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Friday, November 13, 2015

"How Dare You!"

LOL!! I get this all the time, especially from fags. Like the catfags. Especially the catfags! I get people who are catfags saying "How dare you!" every time I tell them I don't like cats. And it ALWAYS makes me laugh!!! Every time!! That's such a dumb thing to say!! That's almost as funny as someone who tries to convince me that lions are in any ways "the king" of beasts. Well, I got that again this morning from another catfag. Someone commented on one of the Simon's Cat videos on YouTube saying "I don't like cats...I love them". I responded "I don't like cats...I hate them!" Especially gray tabbies! But since the video was also about pug dogs, I did add that I love pugs.

Well this morning I discovered that someone calling them self Scrat Channel on YouTube replied to my comment. She said "How dare you! Cats are amazing!" LOL!! That's funny. I laughed in her face and said "Cats are ugly, lazy and useless!" Well, she is not the first person to say "How dare you" because I don't like cats. I get the same thing from pantherfags too. But you notice, I have never seen anyone say anything like that to people who don't like wolves. Or to people who don't like hyenas. Or people who don't like dogs in general. etc. Only the catfags and pantherfags say that. Again I ask, what have panthers (and cats for that matter) ever done for you? Nothing I bet! You may get some enjoyment out of your cats, but again I say wait till someone breaks into your house and points a gun to your head. See if your stupid cat saves you from the attacker. I know a cat won't. But a dog will.

Well, I again heard back from Scrat Channel, and she said "Well dogs are dumb." Again, with the old "dogs are dumb" comment! LOL!! I hear that a lot from catfags too. And again, I say if dogs are so dumb, how come you can train them to do what you want them to, but you can't train a cat to? If dogs are so dumb, why have they survived the extinction event that killed off the dinosaurs? Yet dogs are still a strong family today while felines are becoming extinct. If dogs are so dumb, why are they 50% better hunters in the wild than the felines? Even a pack of lions are nowhere near as successful at hunting as a pack of wolves. If dogs are so dumb, how is it they are able to detect when their owner needs help without being told? Answer me all that, then try to convince me that dogs are dumber animals than cats. Well, I threw this kid's comments back in her face. I said "Well, how dare you not like dogs! How dare you not like snakes! How dare you not like INXS! How dare you not like lemurs! How dare you not like what I like!" LOL!! Of course I am not really the kind of person who would say that, as I believe everyone has a right to like what they want without being questioned for it. My objective with that portion of my post was to show her how stupid of a statement it is to say "How dare you not like cats!" This not only goes to her, but also to all the other catfags and pantherfags that have said the same thing. Then I added at the end of my post "Seriously, you're too dumb to be on YouTube!" in light of her saying dogs are dumb.

Seriously, I have said this before. Why argue so much with people just because they don't like the same thing you do? That in it's self is a stupid act! But it's like I said before, that's how fags, tards and radicals are. They can't help it. I will continue to hate cats. I think cats are way dumber than dogs! Because they ARE! Anyone who says dogs are dumber than cats has obviously never had a dog in their life, and never read about the many times dogs have saved peoples' lives, and the almost zero times cats have ever helped people.

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