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Friday, October 16, 2015

No It All

Oh LORD!! Humanity has finally lost it!! It's been building up for years. Now, we are in the darkest depths of humanity. That stupid grumpy cat is out on tour! Apparently. I heard about that on the news last night, and I was like "Oh who CARES?!?!?!" Then I heard it was in Portland, and I was grossed out saying "What?!?! It's here in MY state?!?!" Sure enough, the streets outside were filled with the dregs of humanity ogling that stupid, ugly beast! I never knew there were that many from the cesspond in this state!! I mean, I knew Catsredrum was that foolish, but I didn't think many others in this state were!! Seeing all those cunts who lined up outside the display just to see a stupid cat that has done nothing to deserve fame just makes me lose all faith in humanity!!

Seriously folks, it is just a dumb CAT. An ugly, lazy beast! It doesn't care if you love it or not. It does not love you back. And it did not say or think all those things those memes make it say. Because it's just a cat. A stupid, lazy-ass, brainless CAT!! It doesn't think, it doesn't feel, it doesn't love, and it sure as Hell doesn't care if you love it. All it thinks about doing is eating, sleeping, farting, pissing and shitting. Then it goes back to sleep again. Apparently it also has a book out now. Anyone who buys that book, I'm staying FAR away from! I don't want to know those people. They must be boring people with pathetic lives to want a stupid book like that.

Seriously, am I truly the only NON delusional person left in the world?? I want nothing to do with this stupid grumpy cat. I refuse to buy the book, and I won't let anyone who has it in my house. I will not allow anyone to watch that grumpy cat show on my television. I never even save any of it's pics on my computer, and I am NOT a member of it's "official facebook page". It's just a stupid cat, who has done nothing for fame. Just been born with a birth defect that someone on the internet decided to capitalize on. Like I said before, if I am a fan of anything to do with that grumpy cat, it would be the first person who created the first meme of it. That cat had nothing to do with that. Yet everyone treats it like it did. Seriously, it makes me want to get out of the human race, seeing what it's become! We're making stupid cats into celebrities, and they don't even deserve it! I refuse to look at a cat as anything more than just a dumb, lazy animal. I don't even want a cat anywhere in my house!! At all.

Ya know I told my partner when he gets here and our lives get better, I want to start building up my family again. He thought I meant children. LOL!! I told him "oh HELL no!!" There is 2 things I don't want anywhere near me. No kids, and no cats!! My family is going to be all dogs and birds, and maybe horses too, depending on where we live. Another thing I don't want to do is leave the coast. Whether we live on the east coast or west coast, as long as it's not down south where it gets too hot. But I must stay on the coast! I want to be able to walk to the beach again. I never again want to forget what it feels like to have sand between my toes. My partner says "I will take care of that." I hope he can!! He is a hard worker, that I know. So he will succeed in everything he does.
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