirty dozen mob operated, always going on and on and on, for days, even weeks! Their main target was always this person who called herself Passion Wolf, or Purfect Dream. She was a cat breeder, and they used to hound her on the forum all the time! The biggest mistake Passion Wolf always made was that she would respond to each and every insult the dirty dozen threw at her. That always made the attacks on her go on for days, even weeks. I've seen it before go on for weeks. The dirty dozen is a lot like Roger, the idiot from Bozeman; they aren't happy unless they are bitching about something. Anything! They don't care what. As long as they are angry and bitching, that's what flares their orgasms. LOL! Gotta love the dirty dozen mob! Yeah right!! Like a pack of rats!!! If they can't find something to bitch about, they make something up. And it's almost always something they can be accused of themselves. Yet when they do it, it's OK.

Over the years of going into forums and conversing with strangers, another thing I've learned is when to not say anything at all. Though sometimes that is hard. I'm hard-wired to speak my mind, and I've been doing it a lot more lately. I remember way back when Mcgillicutty was an innocent girl, she showed me the Chihuahuas she was breeding back then, and I spared her feelings by not saying what poor quality they were. After she went bonkers, I realized that was maybe a mistake. I should have been honest with her to begin with. I try to approach everything with finesse, but when I feel something needs to be said, I say it. Sometimes I do talk out of turn. Like when the people on this group were posting pics of Aiden Turner and I thought that was inappropriate on a group that was only supposed to be about Michael and the things in his life. Well, the mod got angry earlier that morning because one person left the group and didn't discuss the problems she was having with the group with the mod, so on that note, I decided this time to tell the mod how I felt, and I did.

Well, when I brought up how I felt, the mod got somewhat angry. She said if he was good enough to present on the official site, it's good enough for the group. Then my initial thought was "Oh OK. So that's your game, eh?" LOL! So now when I see people talking about Aiden Turner on the group, I either ignore or throw in a few "yuks". I still am not a fan of his. I still don't like him. I like the fact he likes dogs though. That's a rarity nowadays.

Ya know, people think dogs are dumb. Dogs cannot be too dumb! The canids are a much older family than the felines. Canines have been on Earth for 60 million years, and still going strong! Felines have only been on Earth for about 20 million years, and they are starting to go extinct. In fact if it weren't for human interference, felines would be completely wiped out by now. Many species already have such a low sperm count they have to be artificially inseminated by humans. One of the things I'm always hearing from cat fags is "dogs are cowardly". My goodness!! If there's one thing a dog is not, it's a coward! They didn't survive the extinction event that killed the dinosaurs by being stupid! Next time a gunman breaks into your house, see if your fat cat saves your life. I know my dogs would! HA! More likely, the dumb cat will save it's own ass. Not even give any thought about your's. Then come back and try to convince me that dogs are the cowards! Yes there is a video that went viral of a cat apparently saving a toddler from a dog attack. But that's just ONE video! And frankly, I never believed the cat attacked that dog to save the kid. I think the cat most likely did it to save it's self. The last thing on that cat's mind would have been the toddler. It was just coincidence that it attacked the dog as the dog was attacking the child and it was caught on camera.

My guess is the cat has probably attacked that dog more than once, and the kid was never present at the time. I just don't believe for one second the cat attacked the dog solely to save the child.

On the other hand, I do enjoy that video because it proves what I've said all along. In high school, there was this boy named Steven Smith, and he didn't believe me when I said a cat can whip a dog, even a pit bull! He even laughed at me. That video proves I was correct about that. Cats have more  natural weapons than dogs. Foxes have retractable claws too, that are very sharp. But they haven't learned yet to use them in their defense. They use their claws specifically for climbing. Foxes are about the coolest carnivores! I like them. They don't deserve the bad rap they've been getting over the years past.
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