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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Internet Lynch-Mobs

Oh GOD!! Now, I just watched a video where someone said that this thing with the dentist who killed a lion has been receiving death-threats, had his name, address, phone number, social security number, the names of his children, credit card info, and all kinds of other personal info of his posted all over the internet. The panther-fags are all now being told to go to this dentist's home, send him more death threats, call his home and hang up, crash his windows, etc. Oh GOD!! You wonder why I hate panthers and panther-fanatics? Geez! None of this happened when an elephant was killed and it's calf mourned over her lifeless body! This is all because this was a damn lion! And I don't know anyways why people go to these kinds of lengths just to get a point across! Man! If you don't like someone, it's simple. Just LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!!!!!

This reminds me of the dirty dozen mob. I remember mcgillicutty posted my info on Myspace, next thing I know some idiot is calling me, breathing heavily and hanging up on me. Probably one of their bunch. It's not just the dirty dozen mob either. Its all animal lovers, especially show breeders. I remember growing up, I used to think animal lovers were the best people. But as I started going into more and more internet forums where the focus is on pets and animals, I found that theory to be nothing but bullshit! Animal lovers have been some of the WORST people I've ever met in my life!! I mean really! I love animals too. I also hate people. But I would NEVER post someone else's personal info, call their house only to hang up on them, and generally just be a nuisance! That's not my style! I think it's very wrong to attack someone just because you don't agree with them by using their own personal info. If I don't like someone, I just leave them alone. Unless I find out they are still harassing me, even after years of having nothing to do with them.

That's the only time I've been known to attack. I still do it in a diplomatic way though. Like that one time I had those problems with Catsredrum and Netrage and their forum. They started talking about me, I recognized a story Catsredrum told about me picking up one of Timmy's guitar picks he threw at me at a concert, and kissing it. hehehe!! Yeah, I admit that was silly, but that's who I am. I like being a bit silly sometimes. A girl's gotta have some fun now and then. LOL! Besides, I wanted to show Timmy I appreciated his gift. And besides all else, it brought me good luck. Well, I went into their little forum and set the record straight. Well, I was attacked by them and their stupid-ass friends hiding behind anonymous names. After toying with them for a few days, I left and didn't look back. I even stopped talking about them, knowing instinctively that would only give them the attention they were ever-so-desperately craving. So, I left them to wallow in their imaginary cesspool of their own self-worth and went about my own business.

For several months, I didn't talk about them. Not even a mention on my Myspace blog about them. Nor my MSN blog. Then I mentioned I was going to go to a concert in Portland's Schnitzer Hall. My sisters had pitched in together and got me a ticket with a meet and greet with the guys as a birthday gift to me. I was so excited! I did talk about that for some time on my Myspace blog. Never once mentioning anything about Catsredrum or any of those others. I had even tried for several months to forget those people even existed, and had succeeded! Until one of my friends, who was in their forum, sent me a PM. She told me that Catsredrum and Netrage crossposted my blog from inxs.com to their forum about my impending trip to Portland to see my favorite men. She said for me to be careful, because they'd been talking about it a lot on their forum. My first thought when she mentioned this was "Do I need to get a police escort?" I thought they were perhaps going to try jumping me from behind a building.

Well, I had been banned from Catsredrum's forum and really didn't care to go back myself. So, I got some friends to go in there and see what these patrons were planning to do to me. I found out that they had been in their private forum, talking about me for several months. Even when I had completely gotten them out of my mind. I mean, you could not scroll past a single post on that forum that did not mention me at least once. Even posts that really had nothing to do with me. I also found out then about Mayday06. She was the dim-witted whore that Catsredrum got to follow me all over the internet. I even went so far to set a trap for her! LOL! And she fell right into it! Later, I would get these same friends to help me turn things around on this INXS-fan lynch mob! One of the things that was mentioned in their forum, that made me madder than anything else, was someone accusing me of letting my Groucho die just so I could attend the concert in Portland! She didn't say that in those exact words, but I knew what she was implying! It was clear as day! That was when I said "This has to stop!" and I sent my "spies" to their forum to bring me back some things I could jeer at them about, and I did! I don't think Catsredrum or any of her friends was expecting that! LOL! My problem is I'm too kind for my own good! It gives people like them an invitation to bully and harass me.

But that was not my first encounter with an internet lynch-mob. I remember when I was in the Pluba forum, mcgillicutty revealed my blog to the members of that forum, as well as the people in the old email group I was on The Rabbit Press. I don't know to this day why they called their group that! LOL! But I had written a lot about them on that blog, as I still do sometimes. Well, John Cipollina (remember him? LOL!) came onto my blog to gripe (like he ever does anything else). One of the things he putted out was "it was not the lynch-mob mentality that you portray". I said to him "Yes it was! Maybe it didn't feel that way to YOU because you were not the one who was attacked for no reason!" But it was indeed a lynch-mob. Any time there are show breeders, there's going to be a lynch-mob mentality. That's what they do! Not only was I attacked, but so were some people who were trying to be nice to me even after John Cipollina attacked me. I said I was very proud of the dogs we have, and I was! But in their eyes, it seemed I was wrong to be proud of my dogs because they did not have titles to their names. Nevermind that they were good enough to be shown! I mean, they were not Taco Bell dog lookalikes! I did not get them from pet stores or shelters, but from other well-known show breeders. Yet, I was wrong to them for feeling proud of my babies because they did not have titles and had not been shown to their championship. That's how I was always made to feel when I was around show breeders, and that is why I hate them so much now. Besides the fact they seem to get their jollies out of picking on other people.

Recently, I went back into the Craigslist pet forum and looked, and I noticed the show breeders are still picking on the newbies. Nothing has changed at all! I made a post, for the first time in a few years. I said "Well, well, well, I see nothing has changed. You guys are still tearing each other apart like show breeders typically do! I guess this is what it's still like in life among the savages!" LOL!! They didn't like that! I got lots of negative points on that post, but I don't care. I might go back and have some more fun. Not far from that post, I noticed some stupid show breeder bragging about winning a point on their dog, and I almost posted "Big deal?! All it proves is that you need your dog to make you feel like somebody!" LOL!! Oh man! And I bet she would have charged at me with a shitload of hate messages! LOL! I should have posted it anyways! Just to take those damn show breeders down a notch! They deserve it!! Hateful, ornery old beasts!! I hate show breeders so much!! Next on my shit list is rescue people! Those people who blame other people because dogs wind up in the pound, when it was most likely some show breeders' fault the animal was in the shelter in the first place! Well, it can definitely be traced back to a show breeder somewhere! I've mentioned that before, several times.

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