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Thursday, January 7, 2016

2015 In Review

Well, it was quite a year. I must say that. Though I find I hardly watch TV anymore, I learned most of what I learned through trends on Facebook. But some of the most ridiculous stories I've ever heard were told in 2015. I think among the silliest was people trending what color one person's dress was. Seriously, has our sickening society really come down to this?? I thought the fags groping a stupid, deformed cat was bad enough. But people were seriously up in arms about the color of some model's dress???? Are you fucking serious???? Like we have NO other problems in this world and the most important things on the planet is a dumb cat and a stupid dress?!?! I guess it is true humans are becoming stupider. It's very sad. I think this hardcore rap and anime cartoons and video games is turning our brains into mush.

Another stupid story of the year was the death of a dumb lion. I hate lions anyways. Cecil was no more special to me than any other damn lion. And the panther fags were all bent out of shape because this stupid lion was killed, and people were sending death threats to the guy who did it. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger was speaking out against it. I used to have respect for Schwarzenegger. That is until I found out he was a panther fag. Now, I want nothing to do with him! I lost all my respect for him. Well, the guy who killed Cecil was found not guilty! So, haha!! Take that you dumb panther fags!! A lion is NOT more important than a person! I remember one of my vegan buds said she wondered why people were so uptight about a lion being killed and not about prey animals being killed for food and I told her that it's just another propaganda ploy brought on by the panther fags to glorify panthers. I said to just ignore it and it will end.

Well, this was also a year for terrorists. I was looking back on a post I made last year about muslims crucifying pets, and when I heard of terrorists invading christian gatherings this past year, I have the feeling the person who crucified those animals was now putting his plans to action against people. It's terrible. I also remember this past year that Nick Cave lost a child. And Nick Cave was a friend of Michael's. That's why that news interested me. Not that I know Nick Cave myself. I never met Nick myself, never had any desire to. I know next to nothing about his music, except what the guys of INXS talked about. I've never even heard him sing. But it is sad he lost a young child. Very sad. Well, I also got to see my babies this past year. I got to spend a week with them and my sis.

In my own experience this past year, I found that I really cannot stand fags. And I do NOT mean gay people!! I mean the radical fans. After my experiences with fags this past year, I despise them even more than I ever did before. Oh yes!! I think the big Yatesfags have finally put me on ignore. People like Rubia Suicida (which I really don't think is her real name), and Maria How. LOL!! Oh well! No skin off my nose! It just proves my point more and more that fags are wussies. You know what they should do? They should put EVERYONE who truly loves Michael on ignore. Because, in my experience, those who truly love Michael and care about him are the people who hate Paula Yates the most. Believe me, this is true. I've spoken to many people who have actually met Michael, and spent time with him, and they all agree with me that he should NEVER have gotten together with Yates. He was truly happier when he was not with her, even after his accident.

In light of this, I've even begun referring to Paula Yates as "the beast". She killed my Michael! I will never ever forgive her for that!! I don't care what anyone else says. Michael is my main concern. I truly believe if Michael were here today, and heard me saying all those things about Paula, after finding out she has been backstabbing him, his attitude would have been like "Wow, she really cares about me. Maybe she's right, I should dump Paula." Even though the Yatesfags would think differently. But they are biased. Just like all other fags. They think Paula was an angel and they don't believe she was backstabbing Michael. They don't like Michael. They aren't real INXS fans. They just like Paula and the fact Michael had a child with her.

Oh! Speaking of fags, I've been having some more fun with the catfags on that video. For the past couple of days, I've been into a hot one with this kid who calls herself Kamtheman. She has both a cat and a dog. She likes the cat, but hates the dog. She says she finds the dog annoying because he gets in her face, licks her, steals her food, and begs for attention. She says she hates that dog with a passion. I told her that if she treats everyone who likes her the same way she treats her dog, then I am glad she is not my friend! I told her flat-out that I do not like her. Under no uncertain terms! GOD forgive me for this, and I hate to say to a kid "I don't like you". That's usually not my style! But I really do not like Kamtheman. She thinks I don't like her because she hates dogs, but that is not the reason at all. I don't like her because she has a dog, and instead of taking the time to get to know that dog, she just automatically takes the lazy and easy way out and pours out hate on the dog. She doesn't take any responsibility for the dog's behavior.

Yes a dog is going to lick you. That is how they show you that they love you. They don't shake hands like people. They can't say "hi" like a person. So, they show affection in the only way they know how. By licking. It's better than a cat rubbing up against your legs. She says her dog steals her food all the time. Again, that is her fault. Not the dog's. Dogs steal food to establish dominance. She needs to take on the role of the pack leader, or the dog will continue to steal her food. I used to lay my dogs on my bed all the time, and I even would sometimes put my food out on the bed, right where my dogs could get to it if they wanted to. But they never did! They knew better, because I was their pack leader and they knew it. The pack leader eats first in canine society. And if she is giving the cat attention and not the dog, then I don't blame the dog for getting in her face and seeking attention. The dog obviously sees some good in her somewhere. Even though I don't, I haven't met her in person. In a wolf pack, the leader gives all members of the pack attention. This is also how social hierarchy is established. The alpha wolf gives the beta wolves attention first, and lower-ranking animals get the attention last. Her dog wants to know where it stands in it's "pack", so it seeks for her to give it to him.

It's sad that people today understand cats more than dogs. When I was a kid, people who liked cats were lower-ranking people in society. I'm serious! The other kids on the playground would not play with me because I liked cats. They even used to make fun of me because I liked cats. It was the same story for everyone who preferred cats. I did have other friends, but they were generally people like me, who also liked them. All the popular, rough-playing kids all liked dogs. I look at people today, and I always wonder where those people were when I was 7 years old and a cat-lover. You know, I've found the same is true now for Mac products!! LOL!! In a totally unrelated subject!! I'm finding more products now are being invented for Mac products than for PC products. My very first computer I ever bought was a Mac computer! That was back in 1996. It was impossible to find anything for that computer, except at specialized stores, of which there were not many. That's why in 1997, I got rid of the Mac and went totally PC. I still use a PC to this day. But I am finding not a lot of products are coming out now for PC computers. I don't think tablets will ever take over the world. At least, I hope not. Seems silly to me to use a phone to surf the internet. And they are slow! I once had a tablet, and the damn thing would slow up after a few hours of use!!! I couldn't even do a chat because the screen would freeze and I'd have to shut the thing down. Besides, you cannot do all the things with a tablet that you can with a computer. You cannot burn disks. All you can have is videos streamed to your tablet or phone. And I don't want an iPhone anyways! Nor a smartphone! I don't want to pay $100+ per month for services I can get practically free on my computer. Or with only a one-time purchase fee.
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