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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Why Do I Love Timmy?

hehe. I thought this would be an interesting post. I do love Tim Farriss and everyone by now knows that. I miss him more than anything. I wish he would get his butt on Facebook. Andrew and Jon did. But I once heard he hates social media. I cannot understand why. Maybe he thinks he wouldn't have as many fans as Andrew and Jon? Well, I am here. I can love him enough for everyone who wouldn't. Or it could be the evil INXS fans who are telling him not to get on Facebook. But Timmy sure doesn't know what he's missing. I would love to be able to add him to my uhh "collection" of Farriss brothers Facebook pages. hehehe! Only he can complete it.

Well anyways, I may have discussed this before, but someone asked me today why I love Timmy so much. I think she's a new fan, so I try to help her as much as I can learn all about INXS. They are a bunch of fascinating guys! I should begin an "INXS University". LOL!! Or at least begin an INXS 101 day. hehehe! Well, anyways, I thought I would go into full detail here about why I love Timmy so much. He means the world to me! I love that man with every ounce of my being! He still is, always has been, and always will be my most favorite band member of INXS. My second favorite has been known to fluctuate now and then, but right now it's Michael. But Timmy will always be #1 to me. There are many reasons why I love Timmy, and it dates back to my beginnings as an INXS fan.

I first heard INXS's music in 1987, on the bus to a pre-voc class. It was Need U Tonight. I instantly fell in love with it, especially the opening riffs. I couldn't really hear the words to the song, because of the other kids being rowdy in the back of the bus. I did hear what sounded like whispering. Later I would find out it was Michael singing in his best, sexiest voice! It wasn't until I first saw these guys in the flesh in 1990 that I became a full-blown fan. Michael was so handsome, I fell in love with him on first sight. I even joked to friends that I would one day marry him. LOL! During the video for Need U Tonight, Michael was most prevalent. I saw fleeting glimpses of the other guys, but they only lasted a few seconds compared to how much Michael was in the screen. Or they were off in the background. The other band members were not on the screen long enough for it to register in my mind if I liked any of them or not. Only Michael caught my attention at this point with his hair, his moves, his singing and his sexy voice.

It wasn't until the Mediate video came on after that I was able to get a more detailed look at the other guys. Though they were all cute, besides Michael, Timmy was the most handsome in the group. I loved his buns!! I love good buns on a man! And his were the best in the band! INXS later became one of my favorite bands, rivaled only by Roxette back in those days. Well, later I got that job with Patti and Chris, and after I lost that job my life changed completely. I gave up all those bands I had been into before I took that job. Roxette, New Kids on the Block, MC Hammer, Richard Marx, Michael Penn. All those bands. I never got back into them again. I wanted nothing around me that reminded me of my time on that job. The only reason I didn't quit on INXS then was because my interest in them was overshadowed by my love for Roxette. Back then, I loved Roxette every bit as much as I now do INXS. So when I decided I didn't want anything anymore that reminded me of my time on that job, Roxette received most of the brunt of my disgust. LOL! I have tried to get back into them before. But it was hopeless. I still like their music, but any actual love I had for them back then has now gone the way of the dinosaurs. Extinct, never to be seen in it's original form ever again.

I had seen INXS live once before I took that job, but after I had been on that job, the concert had completely slipped my mind. I took a 5-year break from INXS then. I still liked them, and their music, but I was also pursuing other interests during this time. For one thing, Batman. The stories that came out at that time were actually some of my best creations. I made up my own Batman stories. The creation of animal characters for these stories also led to the earliest beginnings of Metazoica. I especially spent a lot of time on Metazoica. It became my "big thing". I found it fascinating to speculate what modern mammals will become in 60 million years. There is a world of possibilities! I still occasionally thought about INXS, but those came only every once in a great while.

Then a couple months before Michael died, I began looking at INXS in a different light again. I was beginning to fall in love with them again. Especially Michael. Then Michael died and I was completely devastated! I fell into a deep, dark depression. And I know Michael was the cause of it because I had never been a depressed person before he died. At least not to the degree I am now. Well, after Michael died, that shoved INXS back into my sights again. I got all the albums, videos, magazines, everything I could find on these guys. I found websites, chatrooms, e-mail groups, even joined their mail-in fan club. I remember that year around Christmas, I went to a music store and found a couple of INXS video tapes. I bought them with my Christmas money I got from grandma and brought them home and watched them.

Well, of course Michael caught my attention. But then I started to learn a little more about the other guys. That was when I rediscovered Timmy. He was so funny!! This is another reason I love Timmy so much. He always made me smile and laugh. I loved his antics on stage. Besides Michael, Timmy always seemed to have the most fun performing. He was always either on a skateboard, or drinking, or clowning around, just doing his own thing while playing the music. He looked like a fun guy to be around, so I took to him. He made me feel good, somewhat giddy. I love a person who can do that, even in the midst of me being in a dark depression. That was when Timmy became one of my most favorite band members of INXS.

I remember when I lost my puppy dog Hutchess to parvovirus, the one and only thing that made me feel better was to watch my videos of INXS. I tried listening to their music. While their music did make me feel good, it was seeing them in the flesh that made me feel better. Listening to a CD is nice, but it helps more to see smiling faces and their onstage capers and frolicking. It helped me forget about my misery. That was when I say INXS saved my life. I had stopped eating and back then I was already thin. But I had a huge lump in my belly and I couldn't eat. If I hadn't watched these guys when I did, I would have starved myself to death. It was Michael and Timmy both who jump-started my life all over again. For that, they are my heroes!!

Not only did Timmy save my life, he was the start of this complete change from being a little girl to being a woman. I used to be a Timmyfag. Yes, you read that right!! I remember back in 2005, I saw a post someone made somewhere on the internet, calling Timmy things like "attention-seeking cunt" and "douchebag". I was PISSED!! I wanted to bite that guy's lips off. I was so mad, I cussed him out. I was acting like a bratty little girl. Or, like how those Yatesfags act. Well, not long after that, there was a public chat with Kirk and Timmy on Australia's channel 9 website. When someone asked Timmy how he felt about people who dis their Rockstar project and all the hateful things that were being said about them by other rockstars like I think Joe Elliott had said some bad things about them. Timmy didn't get angry. His response was "I'm sorry he feels the way he does, but it doesn't bother us. No skin off our nose." So I thought "Well if it doesn't bother Timmy, why should it bother me?" I admired Timmy a great deal after that. It showed me what a strong character he had. I truly admired that about him. And since then, I'd been working on improving my own attitude. I wanted to be like him, as strong, confident and sure of myself as he is. That is another reason I love Timmy so much.

Well, I don't want to act like some fag about Timmy. So now, when someone says shit about him, or anyone else I love, it doesn't bother me. I'd be lying if I said that sometimes I do feel hurt because Timmy doesn't have as many fans as Michael or even Jon. But again, if it's no skin off his nose, then it should be no skin off mine. I admire that in a person! So those are the big reasons why I love Timmy so much, always did and always will.
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