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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Cecil's Killer Not Guilty

HA!! Stick that up your lion's ass!! The man who shot and killed Cecil the lion was not found guilty. So he doesn't have to face any punishment. Good! It was just a dumb lion!! If the courts find him not guilty, I hope it puts this whole controversy to rest. Unfortunately the pantherfags will always find something wrong with this and continue to torment the man. I hope this man is prepared, and develops a thick skin. Now, the lashings are never going to stop. Of course I still don't agree with trophy hunting, but most of the people who were upset about this kill were only angry because their "favorite animal" was hunted down. I hate lions. I don't care that there is one less in the world. Lions are the panthers that I hate the most.

Someone named Alberto posted a comment on the lions vs. hyenas video yesterday. He thinks all women should love lions. YUK!!! The very thought of it makes me physically ill. But in that thread, it did seem that it was mostly the men who hated hyenas. Including Alberto himself. This was his comment:

i tough women would hate hyenas more, as lions are noble like handsome tall man hero while hyenas are like treaterous bitch back stabers whom women hate more because it remind them of other women who talk in their back

Well, as a woman, I was repulsed by this comment. But I managed to keep my cool. I usually do!! I tell you, I trained myself pretty damn well! If this had been 10 years ago, I'd have probably ripped his ears off! LOL! But I am not like that anymore. This was my response to him instead:

+Alberto Humova As a woman, I see lions as lazy, clumsy beasts who use their size and sheer bullying to get what they want. These are not qualities I look for in a man. A man who reminds me of a lion, I stay away from. Now a wild dog is different. Though I know this video has nothing to do with wild dogs. LOL! But dogs are smart, athletic, brave and good protectors and providers for their families. Those are indeed qualities I look for in a man. 

Of course hyenas are not dogs. They just look like them. But they do seem to be very brave. Imagine a man who has the same qualities as a lion. I wouldn't want a man like that in my house or in my family!! You wake up and say hello or try to kiss him, he snaps and says "Get up and get my breakfast! I'm starved!" He sits down to eat, you try to make friendly conversation with him, and he says "Shut up and let me eat!" Then he grumbles because he has to go to work. He gets to work and walks off the job saying "I don't feel like doing this shit today!" Comes home, parks himself in front of the TV, demands you make him some snacks, even though you are pissed off at him for walking away from his job! You try to reason with him, and he stands up and starts roaring, slapping, and pushing you down, still demanding you get him some snacks. THAT is what I imagine it'd be like to be with a man whose got the same characteristics as a lion. Not my idea of a good man!

Of course a lion will defend the female, but probably only because if she is taken by another male, then the first male will have to fend for himself and get off his lazy butt and go to work with the rest of the bachelor lions. No joke!

Now, how about a man with the same qualities as a wild dog. You wake up in the morning, you and your mate kiss and greet each other. He goes to take a shower, and then comes out to help you make breakfast. you both eat and make conversation, then he kisses you and goes off to his job. He puts in all hours he is supposed to for the day, comes home and helps with the kids. Then he helps with dinner, listens intently while you and him have a conversation over dinner. He helps with the dishes, you both put the kids to bed, kiss them goodnight, watch a little TV while cuddling together. When you get tired, he helps you up from the sofa, helps you up to your bedroom to give you a goodnight kiss and you cuddle together in bed. That would be my idea of a man with the same characteristics as a wild dog. Wild dogs are always affectionate with each other, and their young. And a dog will protect you, with everything they got. Even a small dog. That's my idea of a good man!
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