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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Good Judging Character!

Oh my GOD!! I am so good!! I knew this all along. I knew this would happen!! This morning I got in a fling on my group with some of the people from another group. I referred to the Yatesfags on her group as drama queens. Well!! They ARE!!! That's what I call those Paula Yates fans who jump on people who don't like Paula Yates. One of them kept asking me who these drama queens are. I used Jannah as an example, because I remember her the most as being the one with the biggest mouth. Honestly, I don't remember half the people I have these flings with, so I couldn't remember the names of the rest of the Yatesfags.

Well, I remember when I first heard about the group called Two Worlds Collided, and found out Jannah is one of the moderators, I was like "oh dear", and I wrote about it in this blog. I gave a detailed arrayal of what I think that group is going to be like with her as the mod. Well, it looks like I was right! I got quite a few friends there and most of them describe that group as being the same way! LOL!!! One of them describe it as being one big bitchfest after another. I should have warned all my friends to stay away from that group! One of the biggest drama queens on Facebook runs that group! I was saying I am so glad I'm not a Paula Yates fan! But I also added that even if I was, I would NOT join Two Worlds Collided!!

I've always been a good judge of character. Always!! I knew the outcome of that group run by Jannah even before my friends told me. Because I know the kind of person Jannah is. I've dealt with people like her before. She reminds me a lot of DonnaG's little "army". And I used to hear about them all the time! I knew for sure Donna was telling people not to have anything to do with anyone who disagreed with her, especially after I joined this one forum in 2006 that was devoted to JD and INXS that was called "Hardstar: INXS". One of the mods there, who called herself Metallison, was a Timmy fan, and we were getting along fine. That is until I posted some pics of me and Donna in LA, and she told me what a wonderful person Donna was, and how she'd met her in Atlantic City. I told her Donna and I are not friends anymore. After that, this woman never spoke to me again. She went silent, and I attributed it to Donna, or one of her cronies, telling this woman not to have anything to do with me anymore because I don't like DonnaG.

I suspected that was what happened behind the scenes then. And then when I later heard some other friends describing much the same kind of incidents happening to them after a fling with DonnaG, I was positive that was what was going on. The stories they described to me were exactly like my story, and there was no way they could know about my story at the time they told me about it because I hadn't told anyone yet. I wasn't 100% sure then.

Well, now Maria is accusing me of calling Paula a whore, and I asked her when I ever called Paula that on her group? It's been months if I ever have. So far, she hasn't given me a straight answer. She also said that I bitch at people on the group who do like Paula, and I asked her to tell me when I ever did that? She still has not answered me. I'll tell you why she hasn't answered me, because she can't find anything. I call Paula a whore on here, not in her group. But this is MY blog, and I'll put what I want on it! She can't stop me from doing that. And I have NEVER EVER gotten angry at anyone who likes Paula. EVER!!! I've never even gotten mad at anyone on there who may not like Timmy. That's just not how I operate. That's what kids do, not someone in her 40s. Maria was so adamant that I answer her question, now I want her to answer mine.

********************************************EDIT TO ADD******************************************

Well, Maria and Rubia flew the coup and unfriended me. Oh well! No big deal! LOL! I think I was also kicked out of the MH & His Life fan page. Well, I'm not disappointed about that either. But it does prove that Maria can NOT handle people with opposing opinions. My first thought when I saw they had gone was to Maria, "Hey, you deadbeat!! Aren't you going to answer my questions??" LOL!! Like my ma said, people like that have no business being in my life. The MH & His Life fan page was fun in the beginning, when I first started going in there, but then all these damn Yatesfags started coming in and taking over, and they all get angry at the slightest little thing. So to both Maria and Rubia, I say if that's the way they feel, then good riddance!! Sorry, but your group just wasn't any fun anymore.
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