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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Might Do This Again

I'm thinking of organizing another free ebook day. This time, I am going to include all my INXS inspired stories. I improved the INXS/St. Helens story's drawings, so I cannot wait to show that off. I also did some improvements on several other stories as well, so I will be offering those. It's going to pretty much be like the last free ebook day was last year. I'll be using this icon again for each free ebook:

I'll also make it so they are easily accessible. This time, I intend to give more warning. Maybe I'll have it on November 22 this year, Michael's day. Or perhaps some time that month. Anyways, I will post more info about it as soon as I can figure a solid date to hold this. At this event, I will make a lot of stories available for free. Its a big risk, and once again, it'll only be held for one day, for 12 hours. I'm going to put more stories up than last time. Last time, I didn't want to include non-fiction stories, or stories that were not child-friendly. But I want to put up Hutchess: A Picture Diary because it is inspired by INXS. It's the story about how INXS saved my life, and how Michael and Timmy became my heroes. I promised my friends when the day comes, I will make an announcement on the INXS Fan Fiction group. I'll also put an announcement up in my group, because I am going to have some INXS-related and inspired stories up for grabs.

I love my group!! And I intend to make it more fun as time progresses. I got another administrator to help me with that. She's a lot of fun too. Of course the group isn't only devoted to fan fiction, but also to anything relating to INXS. But our main focus is Michael and Timmy. The Yatesfag drama is over with, so I'm moving on. Somewhat. I still have a couple people on my Facebook friends list that I suspect to be total Yatesfags. I'm just kindof watching them now. Because they could have kept me on their friends list just to spy on me and report back to Maria How. One of them that is still among my friends was one of the fags that responded to Maria How's whining on that thread and agreed with her that I was being "disrespectful". LOL! I should post those pics on my Facebook wall where I blacked out all of Paula's images. That might send all the Yatesfags packing. LOL!! To this day, I am still laughing at the fags who said I am "jealous" of Paula!! LOL!!! Yah! I'm "jealous" of a corpse!! LOL!!!

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