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Monday, November 9, 2015

It's My Michael's Month Again

I consider him MINE! hehehe! I play with my friends, we kinda battle over who has possession of Michael. I call him "My Michael". It's all in fun. I enjoy it! Well, I had a dream about him tonight. It was kinda odd in a way that it began after he died. I saw his lifeless body lying on the floor in that hotel room. It was surreal. The most surreal part of the dream! But that was not where it ended. In fact, that was just the beginning. In the dream, I saw him there and I started crying, and lied down right next to him, wishing it was me instead of him. Next thing I knew in the dream, I saw him in the afterlife. I remember clouds being everywhere all around us. I approached him and I was saying things to the effect of "I know you don't know me, but I've been an admirer of your's for many years". He looked at me and smiled and said a "Thank you" to me. His voice made me melt. He still had a slight lisp. The dream made me feel good. Even though it was not even an hour ago that I woke from that dream, that's about all I remember, besides the two of us wandering aimlessly in the afterworld.

I wish to this day there was something I could have done that would make him happy. When I really like someone, as I do him, I'd do anything to make them happy. I don't like it that Michael was so sad the night he died. I've often been told that I am the best friend my friends ever had. I often put other peoples' desires before my own, sometimes too much. When I like someone, I will give them the world if I can, or I won't stop until I do. LOL! Sometimes I wish I didn't do things like that, because sometimes the wrong kind of people take too much advantage of my kindliness. I'm too friendly for my own good. But I don't want to turn away a potential friend. I want to give everyone a chance. Well, except for radicals! They don't deserve a chance!! But I have to go through the good people in order to find out who the radicals are. I had one friend who surprised me, I thought she was my friend. But it turns out, I found out she was a Yatesfag. When I saw she had talked slam about me behind my back, I directed her to this blog. I kept her on my Facebook friends for a while longer, then deleted her butt. When I directed her to this blog, that was a warning to her. It was my way of telling her "I saw what you wrote about me. This is my response to you. So if I remove your ass from my friends, at least you'll know why!" I don't like radicals!! I want nothing to do with them.

She was one example of someone I went to great lengths for because I thought she was a friend. But it turns out Paula meant more to her than my friendship. And Paula is dead. And Paula probably did NOTHING for her in her life. I'd have had a lot more respect for this person if she had come to me and said what she had to say to my face, of course I know Maria egged her on in that group. But still! If she had any ounce of decency, she would have said to herself "This is wrong. I shouldn't be talking about Dee in this group like this since she is not here to read or respond. And she's always been a great friend to me." I never would have done anything like that to her! EVER!! But that is why I don't like radicals. They are lousy friends. Well, live and learn. NEVER trust radicals!! But I think the saddest thing in the world is when someone is still a radical even after they have turned 40 years old. I stopped being such a radical a bit earlier than that. I did it because I did not want to act like that in my 40s.

I've never even brought anything about any of this up in my group since they all left. That's just not my style. I am not the type that likes to get my whole group involved in things like this. It's just between me and the tards who left. People come to my group to have fun, not to get involved in battles between me and other people. So I maintain that fun and bubbly attitude on my group for the sake of my visitors. I never say things behind peoples' backs that I wouldn't say to their faces. Sometimes I may be wrong, but I always believe in giving people an opportunity to respond and let me know I am wrong. That is why I leave this blog open to comments and views.

I remember back in the 90s, before the internet became such a big thing, people were actually friendly. I remember seeing a commercial about Australia that said the people were very friendly. Well, I've found that to be not so true anymore. I do still have some friends in Australia, and Timmy was always friendly to me when we met each other. But random people, like MsPearlsGirl and spkenn and several others like those Yatesfags from Australia, none of them are friendly people. I think it's because of the anonymity of the internet that now people are becoming more and more dickheads, cunts and assholes. And don't even get me started on people from the UK! I do have some friends still from the UK and this is not a reflection on them, but over the past years on the internet, one thing I've found a lot of the British have in common is they are the world's biggest bellyachers!! There's an episode of I Love Lucy where Ricky is invited to perform for the queen, and gets to meet her afterwords. And Lucy wants to meet the queen too. But later finds out that she cannot. Well, at one point during that conversation, Ricky mentions that the British think Americans are too forward. I hear that line now, and I laugh!!! Now, the shoe is on the other foot!! Over the past years on the internet, I've noticed it's the British who are too forward now. They're too demanding. Not my friends mind you. I'm talking about the radicals. Which often makes me wonder why Americans are so hated now.

I don't think I am forward. I tell it like it is. I do that and I expect others to do the same with me. I don't just do it and not expect the same thing back. But if someone is going to do it, then be honest! Don't give me bullshit. Don't think you know what I am thinking, or why I am thinking it, because chances are most likely, you're going to be WRONG!! I'm far too complex of a person for you!
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