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Sunday, November 29, 2015

The World Is Their Pantry

Oh boy! People seem to think the world is organized and that everything needs to be labeled. It reminds me of my pantry, where I have labels on everything! Some labels tell what is in a jar, or when it was opened, and all that good stuff. But these days it seems everyone wants to put labels on everything! Today, I worked all day long on creating myself a compilation collection of some of the best episodes of Ernie and Bert. Yes, those two muppets from Sesame Street! Don't knock it, I always loved those two! In fact, I still find them hilariously funny. Ever since I lived in Ocean Shores, I have been trying to recapture my childhood, and one of the ways I know how to is to collect the best skits from one of my favorite programs from when I was a kid. I always used to watch Sesame Street. I loved the show, and Bert and Ernie were always some of my favorite characters, along with Oscar the Grouch. Some people today may like Elmo. But I don't. Give me the classics any day, today's little brats can keep Elmo for all I care!

Well, I also wanted to include some sketches I've found by different online artists of Ernie and Bert, I thought they would make cute little episode dividers. I found some interesting things, including a gangster Ernie and Bert picture. But one of the most interesting things I found brought back an old memory for me. I remember back in 2011, they were calling out to have Ernie and Bert register as a same-sex married couple. They wanted to put the "homosexual" label on Ernie and Bert. That is so dumb! I kinda wonder who's idea it was to have something like that done? Must have been one of those, what my sis calls "libtards". It had to have been some kind of tard!! Because that is the stupidest thing I ever heard, next to the dumbasses who say "how dare you not like cats". LOL!! When I was looking through pics, I found this, it was the response to this campaign by Sesame Street programming's CEO...

Great going!! That's a good answer. Personally, I always thought of them as just plain roommates, no where near being lovers. Friends, yes. Roommates, yes. Lovers, no. But just because they are 2 men or boys living in the same apartment, sleeping in the same room (though in different beds), and they spend a lot of time together, the world wants to label them a "gay, married couple", like everything in the damn world has to have a damn label put on their forehead!! I just want to tell those people to shut the fuck up and leave the kiddie things alone! Stop trying to label everything!

I'm a woman, and I've had 2 roommates, not counting my sis. I had Patti (for a very short time, but it was enough), and I had Donna. Both were women too. Doesn't mean that I was in love with them. I just needed a home to stay in. I liked Donna, but I wasn't "in love" with her. She was just a very nice person who was looking for a roommate to share the expenses with. I didn't like Patti, not at all! But even if I was gay, I wouldn't have ever fallen in love with her! Not only was she a physical eyesore, but she was too controlling for me, to a point it was totally unfathomable to stay with her. That's why I was only there for 3 days, officially. Believe me, I was glad to get out of that hellhole with her! But if she had been a better person, the only reason I would have ever stayed with her was so I could have a home to come home to. It's better than living out on the street. Although, having spent 3 months living on the street, I can even tell you all that living there was 100% better than living with Patti! LOL! ANYTHING was better than living with Patti! If she has another roommate now, I'd definitely feel sorry for that person.

They never said why Ernie and Bert were living together in the same apartment. But my assumption all my life has been they were just roommates, nothing more. It never even crossed my mind that they could have been a gay couple. I was just a kid. Of course, I would not be surprised if today's kids even put labels like that on any characters today. Which makes me wonder what these stupid anime cartoons are teaching them. You know my sis will still not let her kids watch any anime cartoons. Her oldest is now a grown man and has never watched a full anime cartoon from beginning to end. Because if my sis catches him doing it, she turns off the TV. LOL!


mikessa said...

Labels are for jars, not people.

TimGal said...

Well said!