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Sunday, August 2, 2015


I was watching some more videos on YouTube yesterday, and one of the videos that stood out was about time-travelers actually existing! There is a popular video that is shown from a 1920s Charlie Chaplin film where a woman appears on the street, talking in what is believed to be a cell phone. This is unusual, because there was nothing even close to being cell phones in the 1920s. Yet this woman has what appears to be a cell phone and she is seen talking into her hand and even laughing.

Now how does one explain this pic? Someone said that she is possibly holding an ear-horn, an early device, before there were hearing-aids, that amplified sounds so the hearing-impaired could hear. But those ear-horns were much bigger than what that woman is holding in her hand. Ear-horns look like this:

That does not appear in the picture. And when you watch the video, you see the woman talking into the device she has in her hand and even laughing. So, it could only be a cell phone. Unless the woman is a schizophrenic. Or she's holding up a favorite stuffed animal and she's talking to it. Like some people talk to their teddy bears. I've even seen adults do that!

Anyways, I always thought it would be awesome to be able to go back in time to see some of the sights that were seen before the age of the internet. I was thinking about it last night. I'd love to be able to go back to Sydney on November 22, 1997, and be at the same hotel Michael stayed at, and possibly I could talk him out of doing what he did that morning. Someone needed to be there for him. It would have been great if I could have been there, deflecting his mind from his troubles. Maybe he'd still be alive today and Lily would still have a father. But then again, there is another side of time-travel most people don't think of.

I remember back in 2000 or 2001, one of those early years, mama told me about a show she saw on the Sci-Fi network about a group of teenagers who traveled back to the days of the dinosaurs. Before they went, they were told not to touch anything because it could offset the balance of history. So the kids went back in time and walking along, noticing the dinosaurs and other animals around at that time. All of a sudden, one of them was attacked by a mosquito. So the kid smacked the mosquito and killed it. The others told him he shouldn't have done that because they were told not to touch anything. But the one kid thought "It's just a mosquito! How is the swatting of one mosquito going to change the course of history in the 21st century?" One never knows! Everything happens for a reason.

Well, when those kids made it back to the 21st century, everything was different than they remembered when they left. There were big wars going on, famine, holocaust, dictators, all kinds of horrible things happening, all because the one kid swatted a mosquito that he shouldn't have when he visited the days of the dinosaurs. So the kids had to go back, and not swat the mosquito that attacked them, and then they came back to the 21st century and everything was just how it was when they left the first time. Its so easy to say I would have loved to have been Michael's savior that fateful night. I'd love to have him back on stage singing with the rest of the band again. But perhaps that wouldn't be what is best for the band it's self. I thought about this last night as I was thinking about that video about time travelers.

I'm not saying I am at all happy that Michael is gone, but it did do INXS some good. Elegantly Wasted did not do so well as an album when it was released just before Michael died. And Christina said the band never treated Michael very kindly either. That to them, it was like he didn't matter. Well, one never knows what they have until they've lost it. Michael's death made everyone realize what a truly fascinating person he really was. INXS became more appreciated after Michael died, because the fans all realized what they lost. And now, INXS are back in the top 40 charts all over the world with their release of The Best of INXS album, and the miniseries on TV. If Michael hadn't died, there would be no miniseries. INXS might still be making albums that went by unappreciated, and more fans wouldn't be saying "Oh how I wish I had gone to more shows when Michael was alive!" They would have just gone! They could have enjoyed the wonderful performer that Michael was.

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