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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Shirley Phelps-Roper Refusing Interviews - Westboro Baptist Church

"Arrogant of him to ask to do an interview with Shirley"?? HAHAHA!! That's a laugh!! I know this is old, but I saw this on my feed on YouTube and I just think it's hysterically funny these people, of ALL people in the world, would say it's arrogant for anyone to ASK to do an interview with anyone!! LOL!! They don't seem to know what arrogance is. So, let me spell it out for them...

Arrogance is going all over the country holding those obnoxious signs and tell complete strangers their deceased family member is in Hell.

Arrogance is having the colossal gall to stand with those stupid signs at a funeral for someone who has no personal or emotional connections with you, and tell their friends and family that that person's parents raised them for the devil.

Arrogance is calling people names and belittling them because they don't agree with how you run things. Something all members of the WBC have done on a regular basis.

Arrogance is expecting strangers to have higher standards than you do and then calling them fags when they don't.

Arrogance is going to towns you don't belong in just to spite the people of that town.

Arrogance is telling grown people "you don't get to do this" or "You don't get to do that!" HA!! I'll tell you right now, I "get to do" any damn thing I want to!! Fuck yourself if you don't agree with it!! And I'll say that to these dumbasses faces!! They "don't get to" control me in any way, shape or form! I control myself!!

You can tell just by the way those people word their sentences that they were abused and hated by both their parents all their lives.

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