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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Something I Found

I was going through some of my old bookmarks, I really need to clean those out!! Anyways, I came across an old forum I was once a part of. For really a very brief amount of time. It was called "furkids.net". It was originally set up to be an extension of the old Acmepet forums. I saw a few people I remembered from the old site. Some of them could possibly have changed their names from what they called themselves in the Acmepet site, but there were still some people I recognized in there. I think I found Kallie. LOL!! Ya know, the one person who gave me grief because I didn't like the Taco Bell dog. Well, I was thumbing through the archives on that forum, and someone calling them self "NickiandSparkysmom" kinda stood out to me. I could not figure out why at first. I looked at some of her past posts and she began to sound more and more familiar. I said "You know what? I think this is Kallie!" Then I remembered Kallie had a german shepherd dog named Nicki. I think she also once said her chihuahua's name was Sparky. So, I kinda figured out it must be her. I would have said something to her, but her last post on that forum dated back to 2003.

I don't like Kallie, or people like her. But ya know, I always wanted to thank her. Thank her for turning me into the person I am today. I am still what she would consider "rude". She didn't change that at all. In fact, I am a lot more "rude" now than I was when I had that ordeal with her back in 2001 on the Acmepet site. Or at least that's what she would call me. LOL!! I call it "being honest and having my own opinion" though. But she did teach me one thing (and ONLY one thing) during that turmoil back in those days. She taught me that if I am going to give my opinion honestly, I'd better be prepared to stick to it. And I have been since. I admit sometimes I may be wrong, but even that I come by it honestly. I still don't like the Taco Bell dog, and I don't believe a chihuahua like that should ever have been bred. It gave chihuahuas in general a bad name!! If people are going to use a specific breed of dog in their TV shows and commercials, at least use one that looks like the breed it's supposed to! Go to a dog show and see what they have there, compare it to what they had for those Taco Bell commercials. There is NO resemblance at all! If all chihuahuas had looked like the dog used in those commercials, I would never have gotten into the breed at all. Because to me, that was just plain ugly. A chihuahua should never look like that. They should have the baby doll faces like you see in those at the dog shows.

To this day, I wish I hadn't felt the need to lie to them just to get them to like me again. That was the worst feeling in the world!! The worst feeling I've ever experienced! I said I never want to go through that again. So that is why today, I give my opinions honestly. Even brutally honest! And I don't back down either. I welcome opposing views. I wasn't even being rude then. I was asked for my opinion of what makes a good chihuahua, and I answered honestly. Kallie was the one who turned that conversation into a demolition derby. Not me. I don't know if she has maybe changed since then, not sure, like I said once a fag, always a fag. LOL! But Kallie just could not face the fact that there are some people who are not going to agree with her. So she tried to hide that by making me sound like the bad guy. Not the first time that's happened. I was just sick of being accused of being the bad guy just for being honest and having my own opinion.

I don't care what anyone else says, most people HATE honesty! I hear people all the time saying "Oh I hate liars!" then they get all bent out of shape when someone is being honest just because they don't agree on anything. Well, why don't those people just admit it, they hate honesty too. Not everyone is like me. I respect other peoples' rights to have their own opinion. Arguing about it does not help anything. And I don't call them "rude" just because they have their own opinions. One of the things I tell people who come to my group on Facebook is that my group is an open forum for free speech. I want people to say what they feel, and feel comfortable doing so. I recently posted pics of my snakes. Some people like them, some people hate them. I'm cool with those who hate them. I wish they would see that snakes are not something that should be scorned or hated, but it's their choice. Not mine. If they don't like my snakes, then they just don't. Fuck anyone who tells them they are being rude for saying what they feel!! As long as they are not being belligerent, I don't mind. It's the belligerent people I don't like. Those are the people like say mcgillicutty. They call other people evil names and post their private information in public forums (like home address and phone number) just because that other person does not agree with them and has their own opinions. I've never done that at all! Nor have I ever wanted to. I'm not mcgillicutty! LOL! Or like the whole dirty dozen mob does and just calls someone who is brutally honest a "liar". They do that because they don't want outsiders believing the truth about them. Mcgillicutty did it because I called her out on breeding poor quality chihuahuas and encouraging her friend to breed small-breed mongrel pups because "shelters don't have enough of them". Those were her words, not mine!

I remember when I first met Metalraptor back in 2009, I liked him. The reason I liked him was because he was upfront and honest with me. He told me I got all irrational when people talk about cats and panthers and it makes people not want to hang around me anymore. No one ever told me that before him. I always thought the people who turned away when I said I can't stand any wild felines only did so because they were catfags, or pantherfags. Well, he was brutally honest with me, but he didn't call me names or post my personal info on another forum just because we didn't agree about felines. He liked felines, I don't. He accepted that. For that reason, I really liked him. I took a shine to him right away. It was hard for me to believe he was a teenager!! I thought he was at least 30. Not only was he a teenager, he was also an autistic teenager!! That really impressed me. Most people with autism, especially teenagers, HATE it when other people don't agree with them!! He did not let his autism define who he was. I really had respect for him because of that. That's so rare for a person his age, it's nearly unheard of. It's rare for a non-autistic teenager (like I think mcgillicutty was) to have an attitude as good as Metalraptor. Well, Sara lost all my respect when she took on the identity of mcgillicutty and especially when she said she was a 50 something year old man! I knew she was lying!! A 50-something year old man at his worst is nothing near as bad as mcgillicutty was. Especially if they have children and grandchildren. If they're as bad as that, they should be locked up. Not out in society!

I'd rather have someone being honest and telling me my faults upfront than to leave me in the dark. I changed partially because of Metalraptor. He was very convincing. But keep in mind, I wanted to change. Now, I still don't like cats and panthers, but I desperately try not to get irrational about them. Doesn't always work though. LOL!

Well, ya know what's funny? One of the last posts to ever be posted on furkids.net was someone quitting the forum because there was too much drama and people accusing others of being in cliques. LOL!! Like that is something new!! Obviously, this person was not on that forum for long, and she wasn't there when it was the Acmepet forum. There are ALWAYS cliques in forums!! Especially pet-related forums. That's why I stick with INXS forums.

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