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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Pixar Vs. Classic Animation

I was watching a video about this yesterday, someone gave their opinions about modern Pixar type films vs. the old fashioned animation style films. I dunno, maybe I am too old fashioned, but I am getting kinda sick of Pixar-style films. I miss the way animation used to be. I don't think animation was meant to be like this modern Pixar stuff. But people nowadays want everything to look more realistic. If it doesn't, it seems nobody wants to see it. People have been too spoiled these days on Pixar-style films. And really, I don't see the point in doing everything Pixar-style. It takes no less time and no less manpower to do a CGI animated film than it does to do an old fashioned style animated film. This was all cute in the beginning, but now, these CGI style animated films are starting to get on my nerves!! There's too many of them. At least someone needs to do a few movies in the old fashioned method again. My head is ringing with all these damn Pixar movies!

Take for example Charlotte's Web. It was one of my favorites when I was a kid. But back then it was cute. This was the vision of Charlotte that I grew up with:

Now, that is cute. She has a nice smile on her face, and she looks friendly. This is the way a cartoon spider should look. But this is the modern CGI version from the 2006 release of Charlotte's Web:

EWWW!!!! I'm petrified of spiders! I can't even look at them in books. I can't even touch a page in a book that has a picture of a spider. She may be smiling here (I think?) but it doesn't look like a cute, friendly smile. In fact, it downright creeps me out! But this seems to be the kind of shit people want to see today. This is why I miss the old fashioned style animation. And you gotta admit, the old style animation was a lot cuter!!

Back then, the animals were cuter and looked a lot more innocent. That is the way animation should be seen. The way it was originally meant to be seen and enjoyed. Animation, like it's seen in this scene from Bambi (from 1942), takes me back to my own innocence as a kid. Of course I still like to hold on to that kind of innocence. But cartoons today are no longer like this. Maybe it's the video game or anime influence, but everything was much better, animation-wise, back in the days of Bambi. The animation was better, the backgrounds were better, the music was better. I wish I could travel through time and go back to that day when animated cartoons were still cute, innocent and fun.

But these days, people would be more concerned about the way these animals look. They want the animators to display every hair on the animal's body, every shadow that is cast on them in every scene, they want the big, cute eyes but they also want the realistic looking skin and fur tones. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but IMO, animation was not meant to be perfect. There is something about adding huge, cartoony eyes to perfect looking skin and fur tones that to me looks kinda creepy!

In fact, all those imperfections make these characters look creepy!! That kid on the bottom left, I wouldn't want to see that lurking in my yard! It'd scare me to death!! Looks like a troll. The woman above it doesn't look much better either. But this is what people today want to see. I can't for the life of me, understand why. Maybe, as I said before, it's the anime and video games that are out now, with realistic movement and creepy glares. Maybe it's because people nowadays are becoming too savvy to science and realism. I don't know, I can't explain it. It's one of the many mysteries about people I have yet to understand. Probably because it's not really a true part of human nature. It's just something that people have only recently become so innate to.

Of course there are some old fashioned style animation that I would never watch, but it's all modern stuff. Like Family Guy for example.

This may be considered old fashioned style animation, but they still look creepy. Compared to like say old Disney animated style people, who are still old fashioned, but at least they looked cute.

It's realistic-looking, without being TOO realistic-looking. And the little imperfections make the characters look cute in this style. And what about images like this in modern cartoons:

In my days, babies were not drawn this way. Babies were meant to look innocent and cute. Like this:

In fact, the cutest cartoon characters were all drawn based on the proportions of a baby; ie. big head, big eyes, chubby bellies, short, chubby legs and arms, and almost no neck. It also usually helps to add eyelashes too to add to the cuteness.

Even I take this kind of thing to heart when I create my own baby characters for my stories...

But it seems no one wants to see babies who look like that anymore. And is it my imagination or does Stewie really look like that kid from Hey Arnold?

They both have the same dumb-shaped head.

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